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  1. You don't want me here, that's cool. Someone tell me how I can find all my posts and I'll delete them. It'll be like I never existed.

  2. Josh R


    Again, I never mentioned any site in particular. It seems like you lot take particular pleasure in twisting the words I say. Must make you feel all big and special.
  3. MOD EDIT - to allow the Scorpion express to move on to all things Scorpion Express-y and not be derailed with this stuff any more I'v moved this here so we can all take a moment to reflect on ourselves... Problem is, you aren't allowed opinions on "enthusiast" forums. Note the way I write "enthusiast", I write it this way because all the "enthusiasts" I've ever met have always been the least enthusiastic about anything other than what they want to see, not what the public wants to see, or what is good for the park overall, only their ideas are any good.
  4. Looks like I have to report yet another of your posts. Hardly a good attitude to have as a moderator now, is it?
  5. Seems to me the majority are exactly how I described, especially on this website.
  6. Many thanks to the only person who stood up for me 2 years ago when I went through a breakdown.
  7. Josh R


    Have a good trip I'll be in Germany in the 10th of August
  8. That could be very interesting, I've never been to Heide Park so this might just be the cause of my first visit.
  9. Josh R


    Glad I can help
  10. Josh R


    Keep at it, I have one tip which worked for me; Next time you go out, take her to the theatre, then to pizza express (or any other upmarketish) restaurant, guaranteed she'll have a good time :DGood luck!
  11. True Story: You set out for a family bbq and pull off at the wrong junction and end up at Chessington. I automatically just go there now
  12. Genuinely, that never even crossed my mind Josh! Been wondering who made that for years, thanks
  13. Forgive my slowness,what is SIAT?
  14. Josh R


    Last night, I went through 3 different dreams, the first one I was in, I was at a huge trainstation where people were having a pillowfight and the roof was on fire, the second one, I was in a field wearing pink camouflage with a water gun but everyone else had machine guns, and the final one was when I was trying to buy a ticket at the cinema and my bankcard exploded in the machine.
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