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  1. When you fall into the firey pit of awfulness, the train shakes back and forth, and moves back into its starting place.
  2. Well, I think I worked out how it all works... In other news... NEW FOR 2017: DERREN BROWN's GHOST TRAIN - BRAVE IT BACKWARDS...
  3. Found some more promotional photos... Yellow bar? Tube Train interior?
  4. Watch this space, One Coaster Track logo thing coming up...
  5. Yeah, I prefer that one Here is another I made ignore highlight on mania pls xoxo
  6. I don't understand the pipes
  7. Not just Shreks Adventure, Merlin stated that they want to use other IPs such as Kung Fu Panda for Shanghai. Dreamworks and Merlin will be fine, however I think they will now have larger limits on midways in America.
  8. https://attractions.io/built the Chessington app, and it says they are "trusted" by Thorpe... soo.... WATCH THIS SPACE!
  9. Is there something I'm missing with Nitrogenie, or is it just overpriced Ice Cream. Because that is what it tasted like. I get the fact its made using Nitrogen and stuff, but its really not that impressive for the price. I had an Oreo Nitrogenie, and the Oreo McFlurries taste better
  10. I haven't had time to look at all of these, they are full of secrets and stuff, but I noticed a few things: -"Fear is a fascinating thing" - Like the Dungeons Motto, "Fear is a funny thing"? -"Tracks, its all about Tracks" -"Room to Hide" So much to see... O.o
  11. I have found a load of cool photos! Here: R(Edit: Removed a duplicate)
  12. Has anyone got a map they could scan? or a better image of one?
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