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  1. It's been testing so fingers crossed it'll be open very soon!
  2. Not sure if "nice" is the right word, but at least it fits in with the rest of the building now.
  3. As you did not make myself or Paige aware that you are planning on coming to the meal, all spaces are currently booked up. We will let you know if this changes.
  4. Lots of superglue.
  5. O2 Priority currently have an offer for early park entry and 2 hours of Fastrack for £25 http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/25-for-a-saturday-sunday-alton-towers-thorpe-chessington-legoland-must-book-day-2637272
  6. ^ was just about to post that. I like it!
  7. Wait, is that Derren Brown?? In a new promotional video??????? Thought he has nothing to do with the project anymore
  8. The new donut shop at Chessington is fab, hopefully it's the same and we'll have Derren Brown spooky donuts!
  9. I don't think Creams will be needed...
  10. SW8

    Does for me, it's a link to a Facebook post so should be embedded in the post?
  11. So guysssssss... due to the usual malarky of trying to book a table at a restaurant of 20+ on a Saturday evening, we have had to go for the 2nd voted choice (for the third meet in a row!). Also Pizza Hut were being silly and said they don't take bookings for Saturday evenings (oh well their loss). SOOOOO - we have 4 tables booked for TGI Friday's in Staines, they will all be next to each other in the same section so don't panic! This will also make payment at the end easier The table is booked for 18:15PM, this means people can park from 18:00 for free!
  12. SW8

  13. Just to make it clear, they haven't told anyone an opening date.