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  1. As fab as a RMC TdZ would be, I can't see it happening... A retrack would be appreciated though...
  2. Benin


    Rocket Racers 3? Putting a dark ride there wouldn't be great given the location requiring a ridiculous throughput... Perhaps something like a "Factory Tour" style attraction like at Germany would be ideal...
  3. Benin


    It's because we all tend to unite against one common enemy... Plus blind fanboyism is often limited to one or two people on a forum, and can be easily ignored... We're quite a lucky group in that most decisions that are bad tend to be universally agreed on as such...
  4. It's so weird, as a really great idea could've been to have you queue under it (though trying that without breaking the illusion would be difficult)... Another box checked off the badly designed ride checklist though...
  5. Sounds like one of those days, spite and cred anxiety never help trips... I've never had issues with food either, but I'm usually scoffing one of their BBQ sausages in the entrance.. I did try the pasta once and it was adequate... Think I've heard similar things from others mind...
  6. Isn't that what they did with DBGT? I'd imagine cost, barely anyone alters a ride unless it's old or unpopular (Dodonpa is probably the most famous ride to be altered?), the expense of a brand new ride is probably equal if not less...
  7. Don't think Sarki have the space to take part in one, though probably could've said the same prior to Taiga...
  8. Incredibly random, presumably pointless. I think they'll be reducing the vodka budget at the end of season party next year...
  9. Benin

    Thorpe Park 2020

    I mean, I wouldn't say never for Thorpe (or any UK park) to get a RMC in the future... The Loggers area would suit one to a tee after all... In terms of previous development at the park, Tussauds HAD to build lots of new things in quick succession because there was NOTHING THERE! Prior to Tidal Wave you had Loggers Leap and NWO as the biggest things!
  10. I really liked Trananananan, and do wish a few more parks had taken a punt on the ride type... I sense maintenance and throughput issues may have been a boundary for them though... Looks weird this one...
  11. BPB used to have 3 "flumes" (loathe to call Valhalla a log flume) so 2 is nothing...
  12. Halloween stuff then. Decent attempt, nice use of the pre existing hedge maze to have both a day time and night time maze variant. Was also weirdly the best run queue of the evening. Very much a focus on the look of the actors, some good interaction with guests in the scare zones. Queues weren't great though (2 took over an hour) and the general quality was apparently not great. Think they are torn between the family audience and being full in scary. Minimal theming beyond the zones (which weren't that well themed in cases). The circus area being the best looking but those are a dime a dozen really. Avalon and Port Laguna are gorgeous areas. Fenix is decent but still not as good as Raptor. Slightly better than Swarm purely because of the cool dragon animatronic. Think Avalon is slightly barren a little bit though as there's not much between the two rides and the restaurant. Wouldn't be surprised to see a few flats spring up over the year or two. I was wrong about Troy, it ran like mad at night. Plus the lighting and effects package were spot on. Shout out to the Ollivanders rip off too. Was cute. Toverland are in a good spot for the future I think. Doubt they'll go bigger than Fenix as a ride but that's not their remit. Marked improvement in their infrastructure and hopefully they will continue bringing rides and areas up to scratch in between the next big thing.
  13. Is that a cobra roll? VOM! Plus 1 for not sure if keeping in with the park's aesthetic...
  14. It'll open when its open... Phantasialand have been done in before with dodgy delays and doubt they'll ever risk it again...
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