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  1. The only part I can remember with certainty is the first part. The main room has four doors to choose from, and two of them lead through the garden area and back into the main room... In the floral wallpaper room there is the door that leads to the control room and the door that leads to the mask room. From the mask room you can enter the basement with the doll or head on towards to the lab. The final door leads to a dark room and you can either go through the mask room or through a room with chains and a bed in it from there. All of the routes take you to the same place in the end.
  2. For those of you who want to know how to get the control room in Cabin, enter the left door that is opposite the fireplace. It will take you into a room with a wolf head mounted on the wall and floral wallpaper. The door to the control room is covered in wallpaper so it's pretty easy to miss. It's on the left wall right next to the Wolf head but it only opens periodically as it's on a timer. I guess you could wait around in the room if you wanted to because there's no actors in there and the door will unlock eventually.
  3. Just got back from Thorpe and the queues were minimal tonight. Managed Asylum and MBV twice, Saw: Alive once and Cabin four times. I never bothered with BWP because the queue was horrendous when it first opened, but I can do that another time I guess... I thought I'd put up a nice review for you all though and I will include spoilers, so be warned! The Asylum Very good as usual, seems that it's a bit longer this year which is only a good thing. The tweaked ending is also much better and I ran out of the exit both times. Lots of smoke in the corridors and the strobes were intense as usual. The only thing I would say is that the siren was quiet! This was definitely the most intense maze of the night which is to be expected I guess! PROS: - Lots of smoke - The actors cooperated well. - Very good ending CONS: - Sirens were quiet Although nothing has changed too much, The Asylum is still the only maze that actually makes me nervous. 7/10 My Blood Valentine I wasn't blown away by My Bloody Valentine. It was basically E10 without the gimmicks. The scares were fairly weak and the ending was even weaker. It was nice to see some roaming actors outside however. The themeing was okay I guess. I could recognise old parts of E10 such as the tunnel and cupboards, but I definitely preferred E10. I feel that Thorpe have made a mistake getting rid of that this year, but that's just my opinion... I liked how it was free flowing though; nice to see Thorpe try to work around the traditional conga line. PROS: - Roaming actors - No conga line CONS: - Weak scares - Weak ending - Poor themeing Overall I was disappointed by this maze, although my friend said it was the scariest of the night! 4/10 SAW: Alive! I feel that I know the maze by the back of my hand now, so it was fairly repetitive; although if it was my first time I would have been very impressed! The actors really took on their roles well, rolling around the floor and getting multiple jump scares. There was loads of fog and it was extremely hard to navigate around the last few rooms whilst the actors jumped out at you! The policeman at the start separated my friend from the group and made the experience very interactive. He was also very physical grabbing my waist to move me. The actors being able to touch you definitely gives us one up on the Americans in my opinion. PROS: - Very good actors - Lots of smoke - Great themeing -Actors all physical and interactive CONS: - Not intense like Asylum. Although I thoroughly enjoyed Saw as per usual, it just wasn't intense like The Asylum is. For an over all experience, I was extremely impressed but based on scares alone, Saw Alive didn't quite cut it... 7/10 The Cabin in the Woods My first impression of this maze was a very positive one. What an improvement on The Passing! Walking through the first corridor after the stone entrance had everybody scared even though we hadn't even properly entered the maze yet. There was some kind of material on the floor that managed to surprise everybody. The first room was very well themed and because I only entered with one other person, it made the experience of choosing a door very intimidating. After four run throughs I managed to experience every room (even the control room!) and I really like how re-rideable the maze is. The number of different routes you could take really means that each go differs from the last. The last part of the maze is nowhere near as well themed as the first part, although it's still a major, major improvement on The Passing. The scares were fairly weak towards the end in my opinion, but the actors still worked well together and they should be commended for that! The ending was very weak, which was a shame as the start was so strong! The main down fall of this maze though is the logistics of it. Because of all the routes you can take, you usually find yourself bumping into other small groups or catching up with the group in front. I suppose the number of people in the maze cannot be reduced without sacrificing through put however. It will be interesting to see how Cabin copes when the park gets busier... PROS: - Very re-rideable - Well themed - Major improvement on The Passing - A very imaginative concept that stands out from all of the other corridor based, conga line mazes out there - The scary music playing throughout added to the tension - A large variety of characters, although there were no pumpkin heads! CONS: - Scares not very intense - Weak ending - Lots of congestion Overall, I was blown away by the concept of this maze. If it wasn't for the congestion in each room, it would have been executed near perfectly as well. Like all of the other mazes bar Asylum, I would have liked more intense scares, but things like scares just depend on the actors I guess. 8/10
  4. The queue for NI is horrendous so the batching staff have announced a 'power hour' where they will attempt to reach the highest possible throughput on NI in one hour (whatever that may be). They're calling forward smaller groups to fill spaces and giving people less time to faff around finding their seats. Staff should be commended for their efforts to minimise queuetimes!
  5. Just queued 2 hours for Saw and there was a pile up at the air gates, the last thing they would need at Fright Nights is screaming girls on top of the packed loading bay! There's practically nothing to report in terms of Fright Nights though. Nothing on the beach or in the arena and I could see nothing along the CCR pathway or on the Thorpe Farm site. No advertising either other than a slide on the electroning billboard by Nemesis. EDIT: The lights were on in Asylum but both the entrance and exit doors were bolted shut.
  6. I'm on park now, I'll look out for progress but I've only been on the Swarm/Stealth side today and there's nothing to report here. I'll post any worthwhile info I see here throughout the day however.
  7. At the end of the day, MAPs are great value for money. I went to Thorpe 15 times last year aswell as Chessie/Alton/Midway attractions and I'm sure that gate prices for all of those tickets would have dollied up to a bit more than the £120 I paid for my Standard pass. An extra £5 for mazes and 5 hours of extra ride time isn't really too much to ask for in my opinion. With Alton most people are limited to one go in each maze due to the cost of re-runs or lack of avaliable tickets. I go to Fright Nights for the mazes, and I want to be able to use them freely. I really couldn't care for night rides if I'm honest... *Prepares to be slated by everyone for that*
  8. The only way I could see the BWP working in the woods is if the train track was boarded over to make it a safe path. Imagine the number of screaming girls that stub their toes and trip over the rail sleepers... Also, forgive me if I'm wrong as I'm yet to actually see The BWP but isn't there a house/shack thingy in the film? If so we could be seeing that in the walkthrough.
  9. I remember last year going in The Passing, and me and a friend went through the latter part of the maze on our own. Whilst the maze was nothing special, being on our own really helped make the whole experience a lot scarier! If you was stuck in the woods in a small group it would be really nerve racking! Does anybody have any pictures of the woods on that note? I've never actually seen it and I'd quite like to see what it's like in there. Also I vividly remember the Nemesis Inferno station when 'hell froze over'. Does anybody have any pictures of that too? I've been looking for a while and have had no luck finding any!
  10. I could just imagine the MBV maze. I reckon it'll be in the old X queue and there'll be a load of rocks in the first corridor. You'll be told about some psycho murderer at the start and then crawl though a 'confined mineshaft' which is really the tunnel from The Passing last year. Then you will venture 'deeper into the caves' as you walk down the ramps in the X queue. Lots of rock work and a few screaming people before you're chased by a pick axe wielding lunatic for the finale. Thats my bet.
  11. To be honest, I think that it would be better to have You're Next roaming characters instead of a maze. There's not much actors can really do other than deliver a few jump scares if you think about it. Roaming actors chasing you in those masks though would be horrifying! Other than that, I think all of the mazes are great. BWP should be very creepy if executed well and I don't really know much about the other films; although I could picture the miner chasing you around a tunnel/shaft in the MBV maze. Also not too fussed about The Asylum. I loved it, but a new maze is always welcome, especially if it's a Dead Silence one!
  12. Those masks really are quite creepy, I'd personally love to see a 'You're Next' maze! I also think that a 'best of' maze is a pretty good shout to be honest. I could imagine Thorpe marketing a maze saying it's ''the best of horror in one maze'' or something cheesy like that. I didn't plan to renew my AP this year but I might have to and make a few trips to Thorpe this October!
  13. It's only a matter of time before some poor person books a time slot and their phone battery dies...
  14. I agree with Josh on this one, I think this concept relies too much on people understanding how the system works and being able to time keep. I can see problems arising when somebody misses their slot and kicks up a fuss or something silly... In theory it's a great idea and I'm delighted to see that Thorpe are consciously trying to remedy the issue of long queue times at the park, but this reservation system could just turn your day into a huge timetable. I dread Fright Nights when every ride is booked up or 'normal' people wait for ages because reserved guests take priority. I've also just returned from holiday and I met somebody who was talking to me about this system being used at SFGA. She said it' just makes the day stressful if you have a day full of reservations.
  15. JackR

    The Smiler

    Finally got a chance to ride The Smiler yesterday. The queue was 2 hours during ERT before the park even opened so I had plenty of oppertunity to gaze at the ride whilst I was queuing. It's a majorly impressive ride and the curvature of the track actually had me in awe, so from an offride perspective I thought that The Smiler was incredible. However, I actually found The Smiler incredibly rough. It might be due to the fact that my shoulders were wedged againts the OTSR (I'm 6'3) but I felt a jolt on almost ever inversion other than the inverted drops. I'm not even lying, my ride on Rita was less rough yesterday!
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