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Josh's Halloween-ish Awards 2017



So Halloween is over, and sadly its closed season :(
Though with last month being October, I thought it would obligitary for me to write about some of my Halloween Highlights and re-live
some of the happiness for the following months of depression and vodka which is the closed season..

(I would do photos but then I realise most of my pictures are sh**) :lol:


Best Theming/Costume Design
Honourable Mentions: The Final Cut, Skin Snatchers, The Colony.

Winner- The Welcoming

Even though I did have my criticisms about this maze, it for sure had some of the most beautiful theming I have seen in a while
and it was the absolute highlight of the attraction!

The actors inside used the large sets to its advantage and because of this- The Welcoming I think more than deserves this award.


Most Improved Attraction
Honourable Mentions: Coven, Creepy Cottage (the cast in the cottage were insane this year)
Winner- Platform 15

Platform 15 was my least favourite maze of last year, as it just bleeded dull with little to no actors or anything whatsoever going on..
Though this year sees the maze being actually being my favourite at the park as the actors swarmed the maze with scares, and the new village
scene is just fab.

The infamous tunnel section is back though, but some actors with torches this year provided this previously dull section into a tension filled one..
The maze still has a few niggles, but overall I think Platform feels like the most complete maze at Thorpe, and with the cast this year I have to say this is easily
one of the best mazes I have done this year..


Most Original Concept/Theme
Honourable Mentions: The Welcoming, Coven.

Winner- The Legend Of Crank Jack

Crank Jack has a very simple concept, though it just works so well..
So for those who have been hiding under a rock, Crank Jack sees guests crawling through a massive crawling section which is both confusing and jumpy with the 
large amount of panels for actors to jump out, and they can come from the ceiling too!
The non crawl sections also are jumpy and confusing with countless dead ends and trigger-happy clowns with perhaps the most annoying horns..
The idea and excution is far from elaborate, but it works, and it works incredibly well too!



Worst Maze
Dis-honourable Mentions: The BrotherHOOD, Festino's Festival Of Freaks, VIXI, Saw Alive.
Loser- Dead And Breakfast

Dead And Breakfast felt like a massive shadow of itself this year with the witty improv and some of the brilliant scares completly stripped from the maze..
For example last year this maze had a Bunker scene, where this year you just walk straight past it.. Its the exact same with kitchen scene and even the elevator effect
from last year is now gone..

The main maze itself lacked scares (I got like 1 jump scare throughout) and the nicely themed sets generally felt un-used..
Dead And Breakfast is a maze that could be (or was) brilliant, but this year it just fell incredibly flat IMO, heck even the chainsaw finale at the end felt


Most Intense Maze
Honourable Mentions- Chop Shop, Big Top

Winner- Sub Species: The End Games

What haven't I said about Sub Species?
The maze is seriously something completely different in that actors have so much freedom to do what the hell they like with you.
I was alone for long periods with it, they shoved me and stalked me throughout, and overall I was on edge for the entire experience.
The experience is very varied in that you get darkness, open rooms, claustophobic tunnels, and just pretty much everything
the maze can throw at you.
Sub Species is just insane, even in its third year it still continues to shock me every year!



Best Event
Winner- Tulleys Farm Shocktoberfest

Now, its really a combination of stuff that comes to making up a event for me- the operations, roamers, the mazes, the atmosphere, ect.
Tulleys Farm I feel like has overall the whole package with its great operations (from my 3 visits) and its amazing atmosphere and roamers.
The roaming actors make Screamland or Fright Night's roamers look poor, and the music and overall atmosphere of the place is just amazing.

The operations are also fairly decent too, with queues being resonable (no crazy 3 hour queues) and roaming actors seemed to show up
in the queues to entertain guests which was nice.

And of course the attractions themselves are a pretty good selling point of Tulleys, and after tonght I have to say I actually think the lineup is incredibly strong.
All mazes felt like they had quite a few actors in them, and in some mazes (Twisted Clowns and Cellar) the actors seemed to swarm some sections which caused back to back scares!

Overall Tulleys is by far the most fun I've had this Halloween, and I can't wait to get back next year!



You have reached the end of this blog, I congratulate you, you poor soul!
Anyway what events and stuff have you done? Anyway happy Halloween (I know I''m 4 fuc**** days late) and happy off-season!
May the next few winter months be depressing.. (Bar Winter Wonderland, which fu** that, I don't want to take a loan out..) 




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