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  1. pluk

    Tayto Park

    Excuse my ignorance. Suspended Thrill Coaster? As in Vampire style swinging cars, but with inversion? Or is it a name for what is really an inverted coaster?
  2. pluk

    Is there a maximum length for hair

    I seem to remember a girl got scalped at Thorpe or Chessington years ago when her long hair got caught in some ride mechanics. Possibly on Rocky Express? It's certainly happened around the world multiple times over the years, last I recall was a couple of years ago in America. Grim.
  3. pluk

    Next Roller Coaster

    It's best to remember that is quite an old document now, while that is an obvious place for future development (and almost certainly will be one day) there are other options beyond what they were thinking when that was drafted. Old town/flume site being one of the most obvious, something incorporating a complete redevelopment of the dome/Neptune's area being another. I'm still thinking wood, although the powers that be may want to protect Wickermans uniqueness for another investment cycle yet, especially as whatever they do next in wood will almost certainly be a better bit if hardwear.
  4. pluk

    The Small Parks Thread

    That sideways tophat non inversion thing it opens with looks awkward. Other than that, love it, especially the last little combo.
  5. pluk

    The Swarm

    Lies!!! Interesting video though, love seeing things like this.
  6. pluk

    The Small Parks Thread

    Looks incredible for a smaller park. Having not heard of the place before I google mapped it, good to see they are ideally positioned for an Intamin.
  7. pluk

    Wicker Man - New for 2018

    That, on the whole, is a thoroughly depressing read. Bet John felt sick to his stomach when her received that first call, such disrespect from a company he gave so much to. How on earth can the hierarchy of Merlin be in such a mess that the people a the top think the most prominent and prolific ride designer they have, that they are clearly well aware has for a number of years been actively designing the exact thing they now want, is involved in a project which has progressed all the way to the contracts being signed, when he knows nothing about it. Shambles. People seem generally happy with Wickerman, mostly because the theme is well delivered while the ride just scrapes 'good enough'. I wonder how amazing the whole could have been if the actual ride was decent in the first place?
  8. pluk

    Logger's Leap

    Not true. The relevant rules stipulating closed circuit clean water systems are required on new builds only, those already running can continue chucking dirty water over people for as long as the park want. See: Rumba Rapids at the same park.
  9. pluk

    Park Count - 2018

    An incredible list. You have visited approximately 77 times the amount of parks than I have this year. I have an excuse though, my wife has spent the whole of open season very pregnant. At least now I'll be able to tick Gulliver's off my list next year...
  10. pluk

    Doctor Who

    I've watched a couple and have to agree. The new doctor doesn't seem able to switch from light and kooky to any level of drama or seriousness, which is needed if you are going to care about what the characters are doing. The result is something that doesn't really hold my attention, or want me to come back for more to find out what happens next. So I haven't, and hadn't given the program a second thought until you posted here.
  11. pluk

    Ride Accidents

    As the offending ride appears to be up and inflated after the incident, and there are quotes that far too many kids were on it at once, I imagine it suffered collapse due to over weight/under inflation, then as the weight (kids) fell of it would rapidly go back to the correct size, strongly flinging anyone still on top. I've seen a similar thing happen myself with kids on the wall of a bouncy castle.
  12. pluk

    Stargazing Pods - New accommodation for 2019

    Compared to an actual brick built hotel which has had planning permission for years it remains pretty terrible really. It serves a purpose, it's cheap, it'll do, but it's hardly what they should be striving for. Comparisons with city center hotels aren't particularly relevant, but really, accomodation which is purely for leisure should be vastly superior (you should want to stay there) to budget functional rooms business types have to stay in for no pleasure whatsoever. While Thorpe Shark is a fairly poor, these pods are downright atrocious.
  13. pluk

    Stargazing Pods - New accommodation for 2019

    Hardly your standard Merlin bashing bandwagoning. These are turd of the highest order. It needs to fail miserably so not to be repeated anywhere in the empire.
  14. pluk

    Calgary Stampede

    I believe some found it recently on the travelling circuit on Facebook? There should always be a place for simple old flat rides, a bit of theming would be nice, but not essential. I still miss it from the line up. Queue chewing fun.
  15. pluk

    Going from iOS to Android

    I've always used Android but at work we were issued Android phones this summer, and everyone who was used to Apple lost their minds for a while. Within a couple of days pretty much everyone was completely used to it though.