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  1. What I meant was that it is pretty much Star Tours on another level, Disney are very familiar with the simulator type ride and with it being indoors, it is less likely to have as much downtime as Hagrid's.
  2. That article did make me laugh, I'm sure Universal would want guests roaming the park and spending money, rather than standing in a queue the whole day. Galaxy's Edge at Disney is much easier to implement a virtual queue system for (it's a glorified indoor motion simulator) than #Hagride (complicated Intamin coaster opening during storm season in Florida). Weather and technical delays could have turned the virtual waiting system into a nightmare with backlogs. Calling the whole process "inhumane" is a massive overreaction IMO, nobody forced guests to wait as long as they did for a coaster. The queue times were heavily advertised, and there's screens outside the park advertising when the ride is at capacity. Universal did a very good job of keeping guests in the queue happy and safe, free bottled water was dished out, toilet breaks were permitted by giving guests leaving the queue a password to get back in and entertainment put on. Regarding capacity, they have been running more full cars (some rows audio was not working, which has now been fixed. and Despite the long queues, guests have been coming off this ride absolutely singing it's praises. It appears Universal/Intamin have struck gold with this ride!
  3. I had low expectations, but **** me πŸ˜‚
  4. Ryan

    Monks walk

    No the upload date was 3rd Feb.
  5. I’ll likely be there for the morning 😊
  6. Ryan

    2019 Season

    I disagree with this. The large collection of consoles, retro gaming and virtual reality experiences on offer won't be found in any home across the country, making this a unique experience that many people can't do at home.
  7. Thorpe better than Europa Park and Disney? I personally think the idea of an Annual fastrack ticket is pretty ridiculous, but if people will buy it then Thorpe will sell it!
  8. Orlando parks in September 😍
  9. The Holiday Club has been around for a while now.
  10. Ryan

    2019 Season

    Looks like this Fortnite based gaming event will be one of the events Thorpe are hosting this year. Could be a bit of fun and gives guests something different to do. I can imagine it will bring in a fair few people too. Looking forward to see what else they have planned!
  11. Ryan

    Logger's Leap

    Yep. I was hoping they were delaying the announcement until they were ready to announce it's replacement, quite disappointing.
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