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  1. Kane1234

    MAP Discount

    can you used your MAP discount to get fright night tickets cheaper for friends?
  2. Kane1234

    First Time Visting

    I thought I would just let you know that the 1st is the Friday
  3. Kane1234

    Fright Nights 2016

    I was just wondering. They said iac is closed during fn days. Does it just close after 3 or all day.
  4. Kane1234

    Closed Rides

    So. Does anybody know why I'm a celeb was closed all day today?
  5. Kane1234

    MAP F&F discount fright nights

  6. Kane1234

    MAP F&F discount fright nights

    I was just wondering if you could still get the family and friends discount on fright nights
  7. Kane1234

    THE BIG EASTER (Easter Holiday Event)

    They have done it on Friday and Monday because that is Good Friday and Easter Monday which are also bank hols. Just relating it to Easter I think
  8. Kane1234

    2014 TV advert

    Yh I was expecting one for the start of the year aswell like the other merlin parks but maybe not
  9. Kane1234

    2014 TV advert

    Does anyone know if there is going to be a TV advert for 2014 and if there is already is there a link