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  1. The only problem with Fright Nights and Reserve N Ride, is the fact Horror Mazes are incredibly low capacity combined with the more pressing issue that Mazes are very temperamental they shut down, emergency stops, actors getting punched, etc, etc, very rare can a maze go a few hours without something happening, and that could have a nasty nasty effect on all queues. However I do encourage this system for Fright Nights, if there is an attraction I would never ever, ever wish to wait for if I get half a chance is those bloody maze queues, they are simply nasty! So I am all for Reserve N Ride on such rides, although I agree with others there should be no standby queue.
  2. Are Chessington flexible on working hours, I.e. if you were only able to start after lectures etc of Uni, for instance starting 12? or something like that? I am guessing they have high demand for staff over weekends? How many hours do most staff do and is that done over 1/2 days or over the whole week? Thinking of the average Student Worker? What time do most staff leave at the end of the day, when I mean leave, like actually free from any more tasks and heading for the car/train? If for instance an average 5 closing time?
  3. Cool Fact...Went on a behind the scenes tour yesterday...want to know the main reason why the body does not squirt water all the time...Because they have to keep the water at Body Temperature because that is what it is meant to be...and as was the case yesterday, the heater had broken...Hahahaha. Thought that was a great fact!
  4. Don't know whether its been mentioned. But they will be doing Behind the scenes tours of the Horror Mazes this year! Exciting!
  5. http://www.attractionsmanagement.com/detail.cfm?pagetype=detail&subject=news&codeID=310722 Kind of beats the Curse from Thorpe Park! hahaha
  6. I just admit, it would be dire for Skegness, it will go in the exact same direction as Margate...and fast! I liked the coasters when I went on them, however I agree, it was all mix match, and I won't be sorry to see it go, but I really do hope some of those coasters get transferred...go on Thorpe Park just buy some of those rides cheap, Theme it was another trashed, apocalypse/saw theme and you will be well away!
  7. Has that extension queue of Samurai ever been used...I know they built it when Saw was brand new in the expectation for higher demand, yet I have never seen it exceed its original queue size? It would be a bloody long wait if someone was to wait all of that!
  8. Why did they not keep the Fungle Safari Queue as part of the Asylum queue like they did a few years ago? I agree it is rather quiet about a New Maze or a returning maze...in all honesty they may bring it back as the original Freezer...just to stop those pedantic...I mean...loving individuals that like to moan about the Asylum's intentions! The Asylum must be one of the cheapest mazes to run, because there is little upkeep needed apart from fences, Strobes and Smoke, in comparison to the likes of Cabin or Valentine??
  9. It's strange to see so many people complain *Discuss* about a rides roughness. I have only really ever found Saw rough once, and that was the VIP Day on its original opening. After this time, I feel the ride does its job well, and I am not a fan of completely smooth rides, I do much prefer a Wooden Coaster (Major example the Wild Mouse at BPB). I certainly understand that air time hill, it does catch people by surprise, but it is fantastic in my opinion. I understand most don't wish to get rattled to pieces, however at the same time, you have got to admit, there is something deathly dull about rides like the Swarm being so smooth (not saying the Swarm is dull, but just this particular issue), you may disagree, but that's my opinion. Saw is an excellent crowd puller, and I don't see Thorpe Park changing this anytime soon. Sorry but the Smiler really is just 10 times worse...although not as rough because of its natural design it literally throws you to the point of no return! But I really do love the Smiler!
  10. That does seem strange to say the least...let alone the fact that its August and most people with Annual Passes do not think about going to a theme park until about a week or two before going (if not later than that) it seems a bit of a farce if I have to schedule my trip to Thorpe Park right now...which is a shame because someone like myself has no clue where I will be in a month, when I will be free, etc. However my only thought is that either they really are cracking down on it, or they are just doing the bulks in stages, and further allocations will be offered.
  11. th13teen


    Am I the only person who has always felt Slammer should have had the spray of water at the base of each side of the arm, spurting up as the ride went up, and subsequently getting people wet...like Ripsaw, etc? I always felt it would have enhanced the overall experience and would have visually made it look even more stunning!
  12. if you read the magazine from that site, the section with Varney and Merlin...you can see that Merlin intend to focus mainly on Medium Attractions, as it seems assets, Beta and all sorts play their part in larger attractions...not least risk factor, especially with Share Holders now in toe, all looking for their fair profit. I am just hoping Merlin can see the success of the new Wooden Roller Coaster in Ireland and follow suit!
  13. I thought that exact thing when I saw it! haha
  14. Merlin have made further gains in profit and visitor numbers for the first half of 2014! Read here, as well as a statement from Nick Varney. http://www.attractionsmanagement.com/detail.cfm?pagetype=detail&subject=news&codeID=310564
  15. Yeah I do mean Merlin Annual Pass Friends and Family Tickets...So wait are you referring to two seperate incidents...or can I officially go with my other group member (who is not an annual pass holder) with her Friends and Family ticket and get ERT the same as us?
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