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  1. tamtam86


    Ah that's okay then. I'm going next week and haven't been in such a long time. Taking someone who has never been on a rollercoaster so would've been gutted if they were on!
  2. I think this will be really good for Drayton to be honest. The last time I visited, as sad as it might make me same, but Thomas Land was the highlight of my trip...couldn't get enough of those Troublesome Trucks!!
  3. Apologies I disappeared for a while, back on the wagon now :-)

  4. tamtam86


    I know this makes me really lazy but can I just check, is X currently running with lights on???
  5. thunder looper was the best ride!! used to love seeing the top of it over the trees, then you really knew you were at AT.Ah the good old days!
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