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  1. Marley

    The Smiler Incident 02/06/2015

    Can this be unpinned now?
  2. Marley

    Fear on a Ride

    What happened mate? By the way you described it, it sounds like you got into an altercation with a member of the public. I'm aware that chavs roam free at merlin parks but it's easy to ignore them and carry on with your day.
  3. Marley


    How long you guys think Vampire has got left? Personally I think it has 2/3 more years left. Most Arrow suspended Coasters had a life of around 25 years, Vampires in its 28th year. Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens was removed after 25 years and that looked like a better maintained coaster than Vampire. Will it take a horrific accident for Chessington to start thinking of its removal?
  4. Marley

    Logger's Leap

    Back of the seats on vampire tell you not to rest your feet on the seat in front. no ones broken their knees so far. As for what I'd like to see replace Loggers would be a new log flume, a longer one at that.
  5. Marley


    C'mon Archive, give them some credit. They did eventually sync up the music in the fairground scene...... after 6/7 years of it being broken.
  6. Marley


    This is so exploitative. Look, we all know about theme parks and the changes that have occurred but the average person may not. Some people may not even know that the re theme occurred at the end of '05, so to advertise this whole closing down and backstage tours as one thing when it's obviously not must go against some consumer rights. Must come under false advertisement surely. Some of you may think I'm being pedantic with all this negativity but considering the seasons they've had in recent years I feel they are now just exploiting peoples trust and naivety. Like I said previously, Merlin see no worth in this park anymore, milk all they can until numbers get so low then they'll sell it off.
  7. Marley


    I personally think they are doing this to get a surge of punters through gates for the end of the season to get their last rides in on the bubbleworks. It almost worked with my family. Mum: Did you hear that bubbleworks is closing? We gotta go to chessington to get our last rides in. Me: Well, according to a source online, the ride will stay virtually the same bar some new theming along with a new IP Mum: So they're not actually removing the ride? No point going now. In recent years, I really just want chessington removed altogether. I cannot see any improvement made to the theme park side of it and believe that it would be better off as a zoo through and through but as long as tourists and naive families turn up, it will continue to make money despite the gradual increase in customer dissatisfaction.
  8. Marley

    The Haunted House

    That's brilliant news. Always loved dark rides and all the concepts and ideas that go with 'em. Although I did ride the haunted house when it was still knocking about my "home turf" is chessington so the bubbleworks and 5th dimension parts should really overload my brain with useful pub knowledge.
  9. Marley

    The Haunted House

    bet he was happy to see that footage go up, maybe happier in the pants area whats the project then ey?
  10. Marley

    The Haunted House

    And remarkably good audio to boot! I'd only found this beaut recently. does anyone know what happened to hauntedone?
  11. Marley

    The Haunted House

    43:39 is where you wanna be, by far the best footage to have ever surfaced. Thank me later.
  12. Marley

    Chessington Music

    WOW What a great tune!
  13. Marley


    Only 15 times but most people work there, is it nice to work there?
  14. Marley


    boy you guys know loads about the Vampire