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  1. I've seen mention that Phantasialand also upped their capacity limit and chaos ensued. So it's a very tricky balance when you have a small park. At least Chessie have the zoo and Towers is HUGE. As for not bothering to be an enthusiast anymore because Thorpe is a bit rubbish. I would've been out the game years ago.
  2. I didn't even realise that Peeking Heights had closed. Shows how much I care about the park these days. Which is a complete shame given the buzz around it a decade ago. A lot of these really are just a wishlist. Likelihood is you'll get the new drop tower and little else because that's how Merlin roll. Do they even have animatronics in any new ride these days (that work)?
  3. Imagine leaving a forum because some people are honest and think something looks crap when it does.
  4. You could see the shed on Bob too. But enthusiasts gonna enthusiast.
  5. Isn't Splash Mountain technically part of Critter Country anyway? They'll just theme it to the neighbouring New Orleans Square. Nothing else needs changing in that regard.
  6. It's put me off going that's for sure. No point visiting at all if I'm not going to be battered. A worry really since the park gets low numbers before putting off a number of visitors by not having the major draw open.
  7. To raise the online booking price when EVERYONE will have to book online is dodgy however you slice it.
  8. Infinity looks like a Slug & Lettuce.
  9. The government doesn't appear to know what they're doing so the parks (and everyone else) are buggered.
  10. Where has the viewpoint that Efteling has numerous themed queues when it has some of the blandest cattlepens in existence in Dreamflight and Carnival Festival? Even Baron and Symbolica queues are outside sets of cattlepens with little to no themeing. It's still iffy, but Efteling have never been great at queues. Dutchman seemingly is the exception rather than the rule.
  11. Awww did we disagree with you? I mean, sure, you could try and defend your corner and continue the conversation. Forums aren't dead because people disagree with opinions, they're dead because people don't seem to like being disagreed with.
  12. It's a lot to get worked up considering it's a pair of Mack powered coasters. No idea if the ride area is soulless without being there. I mean Bob didn't have any presence beyond the station building because it was hidden in the trees (and I'm sure when it first opened it looked empty too). Given that this was an addition that was unexpected, and fills a gap for the park, and no one is particularly excited about it why we have to have such nonsense like "ThIs Is JuSt A bIgGeR fLyInG fIsH!" just confuses me.
  13. It's weird though because Efteling never had a real entry coaster for a family park (the closest being Vogel Rok), so the logic behind this addition is sound. Think too many people are hung up over Bob being demolished for it. At least Efteling were open about it closing.
  14. To be fair the smoking thing is stupid at the American Disneys as there are no smoking areas anywhere on park, meaning you have to leave the gates in order to do so. I might not like smoking but it is a daft method. Even Legoland has a smoking area.
  15. Why not just delay until you have the new signs turn up? That's the logical thing. If you don't have the materials to complete the job, don't have arse it. I'd be crucified if this my project and the result even temporarily looked like that.
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