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  1. The flume is rather unfinished unfortunately (unless they've gone for a big bag cave theme), maybe they'll complete the theming but it's very sad to see given the general quality of the project...
  2. I thought that massive building DID used to have a dark ride in it? Makes sense for the theatre to go in there though, tbh I completely forgot it was next door to the Boomerang when making some comments... Would've loved Stunt Fall to be at Walibi, we need more GIBs... I wouldn't be surprised if any refurb to the Boomerang would involve the new trains that both other Walibis have seen (although the one in Rhone-Alpes has the TERRIFYING METAL LAP BARS)... I'll well behind a new Gerst Bobsled, they're fab; and this one looks like Rattenmuhle in Austria, which is REALLY fab... Only things that are really being missed off this apparent park wide refurb (there's further plans for Psyke Underground and Flashback after what I initially posted) are Tut, the Madhouse and the Rapids... Unless the Madhouse and Rapids are being included as part of the Boomerang area refurb? Which could be interesting with a Bollywood theme... I do think Walibi have started to get their heads sorted in a good direction now, kinda lost their way after the initial rebrand but seeing plans like this makes me happy... As it means a park with good potential is getting the love and care it deserves through both new investment and refurbishment... EDIT There's more concept art on their Facebook but can't get it at work, so have a look!
  3. Walibi held a little get together today and announced their next few years: 2018: New waterpark expansion (meh) New tiki themed area (by Tut dark ride, the Ladybird is being spited) New family cred (looks like a Bobsled, Gerst looks like) 2019: New park entrance (no idea if just retheme or relocation) New kiddy cred (apparently with a Bollywood theme?) New rethemed area with Boomerang (assume this will be Bollywood?) Revolving theatre (somewhere) Restaurants (yay) 2020: Far West retheme (this has been rumoured for years, Skunx area needs to happen <3) New Mack Twist and splash ride (meh) 2021: Vampire and Werewolf creds getting makeover (New Orleans theme kinda like what's already nearby) New mega coaster with African theme in new land expansion (Mack?) Here's a look at what the Tiki cred will look like (via And it's only just outside Brussels for those of you thinking about a visit...
  4. It's gonna be the VR on the Frog Hopper isn't it?
  5. It's REALLY going well...
  6. X

    Thorpe felt you didn't have much new to moan about so decided to close it for the lulz...
  7. Let's be honest, we all wished Air was like it was in the advert... Guess the question is will it still be that Vekoma.... THING? Or have they gone to B&M?
  8. Perhaps if the scenery was designed to accommodate lighting levels to a higher degree it wouldn't be an issue? Bubbleworks was never darkly lit for example...
  9. Last one before it opens in 2 weeks...
  10. Like every free trial thing then? Interesting freebie though, but only Cinema? When Game of Thrones is coming?
  11. Let's hope it stays open until next year then...
  12. Valley has been mooted a few times, most famously for the SW6 woodie (which is over a decade ago now!)... SW8 was rumoured to be a launched RMC going on the Air car park, though it's probably had several guises...
  13. It took 3 years of planning to create Derren Brown... So for a good investment it's gonna take Thorpe and Merlin even longer
  14. Probably the only space they could quickly get application for/through given that the plans greatly changed post Smiler crash...
  15. Hex

    Is it still failing to park properly?