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  1. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    What a mess. They'd finally turned X into something fun and worthwhile that filled height restriction gap in their lineup that desperately needed filling, and have ballsed that work right up by inexplicably bringing us a kiddie coaster with a horror theme. Even if the ride experience itself is actually good (highly doubtful!), it's still an incredibly dumb decision. I wonder if the increased height restriction might also mean the fill every seat rule can be dropped?
  2. Ride Accidents

    Tennessee - American state fair bans extensive list of rides they deem 'similar' to the KMG Fireball involved in last years fatal incident. A move which appears to make little sense, and probably only adds to confusion and concern to the public, shows a massive lack of understanding about the incident, and does nothing to actually improve safety. Well done Tennessee! Fireball, KMG Afterburner, KMG Move It, KMG Freak Out, KMG Sicko, KMG XXL, KMG Revolution, KMG Revolution 32, CRM Revolution 20, CRM Wild Claw, KMG Cyclops, KMG Chaos, KMG Rocket, KMG Street Fighter, Technical Park Street Fighter Revolution, Technical Park Mistral, Mondial Nitro, Zamperla Space Jam, Fabbri
  3. Ride Accidents

    India - Hair caught in theme park go carts fatally scalps rider.
  4. Adventure Island - Southend

    Rage does seem to have got noticeably less smooth in the last year or so, I wonder whether the extreme cold has anything to do with that? Hopefully it'll run a bit better in the warm months to come. Glad you liked the whip Josh, I don't care if it's a kids ride, I love it! If you find an adult skid get on it! As Matt said, running Time Machine so that after every cycle the riders were trapped and had to wait 5 or 10 mins for an engineer is madness. Part of me wants to think it's great that they'd go to such lengths to keep it open, but really it's pretty shoddy to not either close it and fix it properly, or keep it running with an engineer present to release everyone each time. Can't help but absolutely love the ride still, it's insane. Notice the op now gives each rider a personal briefing about not lowering your head during the ride. Never used to do that, I wonder if they've had an incident on there. If they have I'm glad they've gone for that option rather than toning it down. Overall the park didn't feel quite ready. The staff were on it from the off, with the interaction and high fiving, but the rides and park itself didn't seem to have properly prepared. Seemed a little unloved, which is not like them at all. Also, let it be known that Josh should not be allowed near skittles and balls.
  5. Dreadful thing in a dreadful ride. Doesn't matter anyway, all the Figments will be melted down soon enough...
  6. ride restrictions @ BPB

    I suppose it's going to depend on individual body shapes. For all my bulk my thighs aren't huge so I have very few problems with any lap bar (unless it meets my stomach before my legs!), but am big on my top half so struggle with over the shoulder restraints frequently. I've had to do a few walks of shame now, just have to shrug it off and off to the next one. I know it's my own fault for being such a lump, I should really do something about that!
  7. Final Call, final call for tickets. Last few hours. Come and get 'em. You've got until about midday...
  8. Haha! That was created in Disney World, interactive area after the Journey into Imagination ride (with that annoying little pr*ck, Figment (you've got me at it now)) in 2005. Was pretty impressive technology back then!
  9. ride restrictions @ BPB

    I know nothing of any actual restrictions, but based on 18 stone of me getting on everything last year... The only real issue rides I can think of would be Revolution, which I find very tight, and Infusion, which I don't find too bad but know others have struggled with. Big One, Valhalla and all of the woodies are very forgiving. When Icons restraints are confirmed looking at previous Mack's with the same ones should give an answer on that one. Edit - pretty much what he said!
  10. Shame you didn't like Crealy. Always thought it looked like a nice little place, not worth travelling to, but a popping in if you are passing sort of park. Maybe not then!
  11. Better late than never.... AI tickets for this meet are available from me for £16 each, a decent little saving on the £22.50 it'd otherwise cost! Anyone coming not on the facebook chat group PM me for details... See you all there!
  12. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    Unseen tonight was I Tonya, bloody good it was too. Very funny in places but an eye-opener too ; my presumed knowledge of that whole episode (I'm old enough to remember it happening, and the one side coverage at the time) was largely wrong. When you see the real life clips at the end, it's incredible casting.
  13. Random

    What would you do if your son was at home, crying all alone on the bedroom floor cos he's hungry, and the only way to feed him is to sleep with a man for a little bit of money? Asking for a friend x
  14. Sorry, my supplier is being crap. Still trying...
  15. Feedback of the Forums

    I understand the subtle ad at the bottom is meant to be there. The horrible crap at the top is not and will disappear...