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  1. Seen it mentioned on TowersStreet by relatively reliable people.
  2. I'm sure you'll be able to ride these rides (not sure on the flume tbh), just expect strange looks as you try to squeeze in the Bouncers seats. Didn't even realise Chessington Buzz was still a thing ๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. I would say the issue lies in it feeling like they're fitting a randomly spare ride system and cobbling together something; rather than designing something completely ground up and unique for the park. Or the theme came first and they were struggling to fit into the limited budget when someone found a spare dark ride down back of sofa in Poole. It's just... Weird. Like half the new additions to parks have been nicked from Sea-Lifes!
  4. Think a key thing with parks is how they deal with overcrowding, a well designed and operated park can even on the busiest days be a pleasant day out for everyone. Disney are very good at this, as providing alternative forms of entertainment and pushing throughputs are two key solutions to the problem. They are the pinnacle mind, shortly followed by Universal (in terms of big business quality). The problem is however that whilst our continental brethren have pushed forward in additions and once small parks have become big players over the last few years, the UK has stagnated. Possibly on the back of heavy expansion in the 90s and being a leading player then. But now it's a bit sad and depressing. Paultons being about the only bright spark currently. When small independent parks like Toverland or groups like Plopsa are adding well themed and decent quality additions we get a dark ride that wasn't even planned for Towers, the third/fourth retheme of flats at Chessie and Thorpe have nothing. All parks should aspire to be like the pinnacle. They can't, but operations wise it's bloody easy to.
  5. Choice to have this when the other major coaster is Speed Monster... But I liked Tusenfryd, so yay...
  6. Need to come visit me so can introduce to the joys of Mingo ๐Ÿคจ
  7. It probably depends, obviously lots of companies pay others for presence of their brand so could be either way.
  8. Concerts work in places like Liseberg and Tivoli, although the wristband system helps with that. You do get the odd big name playing them as well. Doing a "park and concert" ticket at a raised price would be about the only way Thorpe could do it (plus a charge for MAP holders). Would require good organisation though. Tbh I'm not sure how Liseberg et al. do it.
  9. Legoland Billund is another shout, the airport is literally over road. Plopsa is definitely doable. Though I'd probably get a second driver just to share the load as last time I was dead (left home at like 5am to pick everyone up). Least Plopsa is very much a chill park in my experiences.
  10. Be better off removing the beach and adding in something that can be used all year round no? As naff as the tent thing in Walibi Holland looks, was certainly popular in Halloween. Especially with the rave going on.
  11. Benin


    *books trip for opening day*
  12. Yeah this has been happening for years; hell I remember not doing seatbelts up on empty seats on Vampire when working on it... Closed season really gets to some people I guess... This is something that happens worldwide...
  13. Flamingoland is a definite. Other UK parks may happen, depending on time available. Looking at Poland but there's no real good cheap time to go by my reckoning atm. Annoying. Phantasialand will be happening as Cologne is perfect Stag Do location. Honeymoon is Vegas and Southern California, so that's something to keep the darker months of the year (November) a bit brighter. Might try and sneak a cred run in the UK somewhere, and maybe Tayto Park but it's all up in the air really as most of my holidays are taken up by the big trip.
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