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  1. I mean it's not like MAP holders can possibly EVER revisit on another day is it?
  2. Plenty of travellers at Towers last Friday and no real problems. Thorpe would be wise to do non alcohol days since it appears to work elsewhere.
  3. Just in case anyone is interested, Fantasy Island has it's horror event going on (though little can be scarier than Skegness itself), with 3 mazes of a decent quality (according to my source). Probably helped by the batching people in pretty much on their own. The bonus is that you can get in all 3 for £4.50 (each maze is £5 a pop) if you buy the Fear Wristband (which includes all the rides). It's even more of a messy park atm, and Millennium is very dead. But could be worth a trip for anyone desperate for creds and frights.
  4. Even better when Wodan runs all 3 trains and the queue just constantly moves.
  5. A generally held belief is Merlin had concerns after New Texas Giant's incident. Perhaps we might have gotten a RMC at Towers if that hadn't happened instead of Wickerman. It's weird that Merlin haven't jumped on the bandwagon though. Could've got 2 instead of DBGT!
  6. Even though I had to cancel the stag do if they announce an opening for that weekend I might end up going anyway.
  7. Siri, sum up Flamingoland in one gif.
  8. Got evacuated off Tomb Blaster, unfortunately was only on the lift hill. Presumably got some form of Fastrack comp. I'm wracking my brain as to why we ended up with exit passes for Rainbow Magicland @Mark9 that we used on Huntik. Was it just a dodgy ride through where things were broken? Elsewhere I technically had to evacuate Sea Dragons during a Chessie power cut. That was incredibly difficult as you can imagine.
  9. It looks like some weird Planet Coaster thing.
  10. Thorpe now is Chessie in the mid 2000s. Had a mass level of investment which has stopped, park is aimless in its direction with few quality attractions being built (although at least Fury was a thing, however the horrendous cuts of the time are easily visible in the land), plus losing two big attractions in the park. In general all the Merlin parks need a big refresh and a true long term decision chosen and kept to. The short termism was killing the parks. Can hope that the slight change of ownership will boost the chances of the long term being viewed towar
  11. By technicalities the park is somewhat at fault, as there was a failing in the security somewhere that allowed a guest to have a knife upon their person. False equivalence aside, at least the park reacted to the incident. Perhaps too over the top but given the limited options currently available I'm not sure how I would've tackled that solution in a matter of hours.
  12. But the parks are at a limited capacity atm so cannot sell more tickets really. Unless they want the days to be miserable.
  13. I've seen mention that Phantasialand also upped their capacity limit and chaos ensued. So it's a very tricky balance when you have a small park. At least Chessie have the zoo and Towers is HUGE. As for not bothering to be an enthusiast anymore because Thorpe is a bit rubbish. I would've been out the game years ago.
  14. I didn't even realise that Peeking Heights had closed. Shows how much I care about the park these days. Which is a complete shame given the buzz around it a decade ago. A lot of these really are just a wishlist. Likelihood is you'll get the new drop tower and little else because that's how Merlin roll. Do they even have animatronics in any new ride these days (that work)?
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