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  1. Nash is rougher than Smiler but they're both generally rough coasters. Both for very different reasons. Nash is down to being butchered and Smiler is bad design. Nash was never "smooth" but it never tried to assault you either. Then Kumbak did their usual ruination.
  2. Hello my name is Benin and I actually like Goudrix. Beyond the Papillon de Triste, the reputation seems to be... strange? The last visit Zeus was running far worse than Goudrix was, which presumably explains why that's getting a revamp. It's also a very photogenic coaster. But I just feel its not only a ride that has garnered an unfair reputation but it's actually fun to ride as well. Icon is ok, just not Helix. I'll also mention EGF, because beyond the first drop (a common Intamin issue) its just meh. The restraints are also awful and Goliath at Walibi Holland is a much better ride.
  3. Kumali just about sneaks into the good category probably based upon the fact its not the worst SLC in existence. Everything else is meh to awful. The park itself isn't particularly charming and the operations make Thorpe look like Europa. The new coaster should be good. If it ever opens. But it'll be on 1 train and run awfully. The zoo is good though. I'll give them that.
  4. Probably better than whatever half baked idea Merlin come up with 😉
  5. That song was also used in Shrek 2............
  6. Can I just use this thread to reiterate myself and @Mark9's hatred of Bakken? I guess De Waarbeek counts? But mostly because its a small park so probably more under the radar rather than people hating it.
  7. The Brexiters will hate them building a ride themed to Europe.
  8. Disney won't build anything like Velocicoaster. The most thrilling coasters they've built are Space Mountain at DLP and Rock n Roller Coaster. They've never been interested in the out and out thrill market even when IoA first opened with Hulk and Duelling Dragons in Florida. Whilst California has Knotts and Magic Mountain nearby. The newer coasters look firmly in the family thrill category (if Tron rides like the other Booster Bikes thrill would be a stretch anyway), which is Disney's demographic. Never been afraid to have a number of "bigger" attractions. The likes of Tower of Terror or Test Track for example are great examples of the type of ride Disney go for.
  9. It intrigues me as it would make the entire entrance area very different. Also what would it mean for the Efteling Hotel? Every addition to the resort side makes it look more out of place.
  10. Clearly forgetting that the Doctor Who IP is clearly going to be used at the DEFINITELY HAPPENING London Resort. Gonna be a long 2 years if we're already getting people "teasing" nonsense.
  11. Why are people assuming it'll be an actual splashdown as opposed to a simulated one with some B&Q branded hosepipes?
  12. The key piece of information is the noise survey. All but effectively confirms a Mack considering large rides in Turkey aren't exactly common. Good jolly at least. Much like when Smiler was released and they'd surveyed Saw. Gonna be a long 2 years given the way social media behaves these days.
  13. The CR7 Dive Machine being the centrepiece attraction. Also, let's not jump on the "world class" thing. Wasn't DBGT described as such? If there's one thing Merlin are kings of is PR guff.
  14. Could be taking inspiration from football Twitter. Where certain ITKs post "Such and such to place. HERE WE GO!" to confirm signings.
  15. Unfortunately most of the park is on its last legs. But that's what happens when most of your rides are 30 years+. I'd love if they could get Vekoma to do a full retrack of it given their new style SFC units. Especially with their tyre driven lift hills as that would negate the noise issue somewhat. Unfortunately I feel that it's very unlikely that much will be done until its scrap metal.
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