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  1. That'll mostly be it then. I love me a sustained g manoeuvre, a real brain draining sustained force. But if that is not for you then there's not much about Swarm that would be! It is too short, the station is dire (especially now it has been unclad), the theme is dull, but I've come to love what there actually is of the actual ride. It has worn in superbly.
  2. An excellent post, thanks for that. I'm intrigued as to what you (and maybe Merlin) did envisage for this plot of land? I do struggle to understand how something as deeply flawed and conceptually misguided actually happens, especially when money is so tight the parks are crumbling around whatever is new. I also wonder, why this plot of land? As you point out, there have been other options since well before DBGT, and it seems ever since they removed the previously under used arena they've been trying fit events into unsuitable places when an arena type space is exactly what they needed!
  3. pluk

    2019 Season

    It's surely only a matter of time before Swarm billboard becomes an actual billboard for real ads?
  4. pluk


    Stealth was outstanding today. No queue at all but they were still storming the dispatches. I didn't see a moment's down time or delay. Repeat front row rides for me. That has to be the single best coater experience in the county. It's incredible and I'll never tire of it.
  5. Second ever ride on the train for me today, first in its ROTD guise. It's fair to say there have been improvements over the first effort. - The sound is hugely better and isolating - The graphics seem smoother, if just as low quality - The second ride VR section is much better than playstation 1 apocalypse - The post show incident gives the ride its only opportunity to provide an actual scare, and goes some way to delivering it But it is nowhere near enough to save this utter turkey - Throughput is minuscule, queuing is ssllllooooowwwww and not close to worth the reward of riding - The staff approach is all over the place. Real aggressive introduction about phone use, not sure if that is supposed to be a 'character' or just a real obnoxious way to make a point? - The second room 'pre-show' immediately prior to the train entrance is downright bizarre. A stumbling attempt to be jokey, bring someone from the front to the back, do nothing with them, clap them(?), bang a door, go through the door. WOT? A pre-boarding stall I imagine, but just in every way possible from pacing to storytelling to atmosphere to point, utterly wrong. - The 'middle-show' is immeasurably worse. The old concept of being in a tunnel with no obvious way out and simulate a train approaching was actually a really good idea poorly done. Walking into a dark room where nothing happens before being turned round to walk back out of it is a really bad idea poorly done. Getting on and off the train doesn't even make sense in the narrative any more. - The second VR I can't quite get my head around. Augmented reality would have been hugely better rather than pretend augmented reality, but whatever. This breaks the fourth wall of suspension of belief the ride is asking us to make; the whole point seemed to be that the hyper reality of the simulation of being on a train would be the driver behind messing with your mind in that relate-able, mundane situation. You are now looking at people, like you, who are clearly on a theme park ride of a train, not an actual underground train. What am I supposed to do with this in the context of the narrative? - While we are on the second VR, the image quality as a whole is better than it was, but why is the main character we are supposed to scared of so poorly defined? For the most part it is an indistinguishable fuzzy blob floating around the screen about as menacingly as a rain cloud. - The laboured situation and 'acting' to hold people in the post-show goes a long way to ruining an otherwise decent effect. They may as well put up a big flashing sign saying 'wait a mo, something else is going to happen'. There must be a better, more natural way. Overall, there is no getting away from the fact that the whole thing is an ACTUAL TRAIN SIMULATOR. Not a rocket to the moon. Not a flight on an X wing. Not dive in a submarine. Not a time travelling jump in a Delorean. Why? I can get on a train, I don't need it simulated. I want fantasy. There is nothing fantastical about this Ghost Train. I honestly do not think it is rescuable. It's sad, but the whole concept is so deeply flawed I really feel the best thing to do would be to rip it out and start again. At the moment it is just a very expensive way to damage your brand and reputation.
  6. First time ride for me today. - It's really well hidden and has broken the flow around the area. No approach from Storm Surge, cut off the walkway around the store, and actual entrance isn't even in view when you commit to the path that only goes to it. All for an 'exit through the shop' opportunity? - Pre-show is OK, doesn't rely too heavily on having to know TWD already. - Long smelly corridors on entrance and exit remain long and smelly. No actors today. - Requiring two riders per row remains an incredibly dumb and troublesome rule. - The little scenes you shoot through are passable, the last one with the screens is the best but hardly breathtaking. - The ride is too light throughout to be dark. Highlights the overall poor nature of the hardware the dark can disguise quite well. It's so obviously a kiddie/family coaster with an adult theme. That being a thing is still just mental. Overall? Meh. It was far more enjoyable in its previous guise as a pointless but straight up cheesy fun rave coaster in the dark. I'd happily ride X a couple of times any visit, I'm not sure I'd want to bother going back on TWD ever again really.
  7. pluk

    2019 Season

    This was being advertised today on the screens in Inferno queue. A clothing range. Really adds to the tropical volcano theming I'm sure you'll agree.
  8. Sometimes being in any way associated with the enthusiast community I want to cringe myself to death. This is one of those times.
  9. Couple of my non geek work mates went to Thorpe on Friday not knowing anything much about DBGT. Having ridden they were very annoyed that they had 'wasted' 45 minutes to queue for this. Their reviews to me: "I've had more fun on the actual underground train playing candy crush on my phone" "What's the point? It's just shit" Hard to argue with that really!
  10. I'm the same to an extent. I personally haven't given them my money for two years, they don't deserve it. On the other hand, however bad they are at operating you you don't find their hardware anywhere else as easily accessible. If you want your coaster hit, especially in the south, the Merlin empire remains your best/only options, so I do understand some mild hypocrisy. At some point I may have to give in for the sake of WickerMan. That I've not riden a woodie I've been waiting for for decades is incredible really, but they don't deserve my custom.
  11. I've not done Room on The Broom due to a self imposed Merlin ban so I might be wrong to suggest it, but why isn't it like Hex with an automated door or curtain between the scenes? An obvious way to batch people through isn't it?
  12. This is the worst. It drives me insane, it drives me away from forums I get so sick if it. There are valid comparisons to be made out there, but trying to shoehorn in an irrelevant comparative to every little thing (usually as a thinly veiled credit bragging) is so tiresome. Damn right. Did you see that Amplified Imperial Stay Puffed at over 12% released the other day? A couple of pints of that and I might even be able to enjoy DBGTROTD.
  13. America (strangely Illinois again) - Woman receives minor injury when she falls from coaster. Appears the rear car has ejected her when it derailed due to a gap opening up in the track join, visible in this pic. Looks like a 'knocked up in a shed' coaster to me.
  14. America - 9 year old boy receives head injuries when two rides collide. He was a spectator hit by flying debris, does not appear any riders were injured. Appears they have simply built a pirate ship and a freak out too close to each other, so when both swing they encroach on each others space. Amazingly dumb.
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