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    Colossus, Nemesis Inferno & Samurai
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  1. Mine are:1) Colossus2) Nemesis Inferno3) Stealth4) Air5) Dragons Fury6) Oblivion7) Rush8) Samurai9) Submission10) Tidal Wave
  2. I think Slammer will be closed most of Fright Nights and Quantum won't open again till next year
  3. Rush and Quantum were closed yesterday also you couldn't her the Detonator Music
  4. Tighk001

    Your Thorpe Park

    2007)Flying Fish,Power Tower from America and Runaway Mine Train in Canada Creek2008)A Inverted Coaster called Danglefeet in Lost City and Corkscrew Coaster Called Tornado in Amity Cove2009)A New Region Called Extreme World with Goilath(Hyper-Twister Coaster), Extreme Coaster(Looping Coaster), Thorpe Coaster(Inverted Coaster),Den of Doom(A half Indoor and Outdoor Wooden Coaster),The Tsnumai(Shoot the Chute),Submission(From Alton Towers),Enterprise(Like Zodiac),Spin Doctor(Like the one at Brighton)2010)Colossus II(15 Inversions) and The Mega Splash in Lost City2011)Water World with 2 Flat Rides, 3 Wet water Rides and A Beach for all ages2012)A Aquarium called Atlantis just outside the dome(lost City Extension Land Begins)2013)Lost City gets 3 Flat Rides and a Lim Launched Coaster like Stealth2014)X:\ No Way Out Go's to Chessington and Amity Cove gets Tidal Wave#22015)Depth Charge gets two more slides and this ride & Rumba Rapids gets Fastrack(Lost City Extension Land is Completed in 3years)2016)Amity Coaster(Bobsleigh Coaster)in Amity Cove2017)Colossus#3(22 Inversions)in Lost City(Zodiac and Quantum move on to Lost City Extension Land)
  5. Tighk001

    The Thorpe Park Fire

    I don't know about the fire but I went to Thorpe Park August of that year
  6. Then they should,if approved put it next to the queue line like entrance line-exit line-Fastrack Line
  7. I've a comment about this ride. I think The park should install a Fastrack on it, because you spend 20-45mins queuing for it
  8. Tighk001


    I've Never been to Chessington But I heard It is At Chessington and is now called Peeking heights
  9. Tighk001


    When I first went on this ride in 2004 It was a bit boring but you could see South London and West London
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