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  1. https://alien.madametussauds.com/ Opening this Summer, could be fun!
  2. Thanks for a great meet guys! More photos in spoiler tags so as not to fill the page If anyone else has photos from the day, feel free to post them!
  3. That sweet sweet YouTube money
  4. The date has been confirmed as Saturday 27th!
  5. Just a quick reminder that voting closes in one hour
  6. New Royal Blood <3
  7. Seaworld are getting a rapids, official announcement later today!
  8. There is a screenshot in the first post showing the flight dates and times etc The hotel we are staying at is El Paso. Great to see you're coming!
  9. Everything's all planned, closer to the time we will be setting up a group chat to discuss meeting points etc! I know @StevenVig has booked a room and is looking for other members to join in that room, so please do message him to see if he still has a space.
  10. This is my current meal list, please confirm by 8PM today so I can get the table booked up!
  11. There currently is no official meal for this meet.
  12. Hello all! I'm excited to announce the details for our Thorpe Park Ministry of Sound meet! This years theme for MOS is Summer Sessions As this is a set date event, there will obviously not be a poll open for this trip, so it will definitely be on Saturday 22nd July (get those hotels/train tickets booked early ) There will be 3 parts to this meet - Thorpe Park during the day, a picnic afterwards that can be enjoyed by everyone and the clubbing event & overnight stay to try out the Shark Hotel in the evening which is unfortunately over 18's only! You will have a choice whether to stay in Shark Hotel or Chertsey Travelodge Under 18's are more than welcome to attend the Thorpe part of the meet, but I'm afraid for obvious reasons you won't be able to attend the MOS part. The layout of the day will be as follows: 09:30 - Meet by the AP entrance/cash machine at the gates of the park, so we can all enter together at 10:00 10:00 - 13:00 - Make our way around the park and trying to get on as many rides as possible 13:00 - 14:00 - Stop for a lunch hour, everyone is free to go and eat where they like at this time 14:00 - This will be the 2nd meet point for anyone coming later in the day, and we WILL be taking a group photo 14:20 - Park close - Continue riding allllll the fun rides until we throw up (I'm looking at you banana boat) Evening - Once the park has closed and all the non MOS people have left, we will have a bit of a picnic (I might even bring a picnic blanket). We will then go into the MOS event and drink sensibly and not get too drunk and not be asked to leave best behaviour looking at you Mr Fish Event Pricing (as of time of writing): Standard MOS entry - £15 AP Holder MOS entry - £15 VIP table + entry - £40 (includes entry, cloakroom, VIP table, bottle of champagne for table, access to VIP bar) Hotel Pricing per room (as of time of writing): Shark hotel X 2 adults (includes MOS ticket, breakfast/fastrack next morning) - £229 Shark hotel X 3 adults (includes MOS ticket, breakfast/fastrack next morning) - £279 Shark hotel X 4 adults (includes MOS ticket, breakfast/fastrack next morning) - £329 Chertsey X 3 adults (not including MOS ticket) - £52 (Obviously much cheaper, if you don't mind getting taxi after the event!) Please comment below if you're interested in attending and what your sleeping arrangements will be. If there's a group of people willing to get the VIP ticket then we will sort that and get a big table (the fact you get a VIP bar is great because Thorpe MOS bar queues are longgg). Oh and please could I ask that nobody breaks Stealth this time, ta! Attending: Marc Mr Fish Paige Ryan Timber Creek (Maybe) Weronika (Maybe)
  13. ughhhhhhhhh this is why I don't try and plan 4 different things in half an hour I've reset the votes!
  14. Good afternoon all! I’m excited to announce the details for our Legoland meet! As always, the date of the meet is voted by you, but we have set the provisional date to Saturday 20th May. You will have 1 week to place your votes, with polls closing on Tuesday 18th April at 19:00. The plan for the day is as follows: 9:30-10:00 - Meet by the Lego Dinosaur at the entrance plaza 10:00 – Park gates will open and we will enter the park, working our way around the rides in whichever order people decide. If you miss this time due to transport/general lateness you can contact me and we will arrange to meet you. 13:00-14:00 – We will stop for some lunch where you can go and eat where you like, we will arrange to meet up again at 14:00 for the 2nd half of the day and the official group photo 14:00-18:00 The park closes at 6PM on this day so we will continue riding the rest of the attractions until park closes. Not everyone will want to do the same rides as everyone else, so please can we ask if there’s a ride you do not wish to go on that you patiently wait for the rest of the group whilst they ride. If you are coming later in the day then please do let me know so we can arrange to find you when you arrive. If you are wanting to attend the meet, please post below and make sure you vote for all the dates you can attend. Also if you are bringing a friend, please state their name so we know who they are on the day. See you on Saturday 27th May! Attending: BaronC Han30 (Maybe) Josh3103 (Maybe) Marc Mitchada04 (Maybe) Mrmonkey Mr Fish Ryan Stuntman707 Timber Creek (Maybe)