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  1. Rang them earlier on theu said it was meant to be the first of this month and could be anyday now they seem to onow as much as we do
  2. Does anyone know why you cant currently get one and when they will become available the website say spring as it already spring wondered if anyone knew a date
  3. Does any one know how to claim the prize from thorpe I came sixth which won me two tickets
  4. They're going to blow something big up, hmm... X:\No Way Out hopefully. Please Thorpe, please?
  5. did this last year is exactly same as alton one done that too its an awesome thing hope they carry on doing it for years to come
  6. rhys, I agree that it needs theming. I didn't realize how ugly it was until I saw the pics. I didn't actually notice when I went.
  7. to be honest I would go if it was over eighteens but the fact look at the nightlife where u live I dont think thorpe could handle us 18-25 smashed of our faces
  8. trains kinda look like predator and alien hybrid
  9. dont think its working yet if u look the page has now changed from lc12.net to theswarm.co.uk that happened two minutes ago so the slowly making it work I think
  10. this could be better than nemesis
  11. could be much better than raptor if they pull theyre fingers out and theme it like they say. if they give it a decent well thought back story that is well publicised and known by us and the gp this could possibly be one of the most immrsive rides in the world
  12. it looks fricking amazing will be first inline although was hoping for gears of war theme
  13. was first in park had saw car to me and my friend and nemesis after
  14. youre lucky mate it costs me 18.20 with one change from watford thats like 30 miles
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