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  1. Topsyturvy15

    Gardaland in September

    Thanks for the advice!! All booked now so should be fun
  2. Hi everyone! Me and Peaj are planning a trip to Gardaland from the 8th September to the 12th. Neither of us have been before and so we were wondering if anyone has any advice as to what to do and how to make the best use of our time We are planning on spending a day and a half in Gardaland, a day at the Caneva water park and a day at Movieland. We should also have time to explore the local area and so if anyone knows where to go/ what else is there that would be great too We're planning on staying at a hotel 2-3 miles from Gardaland but any recommendations would be useful. Many thanks!
  3. Topsyturvy15


    I really enjoyed Oakwood when I visited a couple of years ago. The park seemed clean and well kept and a class above parks like Drayton. It's a real shame that the park is starting to decline; buying poor quality coaster like the one above surely won't help either :/ At least they've kept late openings in the summer!
  4. Topsyturvy15

    First Time Visting

    To be honest none of the rides at Thorpe are particularly painful so I wouldn't really worry about that. If its a hot day try tidal wave, otherwise probably give is a miss as it really does soak you through!!!
  5. Put me down for now football depending
  6. Topsyturvy15


    I think last night summarised everything that is wrong with English national football at the moment. We have an excellent group of individuals but they can't play together and struggle to as they are used to competing against each other on a weekly basis. We need a manager that can inspire and unify them and Roy clearly wasn't the man to do so. I honestly think we need someone like Shearer to take over who may not have the managerial experience but who will be a legend to inspire his squad.
  7. Topsyturvy15

    Ride Accidents

    Eye witness accounts can go both ways - some will over exaggerate but at least someone was quick to slam down the idea that a child lost a hand!!! Its the less reputable papers you have to worry about :s
  8. Topsyturvy15

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Surely their parents were in bed!!!!!! Of all the rides to choose though
  9. Topsyturvy15


    If Vardy is this good why is he not starting every game?? Hodgeson clearly doesn't know his best eleven.
  10. Topsyturvy15


    I think we have a couple more rounds left in us but I fear we lack the raw talent that teams like France and Spain have shown. We have no one like Payet, Bale or Ronaldo and this could make the difference come the quarters! Its been a pretty good tournament though; a lot of close games and good goals!!! Great to see teams like Iceland and Albania playing so well too
  11. At least Fright Nights have shown that Thorpe can train its actors well; bodes well for an attraction with a high reliance on actors! The extra time can only help them perfect their roles and understand the attraction better
  12. I'd be interested in this, probably won't be in the country though
  13. Topsyturvy15

    General Discussion

    Apparently not!! http://www.elabs10.com/functions/message_view.html?mid=4211760&mlid=194636&siteid=2010003057&uid=3600bcc4ee&hq_e=el&hq_m=4211760&hq_l=1&hq_v=3600bcc4ee
  14. Topsyturvy15

    General Discussion

    Just received an email from Go Ape saying that a course is going to be built at Chessington! I rarely look at the site so sorry if this is old news Sounds like a good idea though!!!