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  1. ahh shame! for sure, I way preferred vortex to scorpion. scorpion always felt like it was gonna fall apart and I havent been in about 4 years haha used to go all the time as a kid and I'm going again next month, excited to try out the new ride - looks pretty decent for AI
  2. have they removed dragons claw then? or did they just relocate it
  3. so looks like the saw contracts running out soon, new lazy IP probably incoming
  4. as others had said, I'd just love to see a complete revamp with 5, even 4 just really good and decently long mazes. one outdoor one would be fine, but I really miss the intensity of the classic indoor attractions. I'd love saw alive to go (as fun as it is), and see a different maze in there if possible. a non TWD maze in the back of X with the quality of cabin in the woods in 2014/15 would be great. I could actually imagine a revamp or vulcan being great though tbh - the concept is one of the only unique ones they've had recently, every single maze is just zombies or serial killers - thorpe sh
  5. were there any actors or effects or anything? or was it literally just a vending machine
  6. wtf lol, all of that buildup and speculation for two generic escape rooms
  7. Graw

    Wicker Man

    wow, so I rode it for the first time on Monday and the entire pre show was projected onto this curtain. could you post in spoiler tags what the 'surprise' element is and how the curtain rises etc? I didn't realise it was broke on my show, it was lite literally just a video projected into a curtain haha. thanks!
  8. how 'extreme' actually is this? is it just the normal maze with smaller groups of like 3 and more actors, or is it as intense and touchy as like sub-species? just wondering, thorpe always seem to exaggerate things lmao
  9. so they split you into smaller groups, you don't get forced to go on your own? or does only one person get put on their own? I'm confused and might be going sunday. also, is SAW alive also open during apocalypse weekends or is it just living nightmare? cheers
  10. sounds really good, I'm excited to ride it soon. is the generator post-ride or like as the carriage is going to the ending station? and what's been added to the exit corridor?
  11. okay, considering this has been going on for so long.....I'm calling a maze this year, which will either be unique or different for thorpe or even a towers type thing, where the maze happens and then leads into their next big investment....but it would make more sense if that happened in 2020. eh idk. if it as different maze, I feel like this is planned way too far in advance just to be a saw alive update; I'm guessing they'll do something more extreme (but still accessible) like sub species or the mine tours, as thorpe really seems to be lacking in anything other than traditional mazes on fri
  12. just out of interest, what's the exit scene like / what happens when there's no actors there? cheers
  13. ohh that's wild, do you know what part of the demon the actor is in? I just can't see how it's an actor or why it's an actor if the demon always does the same movement like it does in videos etc, seems pointless to me. surely if it was an actor it could do more varied movements etc to scare more people? the movements are really lifelike though tbf
  14. I always thought that lmao, but it obviously isn't if it's been getting stuck after the lights come back on. I also only went on it once, I assume it does the same movement each ride so its obviously an animatronic? That's what I've heard anyway
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