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  1. Couple of things: First off - we've just had it confirmed that the mazes open at 3pm this year as our behind the scenes tour of Asylum has been brought forward to 2.30 Also - the "bagging and tagging" was done at Project Fear in Yorkshire earlier this year - check out my review at the time - http://www.scaretouruk.com/review---project-fear.html Michael www.scaretouruk.com
  2. The date needs to finalised with the park but its 98% definite as Sunday 21st!
  3. Hi Guys - ScareTOUR will be arranging our annual behind the scenes tour of one of the mazes this year. I know you all want The Passing but logistically that's not going to happen due to the nature of the show (hint - there's nothing to see!!) BUT we will have one of the others. In the past we have done Se7en, the Curse and Experiment 10 so that really only leaves Saw Alive or Asylum Which maze would you like to go behind the scenes of? Let us know over at our FB page (http://www.facebook.com/ScareTOUR) and why not "like" us while you're there! A full announcement will be made this evening and as usual numbers will be strictly limited. Provisional date for this trip is Sunday October 21st
  4. It's intereesting how more and more negative comments are coming in about Experiemnt 10. On the first few nights - everything we recieved was overly positive. Even on Satuday we LOVED it!. But over the weekend a few negative "You Reviews" have crept in. Maybe the more people know about it the less affected they are ?We will be constantly addeding "You Reviews" to our main review page as we get themhttp://scaretour.weebly.com/Don't forget - we have EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes access to Experiement 10 on Friday afternoon - places are extremely limited!
  5. Anyone coming to the ScareTOUR trip with exclusive behind the scenes access to Experiment 10?http://scaretour.weebly.com/thorpe-park-experiment-10-exclusive-1410.html
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