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  1. kinnaird


    Genuinely can see this working really well but u can say I am on a hype train for vr so take what I say with a punch of salt but the main problem I have seen when I have been looking at this online all I can see is posts relating to the smiler incident. What might put some people off
  2. will be on park at same day will come and say hello but wont be there for long any way just a word of warning for you all
  3. kinnaird

    Fright Nights 2014

    can play on gutair lowwer to drop d and works a treat sounds nice too if u add a bit too much trebble
  4. kinnaird

    Musical Instruments

    been playing drums past 6 months ****e but will upload cover soon as poss XD
  5. Hey, Thinking about coming depends on alot but will be trying my hardest! or I will be leaving at around 2
  6. kinnaird

    Thorpe Park Opening Trip - 22-03-15

    and what was the score at the end
  7. kinnaird

    Annual Pass Day

    I dont mind as long as the 5 big coasters are open I will be happy
  8. kinnaird

    Feedback of the Forums

    the repatission on the top bar
  9. kinnaird

    Thorpe Park Opening Trip - 22-03-15

    I'm defo coming now and a +1 of "sam" will be coming
  10. kinnaird

    Fright Nights 2014

    we can only wish!!!
  11. kinnaird


    http://stagedoor.fm/2015/02/04/leeds-reading-2015-full-line-leaked/ I think its real if so <3
  12. kinnaird

    TPMs resident DJ

    to finish on a high
  13. kinnaird

    Buses to Thorpe During February Half Term

    50 minutes thats good you must walk fast took me a hour and a bit
  14. kinnaird

    TPMs resident DJ

    well hey its just the weekend cant get any better than a little bit of