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  1. Marley

    Logger's Leap

    Never gonna happen. Things need to change for the sake of progress and as "The nations thrill capital" something had to make way. Just weird they took so long with the announcement and with no future plans for the area in mind. If I could have it my way. I would like to see them install a coaster that interacts with natural habitat. Perhaps follows the route of logger leap with some deviations to the layout.
  2. Nothing new about the Aldi ads in the queue, I recall over a decade ago when every queue with a telly had that bloody muller yogurt advert constantly.
  3. Marley

    Logger's Leap

    By the sounds of it, seems like Thorpe are looking to bulldoze the entire area to install something new in the future. Shame they've had to lie for years about the status of Loggers. Obviously I'm just guessing but seeing as it's one of the oldest parts of the park. They must be looking into what can replace the area. There's only Canada Creek and the space behind Swarm that can have developments built upon, (unless Rumba get removed in the near future).
  4. There is money, tons of it. They are the second biggest entertainments company in the world after all. Too busy maximizing profits.
  5. worlds first coaster to incorporate wood and fire?
  6. I personally believe it's due to Thorpe being stingy and understaffed. According to Lord Sambrooke, Thorpe are using staff in some of their scare attractions instead of actors/people paid specifically for fright nights. Also correct me if I'm wrong but do thorpe still have staff dotted around rumba to deter people messing around? I guess Thorpe don't like the idea of operating a rapids in the dark when they can't trust members of the public from dicking about.
  7. Doesn't help that Melin have a complete stranglehold on the London area, where a vast number of the population live and the majority of tourists are visiting. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?oe=UTF8&msa=0&ie=UTF8&mid=1paY13gdMrhs9c8mWGV_e7L_SGMg&ll=53.04026223649208%2C-1.7575460000000476&z=7
  8. @Mark9 Can you blame us though? Especially when we look at the continent to a park like Phantasia land and they build new rides with original IP's or even in the case of Europa Park when they rebuild a classic ride after a disaster. Call it jealousy but it is a shame to think that the UK was KILLING it in the 90's.
  9. Cannot agree more. Wouldn't the profits be far higher if chessie just created their own IP?
  10. probably never. Shame really as there's that large green field behind dragons fury that can be a whole new area. also, it annoys me when companies do this type of marketing when they name drop their own IP's. If they were that cherished, why did you rip them out?
  11. What happened mate? By the way you described it, it sounds like you got into an altercation with a member of the public. I'm aware that chavs roam free at merlin parks but it's easy to ignore them and carry on with your day.
  12. How long you guys think Vampire has got left? Personally I think it has 2/3 more years left. Most Arrow suspended Coasters had a life of around 25 years, Vampires in its 28th year. Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens was removed after 25 years and that looked like a better maintained coaster than Vampire. Will it take a horrific accident for Chessington to start thinking of its removal?
  13. Marley

    Logger's Leap

    Back of the seats on vampire tell you not to rest your feet on the seat in front. no ones broken their knees so far. As for what I'd like to see replace Loggers would be a new log flume, a longer one at that.
  14. C'mon Archive, give them some credit. They did eventually sync up the music in the fairground scene...... after 6/7 years of it being broken.
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