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  1. I don't think I'll be very happy after riding it [/obviousjoke] I initially thought it would be another Studio 100 show but it... Isn't? Like. I'm so confused by this. Why are they doing a Walibi?
  2. After last year I honestly can't be bothered to plan anything.
  3. Lol Rita isn't even the worst coaster Intamin have built. Every company has poor coasters, Intamin have had to buck their ideas up with the emergence of RMC and Mack particularly (is it any wonder the new Intamin trains have a stark similarity to the Mack ones?).
  4. He, much like other YouTubers, are slaves to the algorithm. Stop posting videos for a bit and then suddenly your viewership (and revenue) drops considerably. I think he's one of these people who became a bit of a favourite whilst working at Towers, and he took full advantage of that, allowing his fanbase to be in a good position when vlogging became such a major thing (I remember when the "Theme Park Room" was one of the most cringiest things to ever cringe). My experiences of him have been limited (even if I accidentally appear in one of his vlogs in the ba
  5. If it doesn't have a 5 minute section on the fab operator's chair then it's not worth watching.
  6. It's fairly close in line with DLPs pass now. Particularly in price. Between MAP and BOGOFs being the main way of getting bodies in the gate and finding out it's no good for the long term of the parks it's no surprise they've finally caught on. Just buy a Plopsa pass and do a mini tour of Europe. Tasty tasty discounted entry rates. Though that'll be ruined by other things unfortunately. In terms of supporting UK parks, I'd have gone to LWV but they closed Ultimate. Truly cutting off nose to spite their face.
  7. Chessie are digging itself out of the pit Tussauds lead it down by... Bringing back a ride Tussauds built. Again, trying to appeal to some sense of nostalgia to a ride to gain some clout in enthusiast circles. A "pet project" that will essentially result in said person's involvement making it all about themselves as opposed to anything good.
  8. Imagine admitting to being one of the people behind the Tomb Blaster revamp. Then imagine how bad an attempt at squeezing nostalgia out of the original would be.
  9. Like Baco but with a good ride attached to it?
  10. Someone left Roland alone in the design office with a full bottle of whiskey again.
  11. Wish it would, I understand simplistic names for rides truly designed for kids but a little imagination goes a long way. Especially if the rumours about it originally being named after an Egyptian god are true. Marketing truly is king at Merlin.
  12. Benin

    Wicker Man

    It's not missing, it was only rented. Because permanent lighting costs too much money. Obviously.
  13. Considering the space they had to work with it doesn't look like it uses it up particularly well. Plus from looking at this and Zadra, RMC seem to never be too sure what to do with height. Still looks good, but considering the hype it doesn't look like the best one. But then again none of the RMCs POV particularly well.
  14. Dunno why it could possibly have been delayed, though I'm sure some enthusiasts will use it as a stick to beat the park with.
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