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  1. Port Aventura

    Just a heads up that British Airways have some cheap off-season deals for PortAventura at the moment: flights from Heathrow to Barcelona including luggage, and 3 nights half board at the Hotel PortAventura with park access and 1 day Ferrari Land ticket for £245 based on 2 sharing or £229 based on 4, departing 1 October. Adding a day adds about £60. I've managed to book so that I fly out to Barcelona on the Friday before and stay 3 nights before heading to PortAventura for 3 nights there, total cost £385 per person (plus €8.80 train fare to get from Barcelona to PortAventura, and €16 coach from PortAventura to Barcelona airport).
  2. The Future of Rumba Rapids!

    With those modifications they'll actually have to bother parking the boats like at Alton Towers rather than expecting people to climb over the seat backs!
  3. Park Music

    Last night the old version of the Colossus music seemed to be playing in the Colossus shop.
  4. Colossus

    Rode Colossus last night (walked straight in to an empty station and went for the front row - very confusing!) and I'm guessing I had the train that's been out of action because it felt unusually smooth. New wheels, maybe?
  5. Update on Octopus garden rides post leaving Thorpe Park!

    Last year whilst in the queue for Big Top I was telling a friend how freakishly terrifying Miss Frog was so it was hilarious to see her in the maze!
  6. Thorpe Shark Hotel

    The group in the video seem really annoying! Wouldn't want a room next to those guys. And what's with the matching caps?
  7. Fright Nights 2017 - Spoilers!

  8. Rumba Rapids

    I wonder why Rumba Rapids seems to have so many staff around it when the much longer Congo River Rapids at Alton Towers doesn't?
  9. Park Music

    They were working when I visited the weekend before last.
  10. Park Music

    Why is it in an American accent?
  11. Chessington Music

    It's only been in circulation since I uploaded it in 2002!
  12. The 5th Dimension

    I've now got this picture in my head of the queue line absolutely flooded with pants...
  13. Vampire

    I seem to remember the audio around the queue line/entrance area was originally a selections of screams, grunting, sinister laughing, chains and various flogging noises?
  14. Costa Coffee Now Avaliable

    The one near inferno was originally a Costa. For one season you had Costa here and Nero in the Dome - unusual to have two competing brands in the same park!
  15. Dragon Falls

    Nothing like having a total stranger wedged between your legs!