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  1. pluk

    Slammer replacement?

    I'd hope not, such a dull ride. I can imagine the Slammer/Samurai/Loggers/CCR area being cleared and combined for a new major ride rather than being used as it is now.
  2. pluk

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    Ahh, makes more sense! But what's the point in a vr ride on something that moves that little? I can't imagine how that would enhance the sensation at all? Yes, Hollenblitz one year please! Something about that KMG surf looks, er, wrong? WTF is that?!
  3. pluk

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    Just watched a POV, looks woeful. Like a ghost train they forgot to theme.
  4. pluk

    Europa Park

    Not really any such thing as cheap tickets to Euroapa as far as I know. Best you can do is make sure you buy at the best possible exchange rate. Loads of great off site accomodation in Rust, all within about 15mins walk of the park.
  5. pluk

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    A lot of corporate deals out there too, if one of your party has access to perkz or one of the similar sites there can be really good prices.
  6. pluk

    Hocus Pocus Hall

    It's only just had some! Shocking, isn't it?! HPH was a fun little thing, many years ago. Shame it's rotted, but best to kill now really.
  7. pluk


    Wasn't it named that after a pizza hut variety at the time, then the sponsorship fell through? Good job, crap name.
  8. pluk


    Because it is a thing of such joyous beauty it just sets you off? It's a problem I have too.
  9. pluk

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    Looks good and all, but come me back to me when you have Hollenblitz confirmed. Ta.
  10. pluk

    The Smiler Incident 02/06/2015

    Daily Mail says no.
  11. pluk

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Oh, the ads have been to promote their new rollercoaster. Glad they cleared that up.
  12. pluk


    The new trains have always been like this. The couplings between the rows aren't tight enough, so they shuffle back and forth into each other creating the jolts.
  13. pluk

    Merlin Entertainments

    “When I started in 95/6 every single SEA LIFECentre was in decline,” he says. But we stopped the decline, and turned it around.” In the latter part of 90s Vardon plc started putting all their money into health and fitness. “It was a bit like a cuckoo in a nest, elbowing out the others,” says Varney. “We weren’t getting any capex, so it was a good thing to go up for sale.” He could be describing the plight of our parks in the current Merlin Midway empire! We need someone to stop the decline and turn it around, I don't believe Varney will be that someone.
  14. pluk

    Rameses Revenge

    Just remove the ride and what are you left with? A fountain show spectacular! That, or extra premium parking. The world's first parking spaces inside a theme park. Or, and this is just crazy talk obviously, a new Top Spin! Is there any Top Spin variant which would be marketable UK/Europe first? It's the only way it could happen.