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  1. Yea they opened it really late, but the queue got really long, really fast :/ and now samurai is closed today too! I wonder what happened, they had a crane on it yesterday and it was all opened up...
  2. Went yesterday (26th) it was an inset day but was VERY busyRide count:Colossus 90 MinsQuantum 10 MinsVortex 60 MinsRhumba Rapids 15 MinsNemesis Inferno 90 MinsVortex 45 MinsSaw-the ride was closed until the last 30 Mins of the day and the queue when we got there was 90 Mins so we left that one. Samurai was open for about an hour before it broke and was not open the rest of the day. Saw Alive was still closed for obvious reasons. We arrived 10 minutes after opening and queued for about an hour to get in. Was a slow day but still had alot of fun, next time I go I hope that it is alot quieter!Leon
  3. anyone got any photos of their merchendise? I am going soon and I am gonna get LOADS...
  4. Now I want a bear! Haha, gonna get one when I go to thorpe in 4 days! (if they sell them there)
  5. Leon

    Panic & Puking

    Well that's what I found when I rode them both...everyone probably had a different ride though ^_^I agree that chessingtons would be better for you, but if you really want to go to thorpe park then you'll have to be careful with the rides...:/Leon
  6. Leon

    Panic & Puking

    Well, if you get on the front of Colossus, it is a very smooth ride and shouldn't cause too much stomach churning. Nemesis Inferno is a little more rough, but I think that will be fine, maybe you should see if anyone knows if it is smoother at the front, I am not sure. As for SAW-the ride, I haven't been on it, but I hear it is very rough and chucks you about alot, so maybe avoid that one. Alot of the flat rides are rough and lots of spinning, vortex spins and swings so that might be a bad one to go on. Samurai throws you about, and sometimes it can get really rough. (Sometimes your seat will spin more.) There is definately a couple of rides you would probably be fine on, Colossus for one, although quite a few of the rides are tummy turners.Leon
  7. Derren Brown did a show where he played a wierd noise and it was supposed to stick people to there seats, didn't work for me though...O.O
  8. Leon

    Closed Rides

    I really wanna try this ride, but I am scared that I might not enjoy it because of the blood rush, and minimal restraints! Anyone had any really bad/good experiences on it?
  9. I think it would be really cool if at the start there was a loud explosion and it almost launched you up the lift hill and over into a HUGE drop, like your falling and the recover you into lots of twists! Hope they make the ride go underground at some point, they don't have that at Thorpe! Would love to see it! Can't wait for LC12!
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