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  1. Garyy

    Calgary Stampede

    What exactly was it? Was a Spinning flat ride or something? I don't remember ever seeing it.
  2. I don't really remember the ride but I thought it might be worthy of disscussion.
  3. Garyy

    Pirates 4D

    I'll only go on it once every five times I visit Thorpe Park. So I know only see it once very two years. Good acting and good effects but not as re-rideable as the rides.
  4. NI is great fun in the dark. I also love doing Colossus and Slammer in the dark.
  5. I brought the first one and I couldn't figure out how to make it work. I tried getting My Uncle to help but we couldn't figure it out. How can I make a rollercoaster?
  6. Garyy


    But it is quite thrilling even though it's not great.
  7. Just noticed Zodiac had no topic. I think it's pretty good although it's not one of my favourites. I'll go on it if the que isn't bad. I'd give it a three out of five. Anyone like it, anyone hate it?
  8. Garyy


    I've heard rumours of relacing it with a LIM coaster. That would suck as I love X even though LIM coasters rock.
  9. It was new to me as I'd only ever ridden the old one.
  10. Wow. Nobody's voted for Depth Charge yet.
  11. I did not post the one saying that I was talking about the Paris one. I was talking about the Orlando one. I didn't post that.Look up at Daniel's post. He said it not me. I quoted his post but I am talking about the one in Orlando.
  12. I've never been to Paris. I said the one in Orlando. But it wouldn't matter if someone had only been on the Paris one as htey are the same.
  13. I agree. I'd only go on it in the summer as the soaking is too much. Even in the summer it's a bit too wet but I love the view of Detonator and Stealth.
  14. Garyy


    I'll always love XNWO. It's quite jerky which adds to the fun.
  15. Couldn`t you of said that in your first post before I voted it I thought you ment RNRC in Disney MGM studios in Orlando. If that my vote should be Rita.<{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, they're both the same. I meant the one in Orlando but the Paris one is the same.
  16. Wow. Luckily it's always being queless when I go. If there is ever a que when I go then I agree that it's not worth queing for an hour.
  17. I agree with that. Tidal Wave is fun but my favourite part is going up. With Logger's Leap I love the whole ride.
  18. I pick Depth Charge. I like it because it's fun to go on as soon as you get in the park and there's never any ques.
  19. Dicuss the fun water ride here.
  20. By the way I am talking about the Rock n' Rollercoaster at DLRP. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think the Paris version is just as good as the American.
  21. Garyy

    Logger's Leap

    I probably wouldn't mind as I love drifting along. But I'd also like a couple more drops.
  22. Garyy

    Logger's Leap

    I just wish it went on for about twenty minutes. because it's quite short, it's only my second favourite log flume on the planet.
  23. When I last went to Chessie on July the 3rd, I had a fantastic day. The park was almost empty and I got a ridecount of 48-55.This was my first time to ride Dragon's Fury which was incredibly more intense than I could ever imagine.The Rattlesnake was as brill as ever and the New Vampire was great fun.The only ride I've grown out of is The Runaway Train. Rameses Revenge is probably the most terrifying ride in the park.There are other great rides there too. Black Buccaneer, dragon Falls, Billy's Whizzer and more.
  24. I vote For Rita as it provides the best launch and good airtime, although RNRC has some great inversions.
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