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  1. Park Music

    Imascore have released a Thorpe CD! https://www.thorpeparkmania.co.uk/news/12-12-2017/IMAscore+release+Thorpe+Park+CD Link to buy: http://shop.imascore.com/product/thorpe-park-resort-soundtrack/
  2. Time Person of the Year

  3. Thorpe Shark Hotel

    Very good deal on Thorpe Shark hotel next year on selected dates: One day park entry + UNLIMITED Fast Track + Free Parking + Shark Hotel stay with free Wi-Fi & Breakfast from just £44.50pp (based on 2 adults) (2018) Some example dates March 22nd April 22/25/29 May 2/7/9/13/16/20/23 Sep 9/12/16/19/23/27/30 Oct 4/7/11/14/18/31
  4. TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    So this is the current attending list: BaronC. (not WW) Doc Felicity J.S217 (maybe) Kerfuffle Liam T Marc Martin.C Martin Doyle (WW) Mattgwise MattyMoo Mer Mr Fish Nick Hutson Ryan StevenVig Stuntman707 Terrortomb ThrillNation (some of the day) Timber Creek (maybe) Please let me know if you'd like to be added! TGI's was unavailable to book so we will be sticking with the traditional Nandos. Secret Santa isn't happening due to a lack of interest. Regarding Winter Wonderland, I have heard a few horror stories of people going this year so far and experiencing very long queues to get in. So that we make the most of our time at Winter Wonderland, how would people feel if we went there a bit earlier and skipped out one of the previous activities (Sealife/Shrek)?
  5. TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    SECRET SANTA! If you'd like to do Secret Santa at the meet then please PM me with your email address, I'm using an online name draw to assign you a secret santa. Deadline is this Friday 21:00!
  6. TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    You don't, the vote is closed I will be trying to book a table for it soon and if I can't we will be having Nando's.
  7. TPM Meets Calendar 2018

    Could definitely be a possibility yeah!
  8. Hello all! I’m pleased to announce our plans for meets in 2018. You may notice there is not one every month this year and that’s because we want to focus on the quality rather than the quantity of meets. In response to your feedback we are setting the dates for the first half of the year in advance. The second half of the year's dates will be confirmed in early 2018. Individual meet topics will follow shortly, but for now this is what we have planned: Saturday 13th January - Coral Reef/Bowling/Meal in Bracknell Saturday 10th February - Adventure Island Saturday 24th March (can’t confirm until Thorpe confirm dates) - Thorpe Park Saturday 21st/Sunday 22nd April - Alton Towers Saturday 19th May - Chessington Sat/Sun 14th/15th OR Sat/Sun 21st/22nd July - Blackpool September - Phantasialand/Liseberg/Europa Park (will be a vote for which park, then in early 2018 we will look at the best dates/prices available. October - Fright Nights (can’t say when until dates are up, but likely to be the second weekend of the event) December - London Christmas (date will be decided mid-2018) There is room for a Thorpe MOS meet too if they are doing that again, and potentially a beach style meet in August! Please share your thoughts and opinions below
  9. Video Games.

    Completely agree regarding Mario Odyssey, first few playthroughs I wasn't overly keen but the more kingdoms I discover the more I'm enjoying it. I spent hours just exploring the Metro Kingdom and I've not even got half of the power moons there. Stacking up goomba's is super fun too
  10. TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    The votes have been counted and the date has been confirmed as Saturday 16th December! Please let me know if you plan on attending and I'll add you to the list. Regarding the meal, TGI's and Nandos have an even amount of votes, I'll try and book a table for TGI's (don't have much hope though) and Nandos will be our backup. See you all next month!
  11. TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    Cheers for feedback, we are still finalising details for 2018 but it’s likely we may have fixed dates for the meets well in advance
  12. TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    Unfortunately due to a number of swayed votes the poll has been cancelled and we will be sticking with the provisional date. See you all on the 16th!
  13. TPM Meets 2018 Planning

    Don't worry guys Chessington Meet is definitely happening
  14. Hello all! The provisional date for this meet is currently Saturday, 16th December but as ever you forum lot have the power to decide, the poll for the meet date will be closing in two weeks (8pm on Monday, 6th November). If you find yourself joining us, this is what we could be getting up to... 10:30-10:45 meet at London Waterloo station, underneath the clock, just infront of WHSmiths (if you're late we won't wait, sorry!) 10:45 we'll start making our way to the London Eye on the Southbank, here people that may need to obtain tickets for the Merlin attractions can do so before we get onto the eye at about 11 11:30-13:00 (ish) once we hop off the eye (hopefully we'll have some kind of actual view this year lol) we'll head over to the Dungeons to get ourselves well and truly spooked 13:00-14:00 we'll be stopping for lunch, which may or may not end up being Mcdonald's for the sake of convenience 14:00-15:00/15:30 the group shall split for a while here, some may go and visit Sea Life whilst others might want to go and visit Shrek's Adventure 15:00/15:30 everyone will meet back up outside the attractions before returning back to Waterloo where we'll be getting the tube to Baker Street 16:00-17:00 once we get to Baker Street, some may choose to go and visit Madame Tussauds whilst other might want to sit and wait in a nearby Wetherspoons 17:00-19:00 afterwards we'll be having a (hopefully lovely) group meal at a place that is to be determined by you, where we'll be doing secret santa, that always provides some entertainment!! 19:00-22:00 now for the part of the meet everyone's been waiting for, we'll be heading over to Winter Wonderland for the remainder of the evening, which is a nice way to end the meet and the year as TPM If you want to attend this meet or partake in secret santa, as ever please let myself know. I'll be sorting out secret santa about three weeks before the meet is to take place, so let us know ASAP if you want to take part! Hope to see you all there Attending: BaronC. (not WW) Doc Felicity J.S217 (maybe) Kerfuffle Liam T Marc Martin.C Martin Doyle (WW) Mattgwise MattyMoo Mer Mr Fish Nick Hutson OldFarmerDean (from meal) RobF (Spoons onwards) Ryan StevenVig Stuntman707 Terrortomb ThrillNation (from meal) Timber Creek (from 5:30/6)