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  1. Also I'm sure there is a "definitive ending" on Feng Ju where the couple embrace (but because of how suddenly it ends if you blink you'll miss it)...
  2. Jesus Christ a person who dislikes Phantasialand! Slagharen has a fab little dark ride, but that's all you missed, besides, only one other park on the same day? Pfft, I did 4 when I did Slagharen (and it DOES annoy me that I have to revisit)... But trying to do not even half a day at Phannyland is ridiculous at the best of times, let alone a big event day... It's definitely a culture thing, and probably works better given that the parks tend to be open for decent periods during busy days...
  3. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    The VVitch is one of the most over-rated pieces of boring tosh I've had the misfortune to see... Can someone who loves it please actually go into some actual depth of their own opinion as to why it's so good?
  4. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    It's a bit grim and nonsensical really... Think a lot of parks forget that adding stuff just for the sake of adding stuff isn't always the best solution to something... Though that has made me imagine a what if the Vampire lift hill was completely enclosed, you'd be deaf by lift 2 sure, but would probably have some potential...
  5. Fright Nights 2017

    What is this I don't even?
  6. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    There a pic of this? Sounds like the old Great Wall tarp they put up on Dragon Falls a few years back...
  7. Rant

    Most tend to have a sort of 'queue jump' system nowadays where if it does reject you you get led directly to a person... I love the plane rush because it's SO ridiculous, though it only been down to the allowing actual luggage on the flights and people MUST have it in the overheads... People watching is so fun when travelling anywhere though really...
  8. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    They're all crap...
  9. Park Operations

    It's not about stalling though is it? Can't imagine Vortex would like a strong gust of wind hitting it, whereas Zodiac would probably fall apart...
  10. The Swarm

    Didn't they already TRY the whole "ride wasn't a success (even though the year it opened wasn't exactly a good year for tourist attractions) so let's add a gimmick to it"... The short termism is killing the parks...
  11. Cedar Point

    Mean Streak was bloody terrible, glad it's finally gone so I never have to experience the awfulness again... I mean, this could have literally been a Wacky Worm and it still would've been an improvement...
  12. Silver Dollar City

    *voms* Someone needs to stop allowing Roland on No Limits when drunk...
  13. SW8

    I wonder how much of that was down to the ground survey team getting it completely wrong?
  14. Wiener Prater Trip Report

    Several Ghost Trains, the Blue Planet thing (I didn't do it, I put money into creds and the ridiculous Star-Flyer instead) and probably some others hidden away... They're all around €3/4 a go though... It just about makes Winter Wonderland look affordable... Just...
  15. SW8

    Don't get me started on them completely ignoring the REAL SW6 valley coaster woodie... Are we surprised they'd focus on the pre-show/theme given that there's bugger all to the ride portion? Also one of the images is a TIE Fighter...