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  1. Benin

    Park Operations

    It's almost akin to the idiocy of Cedar Fair parks closing EVERY SINGLE RIDE as soon as there's a spot of rain... Like even some drizzle was enough to make them close Blue Streak temporarily!
  2. Benin

    2019 Season

    Merlin had the chance to do exactly that after Smiler crashed... Their decisions since show nothing but contempt for "customer experience"...
  3. Benin

    2019 Season

    Be lucky to get any paint given the old "EVERYTHING MUST HAVE A RETURN ON INVESTMENT" nonsense...
  4. Benin

    The Small Parks Thread

    It's a city park, it's pretty much the same as Liseberg in terms of location of the city centre... Here's some concept art for the new Gerst Infinity coaster going into Walibi Rhone-Alpes (near the France/Swiss border, Lyon/Geneva way):
  5. Benin

    The Small Parks Thread

    Lol at that ridiculous looking hill after the top hat...
  6. Benin

    Complaints, complaints and complaints.

    Negative - It's Thorpe Park (RESORT & RIDES)! Positive - I'm not visiting next year.
  7. Benin


    *blows dust* 2019 will be the "YEAR OF MAGICKS!" to coincide with the new hotel being built, there's some new additions including what appears to be a walkthrough attraction, a new show and... *checks notes* A new coaster? That's very unexpected, wonder what it is..... SEQUOIA MAGIC LOOP https://www.gardaland.it/en/2019-year-of-magic/#
  8. Benin

    The Big Bad Movie Topic

    I'm very much of the opinion that after this the whole Marvel/superhero film stuff will drop in popularity, but I bet 100% there will be tears by the end of this one... Midnight screening here I come!
  9. Benin

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    This is like, the most common business practice at the moment though? Black Friday is the absolute WORST for 'deals' that are no cheaper than the item was sometimes half a year ago for example... Especially around this time of year, it's always best to wait it out... Though would've thought that because the park was so bad this year the loyal customers wouldn't continue to give their money to them?
  10. Benin

    The Small Parks Thread

    This is YEARS away, however this is very much likely to be my new favourite park name: https://rcdb.com/16860.htm https://www.iamexpat.nl/lifestyle/lifestyle-news/tonys-chocolonely-build-chocolate-factory-roller-coaster-zaandam
  11. Benin

    The Small Parks Thread

    POV! (of a virtual kind)
  12. Benin

    Walt Disney World Resort

    Technically not Florida, but since the project will essentially be the same thing...... Star Wars Land (Cali edition) update!!!!!! Much like Cars Land, even if you hate the franchise, hot damn does it look purdy...
  13. Benin


    Blame the neighbours, especially damned in that area of the park... They have a worse relationship with them than with goons...
  14. Benin


    CF Member Dex