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  1. Hi all! This is my first post here, but I must admit to being a shameful lurker for years now... I made my way to Winter Wonderland yesterday, and had a fantastic time! Thanks all for posting so much information; I probably wouldn't have bothered with it, but hearing the hype about this year's offerings, I figured if I was ever going to go, this would be the year. Very glad I did, despite the long 22-hour day!! My opinions on the rides I got on are as follows: Munich Looping - Very impressive! Great fun and very smooth considering it's a travelling coaster. The restraints did tighten on my shoulders, but given the speedy operations it didn't really bother me as we were off again very quickly. It felt very busy at the park, and I got to it at about 5:00pm and it was still virtually walk-on = awesome Ice Mountain - I found this to be such a highlight, I had to do it twice! Can't believe how much they can pack into this one, it was so unexpected how it just got crazier and crazier as it went on. Loved it! If this was a permanent attraction at a UK park, I'd spend a lot of time on this! Christmas Coaster - This was a bit lacklustre... Certainly interesting, and very different to ride a wild mouse-like layout underneath the track, but very jolty and quite uncomfortable, in my opinion. The Haunted Mansion - Can't believe this travels, given the content! Impressive feat, but I didn't feel it was worth the same price to ride as the Ice Mountain coaster. Fun nonetheless! Xmas Maus XXL - Queued the longest for this one at around 2pm, maybe about 15 minutes? Very good, lasted much longer than I expected! Terrified me almost as much as BPB wild mouse, although this was more to do with the height of the sharp turns rather than the "Uh-oh I'm going to be thrown out of this car in a minute" kind of fear... Thriller Coaster - Good fun, but needed a really good lick of paint! Let's also say that given the force of the brakes at the end, and the small nubbin on the seats between your legs, I felt very glad to be a female!! Not sure why this was missing from the app, only noticed it existed when I was on Wild Maus XXL? The Hangover - I have a love/hate relationship with drop towers! Thought the half-way drop before the full-height drop would ease me into it, but I found the drops to be much more forceful than expected. It felt more akin to a double-height Detonator rather than a half-height Lex Luthor (which didn't make me feel like I couldn't breathe!) Not sure of the mechanics of how The Hangover works compared to Detty and LL, can anybody enlighten me? Overall, I had a brilliant day! Weather was beautiful, and I managed to kill almost 9 hours in the park somehow! The ice skating was horrendously busy, but the ice bar and ice kingdom were definite highlights once I couldn't justify spending any more money on the rides! Ride operations were really good; considering how busy the park was, everything was very quick to get on really. Wasn't overly sold on the fast-track contactless queues - yes, you saved time not queuing to buy tokens, but it was awkward trying to merge with the main queue with no kind of batching going on. LOVED the fun house-like queue lines on a lot of the rides. We need this everywhere, please!!
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