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  1. Maybe they can save Rocky Express and Apocalypse.
  2. I request that should TCaAM be 'better' than Phantom Manor by an unknown metric as yet to be determined by myself; @MattyMoo be banned.
  3. I mean its just concept art there. The final product might look as dark and dingy as your local station's Pumpkin Cafe/Costa/Nero.
  4. Efteling replacing the often broken water curtain effect on Dutchman with some physical effects/props.
  5. Year isn't too surprising, would've known the contract was ending and the likelihood of renewal was zero. From the sounds of it they'd got Derren on board after the choice of system & VR inclusion, and probably means a lot of butting heads between those involved in the design. I'd imagine Derren could easily design an interesting attraction at first stage rather than having to work around the system in question. Resulting in the confused final product. I mean they can't do any worse? But if it's going to be actor led again Metlin don't have the best record of the quality or consistency of those.
  6. You'd hope that changing to a Merlin attraction would be done by their big in-house design team (even if they used to charge far more than external contractors for... reasons?) over the in-park entertainment mob. Hopefully consideration for the long term is the big push there. Or at least making things at Thorpe that last slightly more than 2 years before it gets cut to pieces and mothballed.
  7. Silkstone's Ghost Train. Try and keep up with the YouTube algorithm with the finale demon replaced by an apology video jumpscare. Will probably just be that they've lost the IP (as much as it was) and being renamed with the NUMEROUS references to Derren Brown being removed.
  8. Worse than the recent Bobbiejobbieland one if true.
  9. Same ride system but updated makes more sense in the short refurb time frame. Probably biggest change car wise would be to go back to 6 per car which was only changed to for the onboard computers for Duel anyway. Didn't liken the character to M3GAN at all. Said that creepy dolls are a popular horror trope, hence the use here. Creepy children are also a dime a dozen here, so putting one in victorian era dresses isn't exactly breaking the realms of creativity too hard. Are they alike by design or just because they are the same? Until otherwise its purely conjecture.
  10. Since that's a German website I'd imagine there's a bit of translation syntax going on. Wouldn't be surprising if Towers did get Mack to update the ride system in a background sense (I.e. redo the sections where it slows down or speeds up) to fit in with the new theme/story. Creepy children are a horror staple. It does seem a thing where opinion is now stated as fact and runs away until its too late. Until it is explicitly said by the park it could be anyone; just because it COULD be doesn't mean it IS. Same goes with dolls, just have to look at the recent success of M3GAN to see that. All Haunted House attractions have used popular horror tropes for centuries, and the artwork is reminiscent of the game F.E.A.R. which heavily involves a ghost girl. Maybe it's based on that or Resident Evil 7 as that also features a creepy child (it isn't but again I can also make wild assumptions). Claiming Forbidden/Terror Tomb is coming back has been happening for years. It won't be (mostly because its very 90s and some aspects of it would've been changed by now for obvious reasons), however I would imagine a successful reboot here would give food for thought for those at Chessie. Once again, opinion is not fact. The fact will only come when the park do their PR featuring what the plot of the ride is. Anything else is completely up in the air and guesswork/assumption by enthusiasts (since the ones working on it haven't divulged anything of note and can't anyway). Besides, if you're basing thoughts off the recent artwork you're still going round the main house rather than a dollhouse. Probably escaping the aforementioned ghost girl and her friends.
  11. Who are these people though? Do they exist? Are they like Secret Tories? The usual ones I see on forums are either keeping quiet or don't have anything to add on things going on. Usually get a few but if it's all theme park Twitter stuff then count me out. There's literally no public knowledge beyond now a poster with a girl and some dolls heads. It really feels like many are putting 2+2 together and getting 5 because they want it to be rather than it actually is. As a result, the designers love to tease people in such a manner. Especially with little nods and hints to the past like referencing Sparks in the poster. Riles up the goons no end. I dunno. Maybe it's just me getting old and being open to whatever shenanigans happen inside rather than deciding early on it'll be a certain thing and clinging to it. Would laugh if the ghost girl referenced in the posters was called anything else but Emily though. It COULD be a reference. Not it is. I still wonder why they would use a side joke that a number of visitors didn't even see and that only enthusiasts know the full story of (not that there even IS a story, it's a ghost girl who lives in a doll house and has a white cat, here endeth the tale). I must be getting old and ranty. Maybe I'm becoming a Tory?
  12. That is an incredibly basic view of the amount of changes made to have that ride more palatable to European audiences (I.e. we actually want a deeper backstory to things). There's a lot of original content within Phantom Manor mixed in with the Haunted Mansion formula. Still don't understand the obsession of a "blink and you'll miss it" character that had no bearing on the original Haunted House or Duel. Be funny if the girl in the promo art either doesn't exist in the final ride or is given a different name to the ones that have been given by eager enthusiasts to fill gaps in... something? Definitely also a lot of hyperbole about this retheme too. Temper your expectations people and you'll be far happier than if the ride's storyline is different to the one concocted in your own head. People would've been a little happier with Multiverse of Madness if they'd done the same.
  13. Thorpe just suffer from horrendous white elephants in the middle of the park instead 😉
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