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  1. Agree with you on Studio 13 it just didn't seem to have any point? I think because I was queueing so long I just gor angry and hated the whole thing lol although I never got on CITW because it was shut I'm sure it would have been my favourite
  2. I had my bag at all times through the mazes. I wouldnt leave a handbag in the bag bin...
  3. Yes Jammy everything apart from cuddly toys that have been won. No masks or hoods up.
  4. Did anyone go tonight? How was it?!
  5. Just saw this on FAO for VIP holders "Fright Night Scare Mazes at THORPE PARK Resort are not included in the V.I.P Merlin Annual Pass" So how was they going to the front?
  6. Well I only get to go one time this year and that time wasn't a great experience to be fair. Standing around for 7 hours and the mazes just seemed mediocre compared to last year when they were amazing! I had said to my friends how amazing it was last year and hyped it up a lot that some of them were disappointed... But I guess there isn't pleasing some people! Maybe I need to go on a week day rather than weekend next year although I'll have my annual pass so will go on preview night.
  7. I was surprised at the amount of teenagers with VIP passes there were more than adults!
  8. VIP were going straight to the front on the mazes I was queuing at last night and let in more or less straight away.
  9. Nope VIP just seem to bypass any queue and walk right to the front - to the side of the general and Fastrack queue. Probably the same as disabled queue so 3 seperate queues. They are defo getting higher priority and they seem to come in big groups of 6 plus last night.
  10. I must have missed when Fastrack were being let in cos everyone one I went to Fastrack were made to wait. What did get on my goat is how the staff managed to let any VIP pass holder through straight away as soon as they turned up. At the end of the day it's who can spend the most money. General queuers get the hump with Fastrack and fast track get the hump with VIP. Will be interested to see how the RnR works. Maybe that's the way forward.
  11. And what about the other 7 hours? 2 hours per maze wouldn't even allow you time to do all the mazes anyway let alone rides. Fastrack only worked for me on saw alive and BWP. I was in within 10-15mins and that was with the general queue being 2 hours.
  12. Just got back from TP. Well what can I say, over an hour wait on MBV and Studio 13 with Fastrack having paid £25 for directors cut as I knew with the 90min-2hr General queue we wouldn't get it all done. They were getting the ratios completely wrong - general queue, disabled, VIP and Fastrack - those queues we waited an hour plus were letting in more general queue than Fastrack!!! They had it right on BWP and SA as only waited 15 mins with a 2 hour general queue. Everyone was behind on thier Fastrack because of waiting over an hour to get in. Saw wasn't running a few times not sure about other rides as we spent 5 hours queuing for mazes! Didn't event get on CITW as whilst waiting again for ages in Fastrack it was shut so we gave up and headed to our next maze on the list. Wasn't that impressed with studio 13, thought it was pretty crap to be fair. But I was so pissed off with waiting so long I built it up and expected more! Really not impressed with the queue times, it's only going to get worse as it gets nearer to halloween, I thought going early would be better! Also a lot of kids there more than last year! Even ride times were up to 60/85/90 mins with no let up so you couldn't even ride those whilst the mazes were busy. Sort it out Thorpe Park!! A stroppy email coming your way tomorrow!
  13. Hi Guys, My premium pass is up for renewal on 24 September and I'm only going to Fright Nights once this year so hardly worth paying £111 renewal to then only spend one day at TP and then it closes 5 months and only get 6 months out of the pass. I see that the premium passes full price is £199 - which is a big jump from £111 renewal! When the sales come out in Jan 2015 how much are the premium passes? Do they come down in price much? Wondering whether I should purchase one then - but I guess again I'm only getting 6 months use of it because I can't use it until March and then only until Oct/Nov but at least I would have Fright nights included again.... What would you do? Renew at £111 on 24 September and only go once or leave it until Jan and get the pass at a cheaper price and have the 6 months from March to Nov which will include Fright Night without having to renew just before... Any help appreciated as I'm stumped!
  14. Hi guys, had to create a new account as having problems getting my password reset for my old account! I am EmmainEssex or Emmaxr2i (I can't even remember!!). I've bought my ticket for Sat 11 Oct - as my Premium pass runs out on 24 September and seeing as I'm only making 1 visit to fright nights this year I didn't see the point in renewing for one evening and then lose 5 months with the park being shut... so going to renew in Jan 15. Anyway - I can't see any details about purchasing Brave it Alone tickets - will these come out nearer the time and can anyone that went last year remember the price and how it worked - was it 10pm to 11pm after the park had shut to the public? Really want to do it this year as I wigged out last year and didn't know much about it! haha! Can't wait to see the new maze! Hope you guys are all good x
  15. Week days at beginning of seasons with no half term or school kids off will be really quiet. I'm planning on going Thurs 20 March for this reason I always go first day open to general public! even tho I have a merlin pass I hate going on the weekend with other pass holders as it still gets busy lol
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