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  1. SO glad dets original soundtrack is back, used to give the area such a good atmosphere!!!
  2. Vampire is the best ride their, seriously if this went gate figures would plummet.
  3. How pathetic.. The ride has only been open, what two days and its already broken down ha ha. Thorpe Park for you aye!
  4. Harry


    Them laser games are crap I would rather have X than a stupid laser ride
  5. Harry


    [Yep me. I just feel really unsafe on it and get the feeling that the pods gonna come off ]Same here! And when I watch it I also think that so I can't look at it, Also in the que were the pods going upside down and facing you in the que I think there going to fly off and hit me lol.
  6. Harry

    Pirates 4D

    I never ever go on Pirates 4D when I'm there it must be the worst thing in the park.The glasses you put on you can't really see out of them, Its a waste of time I think.What do you think?
  7. Went thorpepark wednesday and went on stealth in the dark at the front it is AMAZING when you go over the tophat and see evering lit, It looks like it isnt real!
  8. Talk about anything to do with Tidal Wave here. I noticed there isn't really big queue's for Tidal Wave anymore exspecily for Winter. Isit due to people don't want to get wet or just not worth it?
  9. Harry


    I really love X!, They should changed the track layout maybe have a loop? I heard that when vekoma was planning it they told thorpe to have a inversion in it and it would of fitted but Thorpe said no!. So I think they should have a inversion.
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