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  1. God the capacity is gonna be crap.
  2. And I've worked in project management. Zero surprise that some projects really push the limit in terms of targeted handover dates. Purely depends on what Mack says the required testing hours needed are. Which none of us are privy to (and any of those who are won't be able to divulge such information). Merlin have form for it too over the years. Even Nemesis is getting stuff added to it since opening officially.
  3. I always enjoy when people seem to know the exact ins and outs of an entire project management process.
  4. It'll be on regular packages next year. Like with the RAP limitation it will only be for the initial period to let it bed in. Bit of a recent trend for the parks as Nemmie is also fairly limited on Fastrack atm. Also holy crap Jack Dann!
  5. RAP sold out for opening day already. That being said they're implementing a 1 ride only policy on it so that should help matters.
  6. Looks terrible and another example of how poor the design is.
  7. Blivvy is one of the few coasters on park where retrofitting a fully accessible queue wouldn't be problematic. Didn't go anywhere near X-Sector yesterday due to the queues. Plus that hill probably would've killed the wheelchair.
  8. The distinct lack of filler rides was far more telling yesterday with 3 big coasters down (Thirteen, Galactica and Wickerman) for a considerable time. Fortunately Nemmie was on full capacity but the park need far more than the one they're getting next year. There's at least 2 spots free in X-Sector, and could definitely fit more elsewhere with some ingenuity. Meant lots of 50 minute plus queues across the board for the majority of the day (exacerbated by many school trips mind). Which severely limited our choices of ride due to the 4pm close. Granted we did spend a fair chunk of time in CBeebies Land though. I'll probably contact the park regarding not being able to combine RAP with Parent Swap as it is very much a killer to our day if we don't have 2 RAP users in the group currently. Also a lack of decent eateries needs to be addressed. Not asking for much but there are so many Burgers & Hot Dogs across the park but few alternatives. Especially if you want a sit down inside. The prices are obscene too. Not visiting Pizza Pasta whilst it's £21 per person (plus baby isn't big on pizza. She's strange). Alty Mans is fab. Dark and creepy as. Couple of iffy effects here and there but on the whole is a fantastic refurb. Between that and Nemmie the future could be bright. Does mean other areas look awful comparatively though. It was great to have Nemesis back. Had a good day overall but that was the only coaster we did due to the limited capacity and queues. There's still a lot of work to be done.
  9. Benin


    Back on fully loading 2 trains this morning. She's back ❤️
  10. Benin


    Started on one then second added around midday. Is very strange. Saw claims of overspeeding which might make sense with the new magnetic brakes and over sensitive modern day sensors. Would also explain the half filled trains. However if on the weekend they revert back to full loading it'll make little sense.
  11. Benin


    Same today it seems. Was hoping for a good number of rides on it tomorrow. Looks unlikely.
  12. Benin


    Press night tonight with spoilers abound. Looks great though. Gonna be a long week to wait.
  13. Benin


    She's back on Saturday.
  14. The road markings outside the dodgems are... weird given they haven't changed the block paving underneath. One step forwards then jumping backwards there. See also the lovely stuff around Stealth then the half worn boxes and white lines on the floor. Det photo booth looks tacky still. Not helped by the unfinished building next to it but does belie the query of why that exists when they didn't redo the photo booth facade?
  15. Sounds like what people were saying about London Resort. Still a massive if about Universal happening. Even if they're far more competent.
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