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  1. Loggers all the way, nice theming feel good feeling. Long ride, two drops, dark section. Just the ultimate water ride.
  2. But have you heard any news of a new maze.
  3. Ooops, didnt see the other topic sorry.
  4. I was just looking at Thorpe's website and I came across Fright Nights. It doesnt seem there is anything new for FN, only Saw Alive, but tbh the only thing they can do with Saw alive is add one more new scene. Has anyone found any news, about the huge event, because it will be hugley appreiciated. Thank you
  5. If you look you cannot see me. And if you see me you cannot see anything else. I can make anything you want happen, but later everything goes back to normal. What am I?
  6. I sucked on them big timeeee .
  7. I went and went on most rides, really fun
  8. I went and it was great. I went on Spuk, quite scary actually I loved the strobe lit corridor. I loved the ice-skating. We ate Mcdonalds. I went on the bunge thing, woah what a rush! I went on the EuroCoaster, quite good! The Power Tower is huge, it looked so scary but it wasnt that intense, more floaty time. Very fun because it goes up more than once. Detty is better. Black Hole was quite intense and very scary at night. wellanyway wee had a great time.
  9. Is it supposed to be scary, because the name sounds kindaaa creepy.
  10. No, I didnt say I ahd been on it, the ride just looks amazing! LOL
  11. Oh, right ofrgot it was so close to.... well, water
  12. Is that where the rat ride is, I really want to go on it, the ride looks pretty good.
  13. How can you say ugh... about Valhalla, HAVE YOU BEEN ON THE RIDE It looks amazing
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