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  1. pluk


    You didn't just make that point though, did you? By the way you worded it and where you posted it you attacked the team of the forum. This is a hugely inflammatory and frankly unfair way to approach the subject. I can't believe you are stupid enough not to know exactly what you were doing. There are lots of relevant conversations to be had about diversity in this forum, in the wider community, possibly in the industry itself. I have no idea what the demographics of each are. That conversation is absolutely encouraged but barbed comment in a thread called rant is not a sensible way to go about that. As has been mentioned, the team can only be recruited from the user base and the user base is what it is, it is not targeted to anyone in particular with the sex and race of users not known. Your is likely to be detrimental to the cause you purport to support. If the only way the diversity of the forum, and by extension the team, can widen is by organic member sign up do you think insinuating there is a racism and sexism issue here is going to help that? Would someone coming to the forum and seeing your comments think this would be the place for them?
  2. A shame, but I expect to see more of this. Although I can't think of any similar scale planned developments not already under construction off the top of my head? The ones we don't know about yet though, the same decision will be being made in board rooms the world over I imagine.
  3. pluk


    Makes post heavily implying that there is some casual sexism and racism at play in the running of this site. Blames the responder for pulling the race card. Genius. I can't speak for the admin, but this is a small site which is basically used by those who find it, and in turn modded by those who are here. There's no marketing, there's no targeted effort to attract anyone in particular, it's just here. The mods can only be selected from those who are here and who apply, it's not like it's paid or advertised elsewhere. What just might put new people off getting involved is obnoxious hateful posts, like some the ones you make. Even if the recipient of 'banter' (or whatever you would call it) is in on it, how does it look to outsiders? Not welcoming The content is theme parks and basically devoid of race in any meaningful way; as it's largely anonymous I don't see how we could ever know the demographic that is here and you don't know who you are engaging with. I suspect that might be why @StevenVig hadn't really thought about race in that way in the community as he said? I might not be as alert to it myself, would be interested to know if there has ever been anything here that you have found offensive or discriminatory if you are happy to talk about it?
  4. pluk


    Does it deeply sadden you, or would you just like some attention? You are historically one of the most insulting people in here and you've been warned about it before. The last time you were warned it was for being insulting to one of the very few people here who I know not to be white. Probably not very welcoming to actual or potential members from a more diverse background, is it? Maybe putting more thought into your actual actions would be better than these shallow words? The last time there was any significant change of the team it was promoted on the forums, applications were submitted blindly, and the existing team chose a couple of people blindly based on their application. I wouldn't know, and I'm sure the team wouldn't know, the ethnicity or sex of the applicants. I have no idea about the sex or ethnicity of the vast majority of users here, the nature of forums mean they are to a large extent pretty anonymous, especially if you want them to be.
  5. Devastating for the whole town that, I think it drives a huge chunk of their tourism, and outside of tourism I don't think it had much going for it. I wonder if the situation changes quickly enough this could be reversed?
  6. pluk


    I didn't vote in or towards this government. Their actions since being in power have been to my huge personal detriment financially and they've damaged my profession to the detriment (I believe) of the whole country. I hold no candle for them. But. I'm pretty bored of people who are bitterly against a conservative government pissing and whining at literally everything they do. Whatever was said yesterday and today armchair experts with little idea and minimal insight would have been telling them it was wrong, mostly because they are Tory. It's tedious. This whole situation is unprecedented and new, there is no right and wrong, only best informed guesses. Those making the guesses have a lot more information and expertise than you or I. I don't envy those making the decisions and am glad it's not me. I don't think there's a particular lack of clarity, just sensible steps taken to move away from the current situation towards something better. The only lack of clarity comes from the hugely irresponsible (mostly tabloid) press, but if course if they tried to influence that to get a consistent message out they'd be evil tyrants, because Tory, innit.
  7. Those measures are an utter utter nonsense. They are taking the physical spacing aspect of the advice without thinking about the reason for it or why it is effective. A 2m physical gap does not create some magical barrier the virus can not cross, it is just a workable compromise to total isolation which makes infection from one person to another less likely in every day situations like passing or talking in the street. Once you start moving at speed through each others space a small distance like that becomes meaningless; anything containing the virus expelled by someone in front will be showered over someone sitting two or four or six rows behind, they may as well be sitting in each others lap. It's so ineffective they may as well just fully open and accept the risk, or remain closed and properly mitigate the risk. Giving a false sense of safety is the worst possible thing to do.
  8. pluk

    Paultons Park

    It certainly makes sense from a return on investment point of view. If there is any sort of season to be had this year people will be queuing up to get in without much encouragement this year after missing out for so long, so the investment would be wasted. Holding this back until next year when hopefully things are back to some sort of normal should get people through the turnstiles again and give them a return. I really hope it works for them.
  9. While the correct answer to what should have been built instead of BDGTROTD is 'anything', thinking about what we could have had for that much money is heartbreaking really. I've no doubt a small scale ride based on the Spiderman ride system could have been in reach, or any number of other options. That money can't be unspent, the opportunity has gone.
  10. Sorry, I didn't mean it to be so directly at you, I've probably mixed up a bit of what you were saying and Matt said about the video even though he wasn't really refering to the trains, and it's something I hear relatively frequently from people who never got to ride the original. I'm surprised to hear you say people who did actually ride it give you the same opinion. While they didn't have any of the modern CAD at their disposal I think it's selling arrow a bit short to think they wouldn't have a damn good idea of how the train would behave on the track they designed for it. They certainly would have been able to anticipate the speed of the trains and the swing a section of track would produce and then how the train would react to that fairly precisely, and that was borne out in how the original ride flowed. POV videos do not give any sense of how a ride actually feels, how the forces apply to your body; some of the highest rated coasters on the world look as dull as anything on YouTube. Even so, I think the differences of footage from the original compared to the current are very telling. The weight and behaviour of the old trains meant they held their trajectory coming out of corners for longer, and as the train came back towards the central position it was starting it's move out the other way in a natural flow. Now the train swings out and returns to the center, there's a little meandering, then the track catches up and sends it out the other way. It's all disjointed and doesn't flow properly giving a vastly inferior ride. While don't doubt that the point of the change of the trains was to save the ride and it'd have been gone without it, I'm just not sure that decision was based on good adding up. Some of the ones that do survive are substantially bigger and more forceful than Vampire ever was, which does indicate proper maintenance of the track was/is a viable and cost effective alternative.
  11. Transdemonium was crap, you missed nothing!
  12. Anyone else thinking that DBGTROTD is going to be the big casualty on opening post Coronavirus? I can't envisage a time in the next few years when people are going to be happy sticking something over their face that some other sweaty punter has just removed? Considering it's an absolute dog in any case do we think they'll take it as an opportunity to out it out if it's misery in its current form and turn it into a VR free immersive tunnel, or just rip it out completely and put a proper ride in its place?
  13. There's some silly opinions here based on watching a video and not having ridden it. The old trains were VASTLY superior, the new ones have nothing on them at all. They flicked out further, but more than that they swung when they were supposed to. The swinging is not an afterthought, the track was designed with a profile to match where the train would be swinging based on the way the cars swung. Hugely changing the design of the car, amending the weight, groupings, dampeners etc, means the cars aren't swinging where they should be by design, where flows best and makes the most of the track profile. The overall result is a ride which no longer flows properly at all. If the choice really was new trains or close it then they did the right thing, but I struggle with that having been the case when others are still running the original trains so many years later.
  14. pluk

    Paultons Park

    It looks incredible because it is incredible. Can't wait to take my daughter there later this year for her first ever theme park experience. I'll happily be driving right on by Chessington and Legoland to get there.
  15. Everyone can not self isolate, the country has to continue to function. You start making the necessary exceptions such as emergency services, utility workers, food production and distribution, fuel stations etc and it soon becomes a nonsense. This is an excellent article explaining some of the reasoning and aims behind the decisions the UK is making. All guided by people who have a far far greater knowledge and understanding than any if us.
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