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  1. Got to say Trailers looks incredible. Could be the best maze Thorpe have ever done
  2. First video showing some inside footage of Trailers. Mind you I cringed all the way through it
  3. Looks like Bozos playhouse is going to feature in Trailers then…
  4. Interesting concept, doesn’t seem like it’s much of a story based maze and is probably going to be here for one year only though? Could be totally wrong though when it opens. Also agree with the lack of space, god knows how they’re going to fit 8 scenes and a potential pre show in.
  5. Might be a long-shot here but this new maze is being heavily teased and marketed, could it be a maze that relates to something bigger…?
  6. Think it massively depends on what this new maze is. I don’t think we should look past how heavily teased it’s been and how it’s having it’s own separate announcement. Clearly Thorpe are focusing a lot on this maze. I for one are really excited and interested to see what the theme actually is going to be
  7. One more maze to be announced then, not sure why it wasn’t announced with the rest of the lineup…. Thorpe teasing it to be doing with volts and power again in the facebook comments
  8. Universal IP by the sounds of it then?
  9. Anybody got any reviews of The Big Top? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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