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  1. Get your own choice of meme! It actually does look like something off a fun fair... I'm sure I've driven past this one many a time...
  2. Looks very RMC... Still dunno if that's good though...
  3. I still don't like the retheme of the Flume, totally weird for the Medieval section (with Heidi next door) to suddenly have dinosaurs...
  4. Benin

    Logger's Leap

    Most parks don't just let rides fall into disrepair though... But Merlin don't care unless they can market it... I mean they nearly killed Colossos (not that I rate it)...
  5. I just accumulated mine through multiple hotel stays... Freebies!
  6. Colossus is still running so Merlin won't spend money on fixing it... Remember, they only spend it when they HAVE to.
  7. I hate that they spited the Troy song
  8. Cute time lapse from Walibi Rhone-Alpes and Mystic...
  9. These elements are effectively what 11 year old me did when designing rides for my own amusement before being told it was "unrealistic"...
  10. Kinda a quiet year tbh...
  11. Well no, because the answer could easily be both... Efteling 20/30 even 40 years ago is different to now, doubt even that long ago they'd know the levels of expansion and crowds... These aren't NIMBYs; but I would certainly have equal levels of concern to my area if I lived right by a 365 day a year theme park... The park has a duty of care to balance expansion and minimise effect on local everything...
  12. Much like Alton village, Kaatsheuval suffers just as much as potentially gains from the existence of the park... Unlike Towers however, access and travel to the park does not necessarily require a day trek to it from half of the country... Takes bout 90 minutes from Amsterdam so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of B&Bs would struggle in the area... A quick look on Trivago shows a distinct lack of alternative hotels in the area (4 on the dates I looked at, one being the NH hotel), so perhaps Efteling have the majority on that? As for local foodstuffs, again hotel guests have some good options themselves (and Bosrijk has a proper food shop), and the options in the village aren't great either... It's a rather simplistic view to think that new additions would only benefit locals without considering having to live with the consequences of this every single day of the year...
  13. Benin

    2019 Season

    That's not taking the time to talk to guests, that would be answering each response with a distinct flavour to the actual content... That is just asking guests to continue waiting for a response in a different format... If they get a response at all...
  14. New Pirate animatronic is lush ❤️ Nice to see them continuing the trend of fitting random dark rides wherever they can too...
  15. Meh, it'll be short term until the thing gets spited with Hollywood Tour...
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