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  1. Other than SAW, it does pull in the biggest queue. And when the SAW hype dies down, I think it will retain this.
  2. Exactly, I surely thought there would be a flat ride included as well. However I wouldnt be suprised if a ride was added in 2013, maybee even 2 attractions. I believe they have added 2 attractions in a year before. It would probably be a "spinny" ride. And was Storm Surge on the MTDP anyway?
  3. For the new island, will there be only the one ride? Or will there be 2 added? My guess would be a flat in 2013 on this island however I wonder if anything has been confirmed.
  4. It would not be funny if the world ended in 2012. What a ridiculous thing to say.
  5. I had to put in a male and female otherwise the topic would only apply to 1/2 of people.
  6. The persons most boys or girls supposedly dream about. However are they overated. Do you fancy Cheryl Cole/Justin Bieber?
  7. On reflection, a coaster between 100ft (saw,Colossus and inferno ) and 205 ft (stealth) would be good.
  8. Perhaps scraping was a bit extreme, but I think they would go up to 100 ft over the height barrier.
  9. Surely if Thorpe Park are allowed to break the height barrier on this coaster, they would take full advantage and make it "very high" rather than just scraping over the barrier. (above post said 130 ft)
  10. That link I believe is too much of a coincidence, not to be true.
  11. I know that Dylan was SAW but what was calypso and Odyssey?
  12. Is this advertising available to the public ( cant spot it on the website) or is it at TPM exclusive. Because it would be silly to advertise for this before storm surge has even been opened.
  13. I feel an anrgy fanboy campaign coming.....
  14. has it the highest capacity?
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