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  1. The project hasn't been cancelled, it's just not Paramount anymore.
  2. Well then... New Pokemon for Switch too
  3. I remember the food on park not being very great at all, regarding evening food it depends which hotel you're staying in as each one has it's own restaurants. As you're staying onsite I'd highly recommend getting the unlimited fast pass which is discounted to hotel guests.
  4. It's funny, it's relevant, well done Thorpe.
  5. Legoland Meet was decent if you have any photos from the day please post them below!
  6. Currently looking into getting a hire car, but train is a backup
  7. That was ****ing horrible
  8. Ninjago opened today, anyone ridden it yet?
  9. LBC have sacked Katie Hopkins after her comments regarding the Manchester attacks
  10. So Universal opened their third Orlando theme park today: Volcano Bay! As you can see it is visually stunning! https://orlandoinformer.com/blog/volcano-bay-first-impressions/
  11. Just created a group chat on Facebook for this meet, if you want in let me know
  12. Tinpot final ticket booked, still can't believe the 17th and 19th best teams in the championship last season are in this years final
  13. Due to the expected busyness of the park that day and their car park being an absolute nightmare to get out of, we will not be doing an official meal after park closes