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  1. SW8

    I lol'd...
  2. SW8

    Are any of the corners even banked on that image? Knowing GCI, it'll probably just be unbanked for the lolz...
  3. Park Operations

    The problem is that there's no reaction to there being a sudden surge in busy times... Most parks will, on quieter weekdays, run one train... This is no issue of course, why would you run more than required? However many of these parks will, in the event of queues developing beyond a time frame (I'd say maybe 30 minutes? Maybe 20 depending on how nice I'm feeling) add on an extra train to cope with it... Why Thorpe can't do this (Chessie did in my time on Fury and Rattlesnack, Vampire was a different thing though due to how the transfer track worked) I'm not sure though, perhaps they're still struggling with their maintenance teams? If Rush and Rumba were open it would make a difference to the queues... Likely not a lot, but every little helps...
  4. Scarefest

    Well, they can ask a 15 year old for ID, otherwise they'd get in trouble if they served alcohol to one... Depends on the staff, but you'd think that since you've purchased tickets for these mazes they'd have a reasonable amount of leniency...
  5. The Big Bad Movie Topic

  6. Oh, well at least I can ignore St Nicholas Park's existence if the cred is dead...
  7. SW8

    Most of that wood won't be in a good condition though, given the years of salt water blowing on it... It's probably not even worth a fiver as scrap
  8. SW8

    £25 is too expensive for me, but it's a neat idea... For comparison, Wodan blocks are €12.50...
  9. Energylandia

    16 coasters would make the park the second highest in Europe behind Ankapark (yes, Turkey is arguable whether or not it's in Europe), which is lol-worthy... Another reason why Brexit is stupid
  10. Merlin Entertainments

    They'd have to tell the staff who work there about the deals though (any worldwide discount from UK MAP holders seems to be an unknown concept from staff, I got in for free in Tussauds in New York when it should have been half price)... But if you were going over there, wouldn't you still buy the FlexTicket anyway? Assuming they'd keep Sea World on it (they'd be stupid to take it off) of course...
  11. Universal Studios Florida

    I struggle to think of a park (or company) who could afford for: - Deconstruction - Packing - Shipping - Further Delivery - Reconstruction Of (according to RCDB) 6'400ft worth of track and support structure... Sad yes, but unsurprising that no one could take them up...
  12. Merlin Entertainments

    The company needs another park with a broken reputation like a hole in Nick Varney's head... Not the best idea they've had, though I'm sure Sea World would be a decent money maker if you managed to get the public back onside...
  13. 380 Miles For 3 Creds

    Not got the Canvey Island one actually (it's certainly now an arse to get to from the wilds of the North, though recently checked and was told it had closed, strange)... I adore the Mine Train story, so amazing <3 Wouldn't count though cos you need to complete a full circuit to get the credddd... Really need to get back on the run, I've been falling short last two years...
  14. Phantasialand

    I did think it opening next year was optimistic, even for Phantasialand...
  15. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    Annual bump, seems like there's rumours abound that not only will Olympia Looping return (I guess they received ALL THE MONEY from UK enthusiasts) but it will be joined by another......