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  1. Does anyone like me think that Hocus Pocus Hall might be rethemed into a ghost train or haunted house attraction. Another theory of mine is that it could be rethemed into a dungeon attraction. Does anyone agree with me? Please share your thoughts heare!
  2. Sorry to announce this news but the worlds first walking dead attraction is not correct is there also one in America.
  3. Does anyone think Canada creek railway could possibly come back this season?
  4. CallumSyxr when you say a little birdie told me that something will be repaired and working again are you referring to the Canida creek railway or Loggers leap?
  5. Does anybody know if the Rumba boats that are at Alton Towers will come back to Thorpe?
  6. You never know over the closed season Thorpe might put more jungle theme in and around the ride/area
  7. I don't think it will be a walk through maze life Saw-Alive as I'm pritty certain that I read somewhere that the rollacoaster structure itself was staying and just being rethemed just like Chessingon kept the Bubbleworks boats and layout but just rethemed the scenery to become Gruffalo themed.
  8. If anyone knows anything or has any photo updates from the current closed season you can post It all here. What if anything do you think will happen to Old Town or the second hand Waymouth Sealife Rides that arrived for the start of last season. Post anything closed season related on this thread!
  9. However Loggers is already there all they need to do is replace some parts and retheme or refresh it whereas any Slammer replacement would have to be built from scratch that's the difference that's my opinion anyway.
  10. Do you think it's realistic that it'll return for next season?
  11. Does anyone know if Thorpe plan to do anything with this classic attraction this closed season in time for the next season of 2018?
  12. Does anyone know or has anyone herd any romourers as to what if anything Thorpe are doing with this fantastic classic this closed season in time for next season?
  13. I think that Thorpe will try to reopen Loggers in time for this coming season after all the main director wants to! Does anyone ageee with this or have any idea or have herd any rumours regarding this much loved classic?
  14. Don't panic yet !the WD may just be a codename as Thorpe have only just refurbished X and I doubt that they would waste their money or change their target audience for the sake of one ride. Living dead might be the sponsor but may tone thier scaryness down to create a mild well themed special effects ghost train combined rollercoaster for the younger guests/family's Similar to Crushes Coaster at Disneyland Paris but horror themed instead of Nemo.I think this is extremely likely given Derren brown is next door and that is aimed at the teen/adult audience.we can live in hope! my point is backed up by the failure of Saw alive the permanent horror attraction with live actors back in 2011
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