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  1. Can anyone tell me if Stealth will be open tomorrow? Thursday 24th September? I notice on the Thorpe site that Stealth has been unavailable all week, is it likely to be working tomorrow? If not I'll probably postpone my visit...
  2. Those guys are legends. I have big respect for them.I have just written a letter to Chessington praising their customer service!
  3. Sea Storm wasn't open when we filmed that. It was just edited together in the video to look like it was. There was no one on the ride and no-one in the quque line at the time.
  5. This is how people normally see me on these trips... Geraintl and Gemma - Gemma has wet legs. Michelle Me Extreme close up, Geraintl I'm loving it here, what an amazing day! Group photo, the person that took the photo said "say something cheesie like Chessington", it worked. This actually looks quite strange. Mardy, Geraintl and Gemma, all smiles after a quality day at Chessignton.Gemma, Geraintl, Mardy and Michelle at the gate ready to go home after an amazing day!.
  6. In the station, with a DJ behind. Oh no wait, sorry that's the ride op. The lift hill. Hello... Mmmm, tasty rabbit I've got here. You can't actually tell from this photo but we've just got off Rameses and are rather moist! Zooming out a little you can see the huge queue time, they were like this all day! Thanks MTV for pimping my ride! Sorry Gemma, you're not tall enough to ride Griffin's Galleon, and even if you were there's no ride op to be seen anywhere round here! You won't be smiling when that statue spits water at you in a minute...
  7. Rameses Revenge. Me and Geraintl went on this twice. On the second go Geraintl told the ride op to put it on the most insane setting they have. It was much better than the first go. Erm, Trail of the Kings Nice house, wonder if they'd accept an offer The Black Buccaneer, one of the ride ops that we got chatting to was operating this so we got a queue jump and got to see the controls and the magic 'go faster super button' Loads of kids on it now, shouldn't they be at school? Dragon's Fury, a great ride but for some reason we only managed to get 2 photos of it. Loads of video but only 2 sti
  8. From the top of the lift hill again, here's one of the many trains that they sent out empty while we were up here... Looking the other way towards the first drop Here you can just see the ride ops blue top, this guy was a legend! Motion shot of the Vampire coming out of the best part of the ride, under the tunnel Same position, this time later on in the day and with riders on board - hey, get off our ride, lol. The monorail, pretty empty all day and we just shouted at people below and filmed some strange POV shots - watch the video... I really wanted to go on these but despite being in t
  9. Here are some of the photos from our Park Preview trip to Chessington. Was a totally amazing day, far exceeded my expectations. We got so many cool benefits on this trip it made it so worthwhile, I wanna go again! Enjoy the photos... Yay, we're heading in the right direction... Wohoo, we've arrived at the gate! But it's only 9 o'clock and the park doesn't open till 10... Never mind, we've been let in by the kind people of Chessignton at 9:30am! This is what I like to see, no queue and an empty park just for us Straight to Vampire for our 30 minute ERT session. This was so awesome! 2 trains, a
  10. Mardy


    I'm a Nemmy enthusiast. Have been since I first rode it in 1994.I'd say it's definately one of the best coasters in the UK. I can't say it's THE best, as I haven't ridden them all yet, but I'd say it has to be top 5.Nothing compares to Nemesis, it's amazing. Everything about the ride adds to the intensity.I HATE it, when rides (especially in America) are just dumped on concrete - so called "car park coasters". they lack any sort of theme and this spoils it for me.Nemesis is good because of the theme heavy design. But, given the track design is better than any other coaster I've ridden, this he
  11. Well after thinking we were going to go next year, we've gone and booked it for September 4th - THIS YEAR!ONLY 2 WEEKS AWAY, FAB!!!! We're also staying at the PA hotel. Any tips for us?
  12. Thunder Looper was one of the best rides at AT, no doubt about it. That was one of the first 'launch' coasters in the UK but didn't use the sophisticated technology we see today on the likes of Stealth and Rita. Thunder Looper used a counterweight catapult system.It was very affective and was an awesome ride. The fact that it only had a lap bar restraint made it even better.It's still running today I believe in a park outside the UK.Reasons for it's removal...1.) Noisey2.) Could be seen from outside the park (above tree tops)3.) UnreliableI reckon then should of wacked it in a hole like they d
  13. Mardy


    Do you remember when 1001 nights was where Bone Shaker was placed in Ugland? Now that was a cool ride! Way before it was named UgLand though...I agree though, once moved to Ug Land it didn't seem as fast or 'shaky'. Nonetheless a good ride, I'm not sure why they got rid of it. Rita's track goes over the old site now but they could have moved Bone Shaker slightly instead of getting rid...
  14. Mardy

    How Old Are You?

    Well I'm 25 now as of yesterday so that makes me offically halfway to 50!!!! argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Nice one mate. We're off to PortAventura next year so it's good to hear other people's opinions.What was the Water Park like, did you go? Where did you stay? What were the queues like on average. What is there to do at night and what else is nearby if you don't go into the park? What was the weather like?
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