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  1. It has roofs as well but I think you can say that about every park...
  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha... *Takes breath* Hahahahahahahahahahahaha...
  3. *No Big Top* "Waaaah why doesn't it exist?" *Have Big Top* "Why can't we have something NEW?" Surely these events would be good if every year the parks and other places did completely new experiences every year? Or is that just me?
  4. I'd completely forgotten Buccaneer was dead, oh well... Drop Tower > Rameses
  5. Do not ask for whom die Glocke tolls..... Not surprised it's going, the throughput on it wouldn't last with the way Hansa are expanding...
  6. Benin


    If they're having issues with guests coming up the stairs (because people need their hand held apparently now), why not just get one of the two staff members to appear and invite guests onwards? Cheaper and certainly wouldn't detract as much as a shouty intrusion as described...
  7. Benin


    The Sun have got away with a lot worse than some sensationalism about a theme park ride...
  8. Merlin can't clone things like Six Flags though, many of their parks are regional, so it doesn't matter if St Louis gets a Freespin as well as Great Adventure, majority of guests ain't going to go to both parks on a regular basis... Also not considering that construction tends to be cheaper in America, especially when the manufacturer doesn't have to add transport costs on top... The rumours were Merlin were looking at a RMC, but then New Texas Giant and Smiler both happened, which affected the decision separately... What Merlin need to do is approach the development of their parks differently... The tell tale is in those small investment years, and generally the lack of maintenance within the parks... The obsession of adding something new isn't too bad, but when it has to fulfil some non sensical USP thing? When people will just come because there's something new and the parks are enjoyable to visit? There are problems that are easier to fix before getting onto hardware...
  9. Benin

    Wicker Man

    Fill from the front is easier if there's a disabled person requiring the back row... That and the poorly designed station means that having some people waiting would cause a lovely bottleneck... Plus you then get everyone wanting to wait for a specific row and it's like "GUYS YOU CAN'T ALL SIT IN THE SAME ROW FFS GET ON THE RIDE!" At the end of the day some rides operate better with designated rows, often down to loading times needing to be quick and on the money, hence why Europa do it on Blue Fire and Wodan...
  10. Weirdly though you could theoretically hold your boyfriend's hand down the street in Dubai and no one would bat an eye...
  11. Bit like the old Pandora's Box from Vekoma all those years ago... Something for the new park?
  12. D-; Needs further explanation to define reasonings behind personal problems.
  13. But it's not a direct clone of it, just version 2.0.
  14. Hagrid's cred was popular here then... They've announced the 3rd gate park as "EPIC UNIVERSE", with a piece of concept art, and no other real information... I'll be probably more excited when they announce areas... Even if Nintendo is likely on there already...
  15. Benin

    2019 Season

    The other issue on top of that is some disabled people will require two people to transfer for whatever reason... 3 is an ok number of accompanying carers, but it needs to be flat out adhered too...
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