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  1. New for 2018

    Yay, barbed wire. I know I can't get enough of the stuff when at a theme park.
  2. Random

  3. Fantasy Island Skegness

    I like it!
  4. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    It's perfect money making - that buyers are riding before opening does not inconvenience other guests, like fastack does. There are no losers, only winners, including the park!
  5. Merlin Entertainments

    To be fair, I understand the general displeasure from people being asked to pay the same but receive less, and something called an 'annual pass' not really being a pass for a whole anum. On the other hand, they still represent great value and it's going to be better for all visitors if the crowds are better spread. Seems to be a bit of a marketing error really. Would make sense to offer something called an Off Peak annual pass, then premium and VIP.
  6. Ride Accidents

    No injuries fortunately, waltzer car comes of ride in Wales. Always a concern of mine when riding this sort of ride, never heard of it happening before though!
  7. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    How dare they call a top scan Flying Circus and get me all excited about actual Flying Circus happening?! I imagine that thing is long dead? But still. A bit underwhelming overall after what was planned/rumoured, still an impressive set up though.
  8. Park Count - 2017

    Thorpe Park x1 Adventure Island X2 Carter's Steam Fair x1 Errrr, that's about it. Damn.
  9. New for 2018

    Kind of missing the point there. The time that has gone means nothing, as we know nothing has been done. What's unrealistic is betting it open for next season as of now with only the rotting remains still standing.
  10. Favourite Coaster Launches

    Kind of decent as a ride overall though, because the peak of the incline, decelerating into it then falling back out of it, is a great feeling. But the launch itself seems to take an age and lacks thrill because of it. Also, no mention for Blue Fire? It might not be the most powerful or exiting launch, but it's still a wonderful smooth and comfortable but still punchy acceleration. What really makes it though is the sound it creates, fizzing and crackling down the track. Simply loveleh.
  11. Favourite Coaster Launches

    Launches are probably an area I'm a bit lacking in overall. Stealth is still my standard when it comes to launch, and I love it; I'd never get bored of that feeling. I may be a planenut of the future. I really enjoyed Karacho's launch, I think it was my first rolling launch, so that might be why. My all time favourite, probably through nostalgia but mostly because it was a really surprising and unusual thing at the time, is thunderlooper. Its gravity based technology clearly has nothing on the power of modern launches, but it had a hell of a feeling back then, and Montzoomas at Knott's Berry took me straight back to that moment the first time I powered into that loop. Wonderful. If we're going to talk about disappointing launches too, I'd go Superman at 6FMM. Looks so promising, feels so nothing.
  12. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    Ah, that's a shame. Was that just a false rumour in the first place do we know, or has it pulled out for some reason?
  13. Ride Accidents

    Thought that sounded a bit odd, to fall between the gaps on a waltzer some floor would have to be missing. This was an old superbob. On any of those old raised round rides it is possible to go between the cars into the pit, but you'd normally have to be doing something quite silly to manage it!
  14. When even the concept / promotion artwork doesn't make something look good you know in real life it really is going to be crap. So we've gone from those wonderful majestic drop surrounds, to a bare trough off of a warehouse roof through a small splash through tiger head at the bottom. Progress!
  15. Don't know if too late, but I basically never get sick on rides. - I do sometimes get a bit of a light headed feeling which will occasionally last a couple of minutes after the ride. I once went through the mcbr on Goliath at 6FMM without it slowing and properly greyed out on the Felix if forever which follows, but I find that a wonderful feeling. - I've only once felt sick after a ride, and that was after Swarm photoshoot meet, where we all rode well into double figures in the freezing cold and rain. Was OK at the time, but once I was driving home I felt pretty ill and as if I had a bad hangover the next day. Maybe that shows everyone will have their level of tolerance their body will let itself be put through before it gives out some signs to stop!