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    Theres a lot I CBA to name them :D

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  1. Lewie900

    Fright Nights 2012

    Do they mention not to go on The Passing if you suffer from claustrophobia? If so then I was silly for not reading it, If not they probably should have, I only suffer from it slightly but I almost had a panic attack in the tunnels!
  2. I have to wait till Friday as Presale standing tickets have run out ><

  3. Gaga is re-realising her Fame album called Fame: The Monster which features 6 new songs and will be released end of Oct '09 - she is also back in studios with RedOne (Just Dance / Poker Face)

  4. Lewie900

    Puzzles & Riddles

    the answer to the chocolate one is
  5. lol same rct2 is alot better

  6. Lewie900

    Puzzles & Riddles

    Professer Layton was amazing . Did you solve that Chocolate code one with the Keyboard and bla bla? That was so hard. took me dayyss
  7. The GaGa is my woman! :D

    And she is bluffin with her muffin - chocolate muffin that is :)

  8. Lewie900

    This Or That

    Beansssss.Fury Or Whizzer?
  9. rct3 is 'freakin awesome :) although I prefer rct2 ;) gotta love the pre-made fake screams :') haha

  10. Lewie900


    I LOVE YOU!!!! . I've always wanted a S&S Screamin' Swing!!
  11. Lewie900


    I'm in yr 10 moving into Yr 11 now. So I only did one (three) GCSE'S This year. Science (bio, phy, chem).Mock Results:Chem - EBio - D Phy - CReal Exam Results:Chem - C (went up two).Bio - B (went up two)Phy - B (went up one).So I am very pleeeased and now very possitive about the year ahead!!
  12. Lewie900

    Opening Times

    I Kind of liked Thrill Chill. the only time I could go when the park wasn't that busy.