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  1. Yeah but Brewdog are a terrible company. It's weird because there's so much good street art in cities across the country and Thorpe end up with that. It's so random and weird whereas if they'd kept to the actual ride logos (strengthening their own branding) then it would automatically look better. That looks like someone's GCSE art project that they did the night before the deadline. Down to the S symbol and Word Art.
  2. Bringing this topic back as Southport are trying to do a thing. https://standupforsouthport.com/thrilling-roller-coaster-with-spectacular-views-along-coast-planned-for-southport-pleasureland/?fbclid=IwAR1OMH2RRj1KJbdaqDwvnH8WHBn1QuEQZcXZ3c_ahM0VV4vyUEiaNQvpW1U Not the best choice of ride all things considered however would inject a bit of life into the park. Fingers crossed.
  3. ENGLAND HAVE REACHED THE FINAL OF A MAJOR TOURNAMENT! Might as well bring back this topic for the special occasion of watching them fail miserably Sunday
  4. Went to Paultons, another person to approve of Tornado Springs. Fantastic area design and look to it, Storm Chaser was good fun and a little bit intense with the right spin. Cyclonator was ridiculous in it's intensity but proved popular with the number of schoolkids there so hopefully that'll give Paultons a positive answer for a few more "thrill" rides in the future. Accessibility in the new area seemed good, with dedicated queues rather than up the exit for everything. Can really tell the lessons learnt from Lost Kingdom. Though certainly some confusion over whether staff needed
  5. Maybe someone went to Walibi Holland and thought "well it's called the Dutch Thorpe Park anyway"?
  6. The Gravity Group restraints (those trains look like GG ones) are really good. At least on their smaller ones... on Zeus....... This could be interesting. I love Zeus though the last time I rode it was particularly rough. Hopefully it still maintains the fabness.
  7. The Sex Education ride would have an unforgettable climax.
  8. Looks good. Now make Cobra look pretty.
  9. Farup have announced their latest from the Vekoma catalogue in Fønix. https://www.faarupsommerland.dk/da/foenix/ Interesting feature is a "Stall Loop". Which looks as weird as it sounds. There's also a 360 degree POV. Positive start to 2022.
  10. Ah but an enthusiast did it so it must be good. Right?
  11. I thought the "woke brigade" were pro mask? It's incredibly hard to keep up as to what I should be "woke" about. Towers have been doing this already. Think it caused a few issues with the RAP queues because it obviously had a problem in having to move non-mask wearers but not being able to move disabled guests. Unfortunately people who pretend they are exempt from wearing masks are the exact reason we still have to. Utter scum and bringing in a comparison to racial segregation shows the level of contempt this person has for the actual struggles of those at the time.
  12. I think a lot of the issue has stemmed from the ease of getting one (simple doctor's note) and the lack of staff writing down a time or checking max numbers. Hence it's known as "Free Fastrack". What confuses me is at other parks without the timeslot system don't have these issues? The only park I've found the system poorly implemented was Walibi, mostly as whilst making access guests wait at the exit for the length of time is fair, not providing a safe area to wait in was poor. Have purchased qbots as a result as those best suit the needs. Until Merlin put
  13. Must've missed the sarcasm there. I don't think there's much abuse of carer tickets, as these require ACTUAL evidence (PIP, Blue Badge, etc.) according to the website (whether the park follow this is unknown). Whereas the RAP you can get with a doctors note alone. RAP cannot and should not be charged for. It would be arguably discrimination against those unable to queue being charged extra to allow them to. In which case why not make them buy Fastrack? Actually insisting upon the limitations imposed by the park themselves (filling in queue cards correctly and maximum nu
  14. So we're blaming the parks poor usage of the RAP system (I bet 100% that Thorpe don't fill in correctly given Towers don't either) for aggressive upselling of Fastrack now? I'm very sorry that you think disabled visitors who require carers are so problematic for the park. Maybe if they charged for carers they could afford to fix the wheelchair lifts for Saw and Inferno? The RAP system being abused does NOT mean the park have to aggressively upsell Fastrack. Especially since they've been doing that for a far longer time than RAP has become a real issue. Other parks don't
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