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  1. So they painted it grey then thought oops wrong colour.............
  2. Only time will tell, I hope it is real ..........
  3. I have followed every aspect of this ride and so far the pieces are coming together- The grey B&M wingrider track is Lc12's - Construction will start late May- Track will arrive in september- Track will be finished in October/November - Storyline will likely be on alien devastation after analysing the twitter account and other sources of info- Construction updates are available on Coasterforce's website through a Bloghttp://www.coasterfo...nstruction-lc12 Marketinghttp://twitpic.com/4nm1myOriginal planning applicationhttp://lc12.co.uk/lc12-plans-released.phpFactsProject Name: LC12Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M)Height: 38.6m / 127ftInversions: 4Investment: £20m Trains x seats: 2 x 28 seatsLength of track: approx. 775metresTrack: http://www.screamscape.com/html/industry_news.htm#BMand the main marketing site http://www.lc12.net/(This info is a summary for people who want an easy straightforward summary in case you ask me )
  4. I am very frustrated after my 2015 coaster topic!

  5. whats the likelyhood of the design changing?happened to Saw I believe
  6. Well I thought so anyway but here is the latest tweet"They will come. It will destroy. The end is coming. 01.08.2011"Now they is probably not a disaster so what comes to my mind is some sort of Alien monster.
  7. Okay, I'm going to keep this short.

    No one is picking on you for the sake of picking on you. People simply pointed out that the topic you made was probably going to be overlooked because of LC12. There was no need to be rude or insulting in return, so just calm down a bit and you'll find there'll be little tension around.

    Let's just move on from it now t...

  8. Thanks for your support mate much appreciated

  9. Thanks for your support mate much appreciated

  10. Why is everybody picking on you? So many people on here are just plain horrible, but I'm here to supprt you : )

  11. Is this thing with saw the rides name and theme a rumour or is it genuine?
  12. Many have suffered at the hands of the trim brake especially th13teen which was brutally trim raped or TRIMPED!
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