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  1. if any one is interested these are full shows from Sunday the 6th enjoy
  2. I wish I could go on site and see what's really going on!
  3. It's not too hard to get a good view of as it's all being built very near Stealth and The Flying Fish. You can get nice and close with a decent zoom from pretty much anywhere in Thorpe!
  4. I'm hopeing to get some more updates at the weekend when I'm down for the last time this sesone
  5. may have somthing to do whith how thay fit the crane inNote to mods, can you please sort out the orientation of these for me.
  6. Strike that last post. Indeed! Loads of supports were going up all day yesterday but no track. :(Still, the weekend is soon and I'm off to Thorpe again for the Fireworks and Blow It Up.
  7. Oh sorry, my bad, I'll re-upload the one that are being showed at the wrong angle.Note to Mods: please delete the photos that are at the wrong angle.
  8. I was editing the album. It should be online now :)Edit: I should be posting the photos on TPM soon guys. Sorry for the delay.Edit #2: Here we are!My link (full Facebook gallery)If you want to PM me about these photos or add me on Facebook, feel free; I don't bite
  9. My photos are available on Facebook: search for my profile and the album is called "fright nights and the swarm". Enjoy and let me know what you think. If you have any problems message me.And can anyone help with uploading lots of pictures to Thorpe Park Mania Forums?swam and fright night pics
  10. I'm off to thorp park tomorrow cant weight to see how the swarm is progressing and also to check out fright nightsWill try and get some good shots of the swarm and will post them and as regards to the spellings can I help it if I’m dyslexic hence why some are not as they should be pleas try and keep it in mind and I will work on trying to keep my posts clear
  11. Ahh.. It's really starting to take shape now. Can't wait until next year to ride it! I hope that the theming is as promised and that they have some good points to add ride effects too.
  12. To be fair to Intamin, Stealth is good for a UK coaster. It might not be the best compared to the US, but it's one of the best coasters in the UK in my point of view. The only bad coaster is Colossus as it is getting really rough now when you ride it. If you compare this to the only B&M, it's easy to see Inferno is hardly forceless and it is still really smooth and a great ride. If the smoothness of Inferno and other B&Ms I've ridden is anything to go by, The Swarm should be an epic ride once complete and themed.
  13. Hi guys, just thought I'd put it out there: I am off down to Thorpe next week. I will of course keep you up to date with all The Swarm updates and a general overview of Fright Nights; hope you will enjoy!
  14. Its one of mine to, mind you I do think its a bit rough if you sit at the back though other than that its fantastic!
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