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  1. Surely it's the other way round? I'd have thought Chessington would be paying for the rights, not being paid to use it.
  2. As much as I hate Merlin's marketing led approach to any investment, this just goes to show that marketing at least needs to be considered and attempted alongside building something decent. If I weren't active around these places I'd have had no idea Icon existed, that's just not good enough for such a major new coaster.
  3. Interesting stuff. Won't stop me one clicking though!!
  4. Looks like someone has done no growing up in the last 5 years.
  5. Another year of travesty against Time Machine. 😥
  6. All of the local 'live' sites are absolute shitrags of the highest order. They are the very definition of clickbait and sadly people fall for it and click away. Drives me insane.
  7. pluk


    But every time Merlin install something new it is the "'X' in the world" so it must be world class, right? RIGHT?
  8. pluk

    TPM Awards 2019

    People need to stop changing their username on every damn whim!
  9. Trying to get my bearings from the pic, is this immediately to the left if the little kiddie log flume?
  10. Germany - Worker (possibly driver) killed in apparent suicide whereby he was struck by a roller coaster car carrying 4 people, who were also treated for shock. No indication of what the actual ride is.
  11. Carters Steam Fair X 1 Thorpe X 1 The end. Even that was something of an achievement. Yeah, you try being an enthusiast with a new born!
  12. It's closed season. They're bored in the office. And so it begins again. How low will they go this year...
  13. pluk

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Realistically - the entrance needs sorting out properly. I hate what they've done with it, it is a dreadful way to welcome anyone to anywhere let alone a theme park which should be a place of joy and escapism. It would kind of be OK if it left you feeling safe but security, it's primary aim being to keep out restricted items, is worse than it was previously as so long as you don't have a bag you saunter on through the middle with no checks at all. Yeah, I'm sure everyone keeps their knives, drugs and firearms in a bag! They need to make the entrance welcoming while achieving at least some level of security. I don't really know what the answer is, but the mess we currently have which achieves neither is not it! Inside the park I'd just like it cleaned. So much of it is so grotty. Ride stations and shops especially are filthy. It's not much to ask and should be a basic but there is clearly no system in place to actually clean things.
  14. Plenty of room on the derelict loggers site, surely? A pointless conversation though, ain't ever happening!
  15. Could he speak any slower. Painful listen. So a 20min video to say it's shut next year with an intention to open it the year after having been renovated in some way. What I don't understand is if the real problem is the running cost, which I primarily take to mean energy consumption, then how can that be meaningfully improved? Pumping that volume of water around will always be expensive and burning that volume of gas each ride cycle will always be expensive. You can't stop pumping the water and if you stop burning the gas you have lost its one real point of interest.
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