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  1. Terrible idea Josh, it'd NEVER work! A boat ride would probably work, but would be basically Zufari on a boat... Why would the park need both?
  2. The building for the track changeover (or whatever we wanna term it) annoys me because it looks like it's floating in mid-air, which considering Asterix's usual high quality surprises me... Looks like it's got some good speed to it from those videos, should be great fun...
  3. Imagine if they'd put this effort into something GOOD...
  4. It's a big floater?
  5. I guess stating the obvious "THESE ARE GIANT MACHINES, YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR PRINTER BREAKS DOWN? YEAH THAT" wouldn't fly? Just a PR exercise and nothing more, like we all know that rides and stuff actually break down (otherwise Slammer wouldn't be dead), why not put that point across to the general public?
  6. Flamingoland already did that though (granted, it's awful, but their zoo is actually pretty decent)...
  7. People on here complaining about one train operation clearly never experienced it on the Ultimate...
  8. Same could be said of my sample size of taking a person who'd never been to a park before on Hex and them thinking it was the best thing since sliced ham... Sure for every member of the GP who enjoyed it there's one who didn't for whatever reason... It's not exactly unlikely...
  9. Thought it was common knowledge that any parts needed for Slammer had to be sourced elsewhere since the manufacturer gave up on them because they were both a nightmare?
  10. Slammer is dead! Long live Slammer!
  11. See those comments on Chessie and Towers pages too... But unless it's mentioned in their survey screens, seemingly it doesn't count? Better just send a generic cut & paste response to everyone on there...
  12. "Unadvertised rotation"? Even for you Jamie that's delving into ridiculous conspiracy theory ground...
  13. What tough run in? Seriously though, 9 points from Chelsea, Arsenal AND Liverpool? Dat Big Sam (and Little Sam) effect found it's mark...
  14. SW8

    I recall that, tis a shame they couldn't do something similar (though it probably would've been more pain than worth it in the end, given usual relations regarding woodland rides, and it being much harder to avoid roots with wooden structures)... Can dream though...
  15. SW8

    It's going to be an immense disappointment, can just tell... Layout wise, seemingly uninspiring compared to what many other parks (big and small) are getting... The theme choice once again causes confusion in the whole "but whyyyyyy?" category, why not theme it to Pirates (no the ride is not going into Gloomy Wood, look at the plans above)? Assuming this has the rumoured launched lift, you'd be questioning that too given Lightning Rod's issues... And god if we have more marketing regarding a shed's insides I might have to travel to Poole and personally knock heads together... Gonna be as themed as Smiler, 1 massive element (which is positioned at a daft angle for photo ops) and a partially themed building... If only they'd used the entire Flume site, then I'd be more invested...