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  1. I'm confused. Where on the building are we looking here? What's new, structure wise? Scrub that, got it... Similar positioned pic. What's this crap in front then? I thought the new building area was to the far left of the building as it is viewed here, beyond what would have been the till end of the shop?
  2. That's The Grid - Swamp Thing. That's what us cool kidz danced to in discos when I was a boy. Was it ever really 'loggers music', thought it was just one of many tracks that played in the area?
  3. What on earth are they thinking?! It looks so out of place there, but would look completely natural next to fish, or tidal, or rumba, or pretty much anywhere else really. Are we supposed to see the word timber in the name and suddenly think it's a good match for the area, despite what our eyes tell us? With that wagon sitting there it's a nice bit of contrast where previously something as small as place to sit was worth theming well, to today where it's fine not to bother with theming on a whole ride. Well done everyone.
  4. Unfortunately I thought the first one was pretty terrible, not what you expect from the series proper opener (the xmas special was brilliant though), but I the second one was much much better. That's the great thing about it; if one is not for you it doesn't really matter as the next one will be completely different. If you can find the first series that was the strongest, especially A Quite Night In and The Understudy. My other new favorite thing is Gap Year hidden away on E4 for some reason. Took a little bit to get going but is well worth it when it picks up. Tim Key love.
  5. 2020 - The Return of Derren Browns Ghost Train : Rise of the Demon, the Demon Rises Again (TRODBGTROTDTDRA)
  6. If you don't want to miss what will probably be the best thing on TV this year you best consider watching Inside Number 9 tonight at 10 on BBC2
  7. Thorpe/Merlin have opened rides on inappropriate one train operation on and off peak for a variety of reasons and have been rightly derided for it. Blackpool have done the same here and are being rightly derided for it. There's not much more to it really, and if you don't agree that this is not how a park should be operating then you are probably wrong. But really I just wanted to make the 1000th post in the topic. Carry on.
  8. Good choice. It's as dull as ditchwater and I'm always amazed when I see it on people's top 10's.
  9. Great clip. Staff paid £2.20 ph, entrance £8.25! How times change! And if their prices had risen with inflation the entrance price should now be just over £20, not £50 Strange seeing buccaneer with no Vampire behind it.
  10. See you in the queue then...
  11. Looks like the UK is set to have a new holiday site opening, which will incorporate a Gulliver's theme park. Probably not the most exciting development for those of us over 7 years old, but still nice to see something new.
  12. I'm lost for words about how soft the world is. It might be a 'family orientated' attraction to an extent, but these are real things from history and are themes covered in the dungeons. We going to pretend it didn't exist now because it's not all fluffy?
  13. I don't think the camp can, but the hotel facilities are free for all to use. And you should, they are great!
  14. My biggest tip for making the most would be to download the park app and use the live queue times to avoid the long waits. I found the queues varied hugely and seemingly at random through the day from area to area, and the posted queue times were incredibly accurate. Even on the very busy days I went the major coasters dropped to near walk on occasionally.
  15. I wonder if the work they are doing to Buccaneer will stop the 'necessity' to have the stupid adult on the edge seats rule?