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  1. One would assume that the attraction is more simplified, not that HPH was the peak of imaginative walkthrough story telling, it had side parts and interactivity throughout... Room on the Broom is probably more of the kids don't use their brains so why bother being imaginative nonsense...
  2. I did some digging on YouTube last night seeing this news, it looks a peculiar park, with loads of massive indoor areas (sensible in middle of Turkey) and some actual decent themeing? Though that'll likely be destroyed by end of year... Out of the vids only seen the SkyLoop and Intamin 10 looper though... Maybe the 999 other coasters don't exist..m
  3. A lot of the reviews seemed to be from invited parties (presumably free tickets to the attraction)... One review I read I gave up on when they remarked that some areas were sparse compared to the in depth style of Charlie, because if you're making nonsense up like that, your actual opinion is moot...
  4. Benin


    That before/after pic of Laser Raiders really does sum up Merlin right now...
  5. That thing is the right side of ridiculous.
  6. Japan for my 30th seems to be looking more likely with that video...
  7. Won't happen, it's not in the remit of the park (or Merlin apparently)...
  8. It's a Dungeons though, we know how 3 scenes will go (Judge, Torture and Plague); and I'm sure another one had a highwayman scene and a few have had various witch scenes... Herein lies the issue of copy and pasting all your attractions (something Disney are guilty of, but on an international scale the differences aren't as big a deal for majority of visitors)...
  9. Are we not allowed to critique now? Merlin use claims such as "Second to Disney", rightly or wrongly is used as a measurement as to the quality of the parks... If they didn't use such hyperbole, perhaps we'd limit our expectations somewhat... But when they claim that they lead themed accommodation, well there should be questions asked...
  10. Seeing people moaning about lots of closed rides at Chessie due to high winds when Blackpool only had 3 rides down all day (Big One, Flying Machines & Ice Blast) is fairly amusing... Icon in the hail is not fun though...
  11. Japan do. And technically you can sit on the floor in any queue sooooooooo...
  12. Benin

    2019 Season

    DLP is not without it's problems, but at least we know in the future the Studios park is getting a MASSIVE investment (and rumours about the main park as well) over the next decade or so (Disney do like to take FOREVER to build things)... Problem is when removing rides there's usually some notice of a replacement coming, it's what most parks do after all (unless rides are removed suddenly and without warning)...
  13. Benin

    2019 Season

    You won't have to pay for park entry though? Would assume it would be in the Village (Conference Centre maybe), and I think a dedicated game event (rather than a hodge-podge of... things?) will likely attract more interest... It's not that it IS a gaming event, it's HOW the event is run... I doubt you'll only be limited to 45 minutes of DotA action at DLP...
  14. Exactly like DBGT then, only, well good?
  15. Benin

    Storm Surge

    Because people are thick. Next question? It probably is part of that slightly more visually prominent position (in comparison to Rapids), and is nowhere near as wet as Tidal Wave (in theory)... From a guest perspective, there's more to appeal to, especially when you factor in the central location where pretty much everyone walks past at some point... Why do people with kids join an hour long queue for Truckers? Because it's there...
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