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  1. The Small Parks Thread

    *makes note on 2019 calendar* Tbh, with Le Pal also in the region, it's not a bad weekend cred-run...
  2. Walibi Holland

    Number 4 is fab and needs to happen...
  3. The Future of SAW - The Ride

    It's weird how the UK got the randomly terrible Gerstlauers, pretty much every other one is fine (even Wild Hog as the first Eurofighter is smooth)... The one exception is Typhoon, but even that rides better than Saw ever has...
  4. Heide Park

    Even I'd get behind that, mostly because I think Colossos is the second most overrated coaster in Germany...
  5. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Well that's the first picture that's got me remotely excited...
  6. SW8

    What a load of balls...
  7. Time Person of the Year

    Says the person who counts travelling coasters....
  8. New for 2018

    Just realised Wallet Drain would be a better option, oh well...
  9. New for 2018

    WD could mean anything though: Wall Dump Wealth Drain Wrangling Dumbs Wenger Danger W*** Decisions
  10. Bubbleworks

    Thought that was well known that the IL posters were literally just glued on top of the originals? At least someone's saved them...
  11. New for 2018

    Why? They won't tell you anything. I don't understand the point of contacting a park about this sort of thing. It gets you nothing.
  12. New for 2018

    Thing is you can't make something like Walking Dead family friendly without, well, defeating the point of having the IP in the first place... So either they alienate the family market, or create a diluted attempt at the show... Neither option is positive...
  13. New for 2018

    Well, having a relatively family friendly (as much as a nightclub could be) theme wasn't going to last long was it?
  14. The Small Parks Thread

    Revolution is so bad it's fab The rest of the park is the definition of mediocrity though, much like the rest of the Parques Reunidos portfolio it seems atm...
  15. Energylandia

    But it's not a Mack