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  1. Benin


    No idea on best time, park hours are always pretty decent on weekends (11-11 on September, 3-11 Fridays) regardless of time, and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people visit just to enjoy atmosphere... Best suggestion is hit it up when the hotels and flights are cheap...
  2. Benin


    It must be a reference to the Steelers (like part of the stadium or something, my NFL knowledge is non-existant because it's crap), so can understand the name... It's like Blackpool getting an area themed to the football club with a coaster called the Tangerine Dream or something... It looks ok until you realise S&S are building it, it'll probably be god-awful as a result... Bless the Americans getting excited about 9 inversions though, it's cute
  3. Benin

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    It's mental that a company that LOVES parks having NEW things is so obsessed about needing an USP that basic flats don't get built... I imagine a lot of the park people end up screaming into cushions after meetings with Poole...
  4. Benin


    Presumably worth it if you don't mind sharing with some Swedes, there's a PLENTIFUL amount of hostels in Gothenburg all within easy access of the park (by bus or tram)... Gothenburg is pretty fab as well, the Universeum next door to Liseberg is pretty much a combo of Science, Natural History and Zoo... Plenty of parks and bars and what-not too... The Swedes
  5. Benin

    Alton Towers General Discussion

  6. Benin

    2018 General Discussion

    But that's when the point of the system works! (Plus of course, most of the Spanish populace just jump the queue without paying for it, so perhaps in the end Fastrack at PA is pointless and a waste of money?)
  7. Benin

    2018 General Discussion

    I love it when people suggest that rides deliberately act slow so Fastrack sales go up... Like, Rides would probably love it if Fastrack went away, because it's just as big a pain in the arse for them as it is for guests...
  8. Benin


    It's that EU funding to get it off the ground (and presumably some aspirational owners) that have helped...
  9. Benin

    Europa Park

    Stick her on a chair, put a blindfold on (oh-er), stick the music on Spotify and then boom, original EuroSat experience! Might need a strobe light too actually come to think of it...
  10. Benin

    Europa Park

    Don't book trips until you know opening dates then... I'm still waiting on bloody Sweden!
  11. Benin

    Project Zero

  12. Benin


    Terror of the Towers is OUT, a new 'mysterious' and 'recently unearthed by routine excavations'* maze will replace it... https://www.altontowers.com/activities/events/scarefest/thrilling-frights/ *Will take bets on these phrases being included in the announcement blurb.
  13. Benin


    Poor second half led to the downfall there, plus a few players not turning up... Shame, as it was fun whilst it lasted, and the likes of Trippier really shone throughout... Normal football shall resume from today at least!
  14. Benin

    Planet Coaster

    There's a distinct amount of block sections and, well, SPEED on the Mouse cred... Hopefully someone will do it actual justice...