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  1. when I got unlimited fasttrack stealth 22 times in a row
  2. when it open I would agree it was world class but where it falls down compared to Nemesis is that Nemesis is still recognised on the world stage were as the big one is not.
  3. can anyone remember what the project name for Colossus was?
  4. Since Nemesis open in 1994 the UK has not produced a world class coaster. Will any UK park ever produce another world class coaster?
  5. I agree I think Alton could really do with a light hearted themed area that is not to childish. Some like the stealth side of amity cove at thorpe.
  6. In a way I hope it not going to be like the new wing rider at gardalands because it my be a new experiences but I don't think they are that good. I have been on furius baco at port aventura and I did not think it was that good after I had been on it 3 times lol. I know it is an intamin so off-course it was ruff which it was lol but I did not think it was that trilling. I hope B&M can to better because I'm going to gardaland next year to ride x raptor so I hope its good.
  7. I can definitely see it being a B&M. Maybe similar to the new prototype at gardaland. But I'm hoping for a dive. I think all hope for a woody has gone now, o well their is always 2015.
  8. I think Thorpe might be jumping the gun a bit because they have not even submitted the plans to the council yet and they are already advising it. What happens if they have to postpone the project for a year due to them not getting the permission for what they wanted?
  9. It going to be about the whole worlds going to end it 2012 thing. I really hope its not because what happen after the whole thing has passed. Surly Thorpe aren't that narrow minded!
  10. last day sunday nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  11. last day sunday nooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  12. th13teen is ****. I can't stand it!!!!

  13. Thorpe will be at the top in 5 years or even sooner once they build their new rides. All we need at Thorpe is 2 or 3 new coasters witch they are getting. 4 or 5 flat rides witch their get and they will be number one. I be leave that Thorpe is best at the minute but once they build their hotel the title is theirs.
  14. mccoaster

    Pirates 4D

    I think that thorpe really do need to bring back pirates 4 D. Ever since it have gone the area out side it just does not fell the same. The theming is all wrong. Just no! Pirates 4D always used to be an even at my day at thorpe, now I dont even go on time voyagers it a joke.
  15. thorpe again on sunday, 3 times in a week, yer!

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