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  1. It was a lot more fun when 2 adults were allowed to share a boat (as long as total weight was not more than 30 stone!). Possible to really fly on the bumps, and often run into the buffer at the end.When Eclipse was still at Thorpe Park I once saw a girl get stuck half way down - someone had to be lowered down in a boat on a rope to give her a push!
  2. Found an old pic of Depth Charge - is the "landing strip" shorter and without the squidgy buffers at the end? And just look at the staff uniform!
  3. Interesting: http://www.nervoussquirrel.com/thorpepark.html
  4. Yes... I must have been about 5 years old and I hated every moment of the ride! I remember queuing in a very hot cattlepen queue outside, then inside through a very stuffy spaced themed area. I seem to remember some sort of infinity mirror effect. Then the ride itself with the OTSRs felt so fast and scary to little 5 year old me. Going through the station several times before getting off was torture!
  5. ReRide.net will be back by the weekend - managed to lose all my login details etc for the site and then couldn't remember who the host was. Finally sorted.
  6. Anyone else find Quantum incredibly jolty today? There's always been a bit of a bump but today it was visibly bouncing people up and down!
  7. Vortex is now looking much smarter. Much of the ride has been repainted, and the faded pink restraints are now blue.
  8. Zappomatic

    Thorpe Farm

    Google have added loads of areas to Streetview, and it just so happens than the camera is quite a bit higher than the wall at the back of the farm! Click
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