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  1. pluk

    Alton Towers News

    I'm hearing Omnipollo soft serves in steins.
  2. pluk

    Alton Towers News

    Oktoberfest means good beer. If they have good beer then excellent, but they won't, will they?
  3. Thorpe's food offering died they day Roast and Relish closed. Genuinely some of the best themepark food out there, actual quality, not fried crap, decent value.
  4. pluk

    Mack Rides

    I can imagine the power required for that boat ride will massive, huge amounts of drag moving something like that through water. I'd be amazed if it were viable at any reasonable running cost.
  5. Surely it's the other way round? I'd have thought Chessington would be paying for the rights, not being paid to use it.
  6. As much as I hate Merlin's marketing led approach to any investment, this just goes to show that marketing at least needs to be considered and attempted alongside building something decent. If I weren't active around these places I'd have had no idea Icon existed, that's just not good enough for such a major new coaster.
  7. Interesting stuff. Won't stop me one clicking though!!
  8. Looks like someone has done no growing up in the last 5 years.
  9. Another year of travesty against Time Machine. 😥
  10. All of the local 'live' sites are absolute shitrags of the highest order. They are the very definition of clickbait and sadly people fall for it and click away. Drives me insane.
  11. pluk


    But every time Merlin install something new it is the "'X' in the world" so it must be world class, right? RIGHT?
  12. pluk

    TPM Awards 2019

    People need to stop changing their username on every damn whim!
  13. Trying to get my bearings from the pic, is this immediately to the left if the little kiddie log flume?
  14. Germany - Worker (possibly driver) killed in apparent suicide whereby he was struck by a roller coaster car carrying 4 people, who were also treated for shock. No indication of what the actual ride is.
  15. Carters Steam Fair X 1 Thorpe X 1 The end. Even that was something of an achievement. Yeah, you try being an enthusiast with a new born!
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