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  1. Hola! I’m excited to finally announce the details for our 2017 European trip to PortAventura! The dates for this meet will be Saturday 9th September - Tuesday 12th September. There is not a vote for this meet due to other commitments and trying to make the trip as cheap as possible for all. This is a longer meet than usual due to there being two parks and a waterpark which we will be visiting. PortAventura is a fantastic park and I would recommend a few days to get everything done (plus ride Baco until you break your backo). As this is a trip abroad it is strictly an over 18’s meet I’m afraid. I understand some of you may be disappointed about this, but due to the meet being outside the country it complicates matters too much! This meet is taking a lot of advanced planning and is obviously more expensive than a standard meet, which is why we are giving you plenty of notice to save up/book time off work etc. I have used Expedia to price up this trip and the cheapest I’ve found it (based on a room of 4) is £223 each which includes hotel, flights, park tickets (plus 1 day Ferrari Land entry) and breakfast each day. Obviously the earlier this is booked, the cheaper it will be. I have just booked a room of 4 for 4 members who have shown previous interest. I can help out with recommendations for booking, but it will be down to yourselves to book flights and accommodation how you wish. You can make your own travel arrangements, but these are our planned flights: We will be staying at the onsite Hotel El Paso which is a 4* hotel with onsite swimming pool, 2 restaurants and live entertainment. It is also a short walk to the park. Based on previous experience going to PortAventura, there is absolutely no chance I would recommend visiting this park without using their unlimited fastpass. As onsite hotel guests we get this at a discounted rate and it is valid for our entire stay (I believe it is around 50Euro’s each). This is something we will all be getting so please bare that in mind when calculating costs. Our previous European park visits have been absolutely fantastic and there is no reason why this would be any different. If you have any questions then please do feel free to message me and I will help as much as I can. Let me know below if you are interested in attending! Attending: Doc Marc Matt Creek (Maybe) Mr Fish Ryan Terrortomb (Maybe)
  2. It's usually limited capacity due to them wanting to train up staff etc. Shouldn't expect long queues really, not like many years ago when AP events were disasters!
  3. There's plenty more time for voting yet
  4. Soon.......
  5. Where's @ChessingtonSam ?
  6. Good afternoon all! I’m excited to announce the details for our annual Chessington meet! This meet has always been a fun day out to a relaxing park, it will also give us a chance to try out the new Gruffalo ride. As always, the date of the meet is voted by you, but we have set the provisional date to Saturday 22nd April. You will have 2 weeks to place your votes, with polls closing on Tuesday 28th February. Due to Easter/other commitments there isn't much choice for this weekend, which is why we are giving plenty of notice. The plan for the day is as follows: 9:30-10:00 - Meet outside Hocus Pocus Hall opposite the entrance by the green. 10:00 – Park gates will open and we will enter the park, working our way around the rides in whichever order people decide. If you miss this time due to transport/general lateness you can contact either myself or Paige and we will arrange to meet you. 13:00-14:00 – We will stop for some lunch where you can go and eat where you like, we will arrange to meet up again at 14:00 for the 2nd half of the day and the official group photo (yes, we will remember this time ) 14:00-17:00 The park closes at 5PM on this day so we will continue riding the rest of the attractions until park closes. 17:00 – We will be having a meal at the Monkey Puzzle nearby, this has been a firm favourite with everyone on previous meets and we will be looking to continue this tradition. Not everyone will want to do the same rides as everyone else, so please can we ask if there’s a ride you do not wish to go on that you patiently wait for the rest of the group whilst they ride. If you are coming later in the day then please do let myself or Paige know so we can arrange to find you when you arrive. If you are wanting to attend the meet, please post below and make sure you vote for all the dates you can attend. Also if you are bringing a friend, please state their name so we know who they are on the day. See you in April! Attending: BaronC (Maybe) Han30 Marc Martin.C (Maybe) Martin Doyle Matt Creek MilesK (Maybe) Mitchada04 Paige Roodie (Maybe) Ryan StevenVig
  7. I'll be impressed when you do the real Tidal Wave at the Thorpe meet in March
  8. He is actually still heavily involved in the project.
  9. They said "pine", wooden coaster confirmed.
  10. Ahh the battle of the sources, love it
  11. Definitely looking into it too much I'm afraid, will be nice if they added a new coaster to the skyline again soon though!