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  1. That should be the standard response to a ride getting repainted. It shouldn't be treated like a big investment, should just be done on the regular.
  2. Park Count Chessington x1 New Cred Mandrill Mayhem The flaws of having a baby. Though money was instead spent on Download Festival. We've now got a MAP so might actually go to other places next year. Wasn't any point going to Towers or Thorpe this season anyway.
  3. Worst decision in the park's history. The concept art looks fine. Depends on if they actually use some depth in the painting of the buildings or just paint them in one flat colour and call it a day like Towers tend to.
  4. A PLC upgrade won't make the trains actually comfortable though.
  5. Maybe to suit the locals they'll rename it to "FORP"?
  6. All the effort when the trains are still the biggest issue.
  7. Technically that whole pyramid is.
  8. Clearly for when they invite their vlogger mates to show off the "secrets" within behind a very brightly lit camera.
  9. It's what happens when enthusiasts end up in high ranking positions within that side of the industry. Though Disney have been doing such things for far longer.
  10. Park not even closed beyond a week and got this sort of nonsense being posted. Whoever made that needs to practice Photoshop more.
  11. No source, weird placement on the page on question. Pressing X to doubt here.
  12. Josh really needs to stop talking to himself in an attempt to drive discussion. Doubt anyone actually cares about Angry Birds going. Few cared when it arrived.
  13. Chessie uses an online system. However on our recent visit we had to split up the usage between the group as you can't use Parent Swap in conjunction with it. We had 2 people who qualified for it so used it separately in twos unless we could all ride together with baby. Not all who use it abuse it in the manner that many unfortunately do. However it is not helped by the poor implementation of the park's own rules by many staff members. Even at Chessie there were a number of times we weren't scanned for various reasons (including not having a scanner at one of the rides). The system exists, and they'd be better off implementing it across all the parks asap. However I don't think it'd necessarily improve things due to the number of overall users. And any methods they'd use to alter things would no doubt result in an outcry (likely from those who've happily been abusing the "free fastrack" for years); be it max 1 carer, limiting use or being stricter with giving it out. Presumably Nimbus was meant to improve matters but don't think it's made much difference. End of the day majority who use it have to suffer with a daily issue that affects them constantly and living in an often inaccessible world. That's far more unfair than getting a slightly higher ride count over able-bodied persons. Its just a shame that many abuse the system so that those who need it often suffer and often get the "WeLl ThEy QuEuE fInE iN a HoUr RaP qUeUe" comments.
  14. Benin


    http://www.instagram.com/reel/CzKB5ksIbnb/ Not sure if this can be embedded properly on here? But Towers marketing in full swing again. New/updated soundtrack snippet at the end, which has naturally upset some because they've CHANGED THINGS rather than just rebuild the park in the 90s.
  15. The contracted construction team saying it'll be more efficient for that building to have far more work done to it is some damn good business for them.
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