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  1. Stokesyboy

    YouTube Channels

    If you enjoy watching On-Ride & Off-Ride videos, check out our YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVPTqAS9c95pMzXnOMDPbXQ There won't be just POV's, they'll be some different videos coming to the channel over the coming months and it won't always be theme parks but water parks and other adrenaline activities will be included! If you fancy following us, hit the subscribe button! Cheers
  2. Stokesyboy


    Do you have to call them to book it or can it be done through the website? Doesn't look like park tickets are included with on site hotels from what I've seen... Could be wrong though!
  3. Stokesyboy


    Looking to do my first visit to the park in October, have booked flights for Cologne but still need to book Hotel and that... Anyone got any advice for visiting Phantasialand? Is it worth staying in one of the resort hotels and then having the tickets included or am I better off staying outside of the park and buying park tickets? Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Stokesyboy

    TPM Trip Head North: To Alton Towers

    I'm tempted to come, I'll be driving up from St.Neots area, if anyone is driving past me and I can catch a lift it would be even better though (Obviously I'll help out on fuel costs!)
  5. Stokesyboy

    Stealth Ice Cream Shower Photo Shoot

    Not all of them are welsh drama school people though 1 of them is my sister and the another one is her friend
  6. Stokesyboy

    Stealth Ice Cream Shower Photo Shoot

    Just got back after a great day, was good meeting new people aswell! Exhausted now though with all the queueing the whole way round the m25 ! Thanks again for a great trip!
  7. Stokesyboy

    Stealth Ice Cream Shower Photo Shoot

    Lets just hope it's not raining and as cold as last time! Took forever to warm up after that! But looking at the current weather I don't think that will be a problem
  8. Stokesyboy

    Detonator: Bombs Away!

    I love detonator, just wish it was as high as Hurakan Condor! The height of Condor put me off going on it the first day but went on it the second day and it's not as forceful as Detonator, just wish the two would combine!
  9. Stokesyboy

    Ride Accidents

    That fairground ride was literally 5 mins down the road from me... My mate was due to be next one on but then it crashed, said a few of his mates all came off injured etc!
  10. Stokesyboy

    Port Aventura

    Sounds like you had a great time! I'm jetting off on Friday and can't wait! Will try and get Shambhala in 100 times or more
  11. Stokesyboy

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    Never seen so many morons in one place on Tower's facebook page!
  12. Stokesyboy

    Port Aventura

    If your staying on resort just buy the Express pass for 50 euros, well worth it and you'll get plenty of rides in! Have a great time!
  13. Stokesyboy

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    Although people are commenting saying it's more like 1:30 - 2 hour queue
  14. Stokesyboy

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    8. Alton Towers Resort will endeavour to ensure that as many rides and attractions as possible are available for use by visitors. We may, however, without prior notice and without refund or compensation, change the operating hours of the Theme Park or attractions, close the Theme Park or any part of it temporarily, restrict the number of persons having access to the Theme Park, and/or suspend or cancel any attraction or entertainment programme, due to capacity, inclement weather or special events, to ensure safety, security or order, or if we consider that the circumstances so require. http://www.altontowers.com/tandcs/
  15. Stokesyboy

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    It's a mock up...