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  1. pluk

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Realistically - the entrance needs sorting out properly. I hate what they've done with it, it is a dreadful way to welcome anyone to anywhere let alone a theme park which should be a place of joy and escapism. It would kind of be OK if it left you feeling safe but security, it's primary aim being to keep out restricted items, is worse than it was previously as so long as you don't have a bag you saunter on through the middle with no checks at all. Yeah, I'm sure everyone keeps their knives, drugs and firearms in a bag! They need to make the entrance welcoming while achieving at least some level of security. I don't really know what the answer is, but the mess we currently have which achieves neither is not it! Inside the park I'd just like it cleaned. So much of it is so grotty. Ride stations and shops especially are filthy. It's not much to ask and should be a basic but there is clearly no system in place to actually clean things.
  2. Plenty of room on the derelict loggers site, surely? A pointless conversation though, ain't ever happening!
  3. Could he speak any slower. Painful listen. So a 20min video to say it's shut next year with an intention to open it the year after having been renovated in some way. What I don't understand is if the real problem is the running cost, which I primarily take to mean energy consumption, then how can that be meaningfully improved? Pumping that volume of water around will always be expensive and burning that volume of gas each ride cycle will always be expensive. You can't stop pumping the water and if you stop burning the gas you have lost its one real point of interest.
  4. Surely track could still run from the existing station, along the perimeter of the park as it used to, turning towards the old treasure Island and meet up with the new as yet unused island? Another station there would actually give it a purpose. Not that they should or would do that, but I'm sure they could do if they really wanted.
  5. Yep, infusion is the smoothest SLC I've ridden by far. I don't understand the hate either.
  6. Adverse camber turns X2 to start. Just stop it.
  7. pluk


    So how did Quantum finally end the season, dead or alive? Do I move this topic to The Past? I really hope not...
  8. If I wanted cultivated plants... I agree the railway should still be in use, by which I mean it should never have been retired not that there is any prospect of them restoring it.
  9. Like Bubble Works before it, the original awesome Rameses died long ago. The casual swinging about it has been doing for the last decade or so was not what should have been. The park continues in a direction I don't care for.
  10. pluk

    2019 Season

    As you've identified yourself, no criminal offence has occurred. The police are not civil enforcement, nothing for them here.
  11. I've always wondered why this doesn't happen more often, especially in our marketing over substance driven times. You make a significant investment, typical guests turn up to ride it once that first season to try it and then are looking for another reason (or somewhere else with something newer) to visit a couple of years later. Stick a small investment year cost level upgrade on it a few years down the line and you have a headline attraction marketable as new again rather than some crappy sideshow size addition that noone really cares about.
  12. Looking into yesterday's incident it a little further, the inquest into this rides fatality in Australia cited a serious design flaw in the airmaxx 360's restraints with excessive gaps to the front and side between the OTSR and seat. That being the case you'd expect to see some amendments made to the restraints wouldn't you? Well... Australia, immediately after fatality Hull, immediately after this incident Restrain appears identical to me. They do look incredibly narrow leaving a big gap between each shoulder. Will be interesting to find out the build of this rider and whether they have let history repeat itself.
  13. China - three year old child and their mother dies after theme park helium balloon ride breaks moorings and ascends rapidly into the atmosphere before rupturing and falling to the ground.
  14. Woman seriously injured at Hull Goose Fair. Ejected from a ride, looking at the picture it's the Airmax 360. These do not have a great safety record. Reads like she may have collided with a bystander as she fell, no indication of their injuries, if any.
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