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  1. There is also the new coaster at flamingo land that is almost a carbon copy of Colossus so whether that is a factor for Thorpe to retrack/remove Colossus is not known. Thoughts?
  2. Yeah it's a real conundrum isn't it? In an Ideal world they should of left Bubbleworks alone and when the new proposed coaster would open in the current picnic area would be the perfect time to bulldoze transylvania (minus trees) to get ready for a new dark ride. Could also plan on getting rid of Tomb Blaster as well as that's been on its last legs for a while now.
  3. Would Vekoma be able to replicate the arrow track to do a retrack? You're only in the tunnel for a split second anyway so theming it would be a little pointless. I've bought up Vampires future previously and I'm quite astonished how long it's lasted. Loads of Arrow suspended coaster have bit the dust with only a handful remaining around the world. I think it could get refurbished in the near future as most of us understand that Chessie needs Vampire to be operating to draw in the crowds. Depending if the potential new coaster that's possibly coming can become Chessies main attraction then maybe Chessie my start planning the end of life plans for Vampire.
  4. Had only been once on a school trip all the way back in '06 and it looks like it's only gotten better over the years. Beats the crap out of Disney Land Paris IMPO
  5. people who add "The" in front of ride names that do not include "The" in the name. "Had you rode THE nemesis?" "Have you seen the queue for THE Colossus?" I could go on.
  6. I've been toying with the idea of getting my backside up to LWV but with no raptor attack and Ultimate's future in the balance. I think I procrastinated too much.
  7. Marley


    Hadn't Towers done their TLC (Towers Loving Care) a couple years back? What is the general consensus on Duel's condition atm? Is there a possibility that it'll be removed in the next couple of years?
  8. Just gone down memory lane with this one. Truly an amazing ride. I'm so grateful to have gone on annual trips to chessie in the late 90's into the 2000's to experience this gem. They don't make them like they used to...
  9. On topic. The bins at Thorpe have a sickly sweet smell that attracts wasps like nobodies business. Whenever I smell it outside of Thorpe, that's where my mind takes me back to.
  10. Is the smell of cannabis a regular occurrence at Thorpe Park?
  11. Spoke too soon. Chessington have called an end to Black Buccaneer according to British Theme Park Archive on FB
  12. I've done Thorpe a couple times by myself. Had got an annual pass for a birthday one year. You get on rides fairly quick but I dunno if this is the case anymore as I haven't been in years. I'm sure someone here would be up for going along with you.
  13. Didn't intend for the thread to become specifically about merlin but I'm happy for it to go down that path. Out of the 3 merlin parks (no, legoland doesn't count). Chessington is the biggest disappointment of them all. As mentioned, I haven't visited in almost a decade. I think wild asia was the new thing at the time. What have we seen since? Zufari, which is a glorified jeep ride and a handful of rethemes. Ride reliability is apparently awful. Themeing has gone down the toilet. Overcrowded it seems. There used to be an undeniable charm about chessington around 15 years ago but has steadily gone down hill.
  14. Are the spanish parks that bad? I've been to port aventura with school a decade ago (furous bako was the new ride) I remember enjoying it but that could be the great spanish weather informing my opinion. The only park I would really wanna go to is Lightwater Valley but likewise, it's he other end of england.
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