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  1. It don't look great. Very strange design choice from the park.
  2. I'm gonna have an interesting discussion with work Monday after they put me on temporary unpaid leave yesterday (long before the 80% announcement). Though I can't imagine they'll have me back in cos they'll literally be paying me to do nothing (work is dead for me, most of my projects went as one site stopped all non-essential work). Fortunately NatWest seem to be happy to defer loan and mortgage payments. So I'm not looking down the potential barrel that much right now. Unless this continues past August.
  3. And in doing so has almost killed a fair few industries. Absolute nonsense to tell people to not go out to these places but not say what's in place to help these businesses out with the lack of trade. Literally only do so to ensure that the Tory friendly insurance companies don't have to pay out millions to ensure businesses don't go under and people end jobless. Awful.
  4. I'm not too sure that there's much competition for "best UK dark ride" these days. Especially when the usual winner is currently closed.
  5. All it takes is one idiot to ruin any planning. And it's a proven fact we have idiots living in this country. Some are even in prominent government positions. Fact is that it's a proven deadly virus and the government and business response is to shrug shoulders as if nothing is happening. Should've seen their faces when I mentioned Tarin had to self isolate at NHS request after showing symptoms. Because even though she's young, oh look she's an at risk person because of underlying medical issues. I do think people are over reacting a bit with the store emptying, but I also think acting as if nothing could go wrong is a poor decision too. I mean if it wasn't for footballers being tested positive those matches would've taken place this weekend with full(ish) crowds. The current plan for herd immunity as well is just. Weird. We'll just let people get infected and then see who survives. Like what? It's a weird angle to go with considering some of the potential risks that go with it. The POV of "oh it only kills the elderly and those with health issues" is exactly the problem I have with this. Numbers might be low in the other age groups but there are still numbers if it. I'd rather see measures taken to make those numbers zero then a collective shrug, talk of Blitz spirit (though we are clearing out shops so that might be correct) and be good with personal hygiene.
  6. When cancer and heart attacks are contagious then you'll have a point. Flu is well understood within reason and there are various measures in place to prevent it. Talk of people self isolating being the ones brainwashed by the media and you come out with crap like that.
  7. Legoland gonna be getting all those kids with underdeveloped immune systems right under the bus then. UK response has been dreadful. Evidenced by our glorious leader stating that we should be prepare to see people die. I mean sure but what methods are being taken to reduce that possibility? Oh yeah we wash our hands (which why aren't you doing that anyway?) Football only stopped when players and managers got sick. No consideration to the fans here. My work have said if we decide to self isolate we don't get paid (only get SSP if we have been recommended to do so). Rate things are going even if the parks opened they'd lose money hand over fist. So once that happens they'll close.
  8. Nice to see people taking constructive criticism well on here as per.
  9. Benin


    Am I that old that people on here weren't alive when Colossus was being built? Time to dig my grave then.
  10. Benin

    Top 10's

    You could easily do a top 10 with just Efteling themes here. Or IMAScore. What about ride songs? Black Mamba, Silver Star and Solguden (Djurs) are all contenders there. If I can think of 10 I'd do a list.
  11. You mean the shipping container full of black curtains scare maze? Top tier quality stuff.
  12. The parks then should focus on staff training. And if someone doesn't take no for an answer either get a team leader or security over. I was never really trained in guest interaction in terms of a confrontational angle, so it's clearly something needing addressing. Though allowing people without RAP cards through is just poor staff action. Which then leads to the whole "well we got let on X ride" argument. It's infuriating.
  13. I think the thought process is more "if we say no this could likely easily escalate to appearing in the national news declaring that the park doesn't not view X as a valid disability and the UK park industry is buggered enough as it is". The people who cheat the system are usually the first to complain when they can't do it anymore. Hell we've seen what happens when a height limit is increased on Log Flumes!
  14. Benin

    Thorpe Park 2020

    I'm sure enthusiasts the world over will be hitting up Windsor for the.... *checks notes* Mack baby coaster.
  15. There's a few alternative options the parks can alter to improve the system that whilst would have some complaints it's not something that would particularly be a problem in terms of preventing anyone using it. Main thing is one carer. That's all you get. Perhaps in special circumstances you can have two but that's when you can really go all out on PIP/DLA as the majority of disabled guests will only need the one carer (plus on most rides you've only got two seats in a row anyway). Majority of parks seem to use this so why not ours? That being said, it would be problematic towards families. But as carers need to be 16+ (iirc) then it's a weird situation. There's some leeway there as things can also be combined with parent swap in order to accommodate some families with it. Making the system Blue Badge or benefits only is a minefield and should not be considered. Some people can't get benefits but can have a blue badge, and probably vice versa. Hell some severely disabled people are now considered fit to work and have their benefits cut. But that's the government for you. Perhaps DLP's tiered system could be looked at. Temporary injuries like leg casts have one method, whereas permanent disabilities have another. I've not really used it so can't be sure. There's no one answer as you cannot encompass every disability under the sun. However it's clear it's an UK issue, as when using it in places like Efteling or Toverland (not Walibi as it's not the best system, though technically the fairest as you stand at the exit for the same length of time as the queue, but with no real waiting areas), as there aren't as many using it compared to Merlin ones. Didn't see many use it at other parks in UK but I wonder if it's as widely known or if the max one carer system prevents abuse? As for those early morning queues, it's the same at Towers, though at least Thorpe have a separate area. The early morning rush can't really be avoided if everyone turns up on time can it?
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