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  1. I have never been to this park in my entire life
  2. Well I am intending to go to Thorpe park in March and I expect to have a perfect day. Thorpe Park will be getting a very angry letter if my day isn't flawless in every possible way lol.
  3. Just looking at this ride makes my mouth water.I know that there are loads of tower rides in the world that are much higher than Detty, but imo Detty is the highest of them all.One of my favourite rides at thorpe park. Sadly it doesn't feel as forceful as it used to but it's still got a lot of rides left in it. HAIL DETTY!
  4. Garry Williams


    It's such a wonderful ride.It feels like you're flying.It's good.
  5. I will destroy any man that dares to speak against this ride.If you have been on this ride, then you MUST like it. It's fun and it's also good. There's nothing to not like.The ride is good. that's all that needs to be said for it. It's good.It's good
  6. Loggers Leap could kick this rides butt.However, this ride is still a nice enough attraction. It's wild, fun and it has a good personality.I am not as close with the rides at Chessington as I am with the rides at Thorpe. But I still know all the rides by their first names and they always seem happy to see me.As a log flume fan, I really enjoy this ride. it's very good. That's what I like about it. It's good.Good.
  7. This ride is a masterpiece. The ride Is pleasant. The effects are spectacular. The smells are heavenly.The Lord must truly have blessed the good people who work at Chessington. For if he had not, then mere humans could never have created a ride this sensational and beautiful.I honestly believe that people who don't like this ride are on drugs.God bless Bubbleworks. And may this ride live on forever and ever. Amen.
  8. Well, If Chessington was mine then the first thing I would do is have the zoo destroyed and all the animals eliminated.Next I would proceed to destroy ALL of the rides, with the exceptions of Bubbleworks and Rattlesnake.To replace the destroyed rides and the zoo I would build a launch rollercoaster that is 50,000 feet high and over 7 miles long. It would pull over 20 G's and reach speeds of over 600 miles an hour.Also, the guests would have to pay £250 to enter the park.So in my ideal Chessie, there would only be Bubbleworks, Rattlesnake and my new mega-coasterthoughts?
  9. I like this ride very much, but it's always very embarrassing for me to ride.The reason for this is because I don't know anybody who likes thrill rides so I always have to go to theme parks on my own. This does bother me to a certain extent but I still have fun. However, the reason why I'm embarrassed on this ride is because I'm always sat in the boat on my own which makes it go really slow and I feel like everyone watching must think I look ridiculas lol.It doesn't bother me on the other rides because I'm usually seated next to someone and where they go so fast, onlookers can't tell that I'm on my own lol.But on Rapids, the boats ALWAYS gets stuck because there's not much weight in it and there are always loads of onlookers watching. Lol it doesn't really bother me, it's just kinda embarrassing and makes me look like a loser:(But anyway, it's a terrific ride and I particually enjoy the indoor section and the relaxing nature of the ride.Despite the embarrassment, I still consider Rumba Rapids to be one of my dearest friends at Thorpe Park.
  10. I actually worship this ride as a god.I don't know why but this has got to be my favourite ride at the park. I can't really give a good reason as to why, but I just love it and admire its wild personality. The ride is so much fun. I recall a couple of years ago, I spent most of the day just going on this again and again. I must have been on it close to 100 times that day, as the park was very quiet.some may see that as a waste of time, especially as a visit to a theme park only happens once or twice a year for me.God bless you Loggers, my old friend. xxx
  11. This used to be one of my favourite rides. However, the last time I went on (last year) it really didn't deliver. It didnt feel forceful or thrilling anymore.It's a shame that Rush let me down; because I used to consider this ride to be one of my best friends. I trusted Rush and it let me down.I will give it another chance when I go back to Thorpe in a couple of months. BUT if I do not get a thrilling and exciting ride then I will end my 5-year friendship with Rush.I really hope that Rush returns to its former glories. If it provides me with another mediocre ride then I will yell at the ride and tell it that I will never be riding it again. It's so sad when friends let you down like this
  12. Garry Williams


    The ride is certainly very sexy and smoothThis is the one ride that for some reason seems to terrify all my friends. I can understand it being intimidating, but not to the point that some of my friends seem to feel. Personally, I find Stealth much more intimidating. However, Slammer is a great ride and the experiences is awesome even if it's not your kind of ride. Once again, a very sexy ride.
  13. She's no worse than every other pop artist lol
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