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  1. if you read on the construction stats they are having a camera on the front of the ride cars, a kind of your day thing, but only for saw the ride, like they do on some of the american coasters.
  2. yeah I was at seaworld on the 12th and happened to be there at a very special time indeed!the final piece of Manta's track was just put in place, had baloons and streamers, the lot, oh and a photo to prove it!but Kraken, what a drop I found that I felt it more at the back than I did right at the front, an the zero g roll, way better than hulks at islands of adventure!
  3. oh yeah well noticed, sorry about that.I cant edit the title now though, so maybe one of the kind moderators might do it for me??but theyre worth the money just to ride them! I'm already planning my next trip out there
  4. Everything looks good....I think...I think this time it's-it's going to workWarning: Coolant Levels DroppingNo....NO! NOafter blasting up the launch lift hill to approximately 40mph through a 105ft zero g roll the coaster accelerates down the hill into a cobra roll then directly into a 360 degree loop. the coaster then circled the launch section before going through a corkscrew which enters into hidden track behind the station and storm force acceleration where theres another corkscrew, turnaround and through the on ride photo section and then into the brake run before returning to the station. (I may have missed small sections/turns/etc)PLEASE DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE FEATURED IMAGES
  5. firstly I'm really surprised theres not a topic on these epic coasters!!! but after recently visiting Universal's Islands Of Adventure I managed to ride the dragons with only a maximum queue time of 15 mins. I'm not sure where to really start with this, the theming was absolutely amazing, along with the rest of the park, but walking through the castle, with ice and candles round every corner, finally reaching the split in the queue, left for fire, right for ice.I got more images but will save them for later........
  6. yeah I just came back from an 11 day trip to florida, weather was hot even though its nearly christmas, was averaging about 80degreesF.but managed to get to islands of adventure for 3 times, but only rode ripsaw falls twice.I found I got more wet on the first 2 small drops, reason being the water displaced from the front of the boat bounced off walls and pillars and straight back into the boat, but those cannons are a bum at the end. their only fun if youre squirting someone else
  7. yeah, to be honest I dont care if I one of the first to ride it, I'll end up riding it anyway?but I can see why people want to be 1st on, its looks amazing!!!has anyone found any very recent updates of the station building, or maybe anything thats going in it ?
  8. yah, thats a good point.I understand where your coming from but the thing that really bugged me was that I wasnt given a reason why it was closed, everyone seemed to say 'should be open later'?
  9. to be honest, calling it calgery stampede was a bit wierd, it never resembled a horse or anything even horse related, but it was a good ride when it was in operation, but samurai is more at home at thorpe than calgery stampede, for one it gets the queuescalgary stampede in operation at thorpe before it was replacedimage from thorpeparkguide.com:
  10. yeah, well you know what thorpe are like for advertising what rides are closed. I never found out stealth was shut yesterday until I went to queue for it, wasnt advertised on the website or the entrance to the park, tut tut thorpe!but hopefully it will be open, I kinda miss not going on it =[
  11. yeah, I noticed the platforms aswell?I dont know whether there just temporary or they are going to be a permanent part of the ride, honestly I think they should keep them on there, saves putting them back on when it next decides to fall apart *laughs*
  12. I was at thorpe yesterday and there was alot of action around rush, to be honest I never saw it in testing or operation but it had the testing dummies in the seats from about 2'o clock onwards?so they might have done some testing after the park closed or maybe today?just have to wait and see what happens...oh, and mitchell, there was no scaffolding, they just had the crane thing going up and down all day with people checking the top section of the ride
  13. well, if you dont see anyone around the ride it kind of hints that theres nothing going on, because on rush there must have been atleast 10 people working on different aspects of the ride, I never saw 1 person working on stealth the whole day. also, I never got a valid reason for why stealth was closed, it seemed every member of staff I asked had a different reason or assumption?
  14. hey, I went yesterday, and to be honest wasnt overly impressed. fair enough to thorpe because they advertised Colossus and rush as being closed both on the website and also at the entrance to the park, but when in the park found that stealth was also closed and loggers leap didnt open till mid morning and even when it did open the belts on the lift hill stopped. but all these ride closures meant that the queues that the closed rides would usually have were round the park making you wait even longer for everything. but to be fair we never had to wait more than an hour, I think the max was about 50 minutes for nemesis inferno.as far as I could see there was no real problem with Colossus, I think it was mainly the fact that they're replacing some of the wooden structures above the queueline, but stealth just sat in the station all day with nobody doing anything. but it was actually nice to finally see a ride being fixed, as there were men working on rush all day, and towards the end had it even had the weighted test dummies in the seats.but after going to guest services, Colossus is to remain closed until the queueline repairs have been finished, and with rush, if all is well, might be due to re-open soon.but anyway, was a good day all in all considering 3 of the major rides were closed =[
  15. I just found this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuZMX56Eps0its from the tv programme balls of steel and features the annoying devil at thorpe park!found it quite funny actually....
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