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  1. Fright Nights 2017

    I've not been frightnights this year, but it is startling how negative the comments on Facebook are, mostly about general operations, queue management and ride availability. I know people sometimes like a moan, but the negativity is so consistent there must be something to it. Has it been that bad this year? I should be going to services day after season officially ends, usually a much calmer way of experiencing frightnights...
  2. Nemesis

    I assume it's because, very sadly, SW8 doesn't look particularly interesting. The overhead pic from Tattem (?) airfield yesterday showed just how inconsequential the whole thing is.
  3. Rant

    Just had a promotion board at work, a competency based interview. Ballsed it right up, it was a proper car crash. My mind just went blank, there was nothing coming out. What really frustrates me is I already do the job, and have done for a couple of years very successfully, but that counts for nothing unless you can sit there and sell yourself. Madness. The worst bit is I just want to go out and get pissed now to drown my sorrows, but can't because I'm on an early tomorrow. Harumph.
  4. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    Of my gosh. If there is anything to this and Hollenblitz is coming it's time to start saving those pennies now. Considering the financial success Olympia seemed to be last year I wouldn't be at all surprised to see more joining it.
  5. Universal Studios Florida

    Always sad to see coaster death, even if they were among my least favourite of their type. Do you think I can buy a couple of rail sections to use as bannisters down my stairs?
  6. SAW: Alive

    I think some fanatics who visit more frequently than most forget how infrequent most visitors are. Something that's open for a few days a year (on very busy days too, making rerides less likely) isn't really going to get 'stale' for most people. Especially in something which naturally varies depending on the actors actions. Saw Alive is still solid, nothing needs changing really.
  7. Ride Accidents

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-41300031 Man dies in Hong Kong Ocean Park haunted maze attraction. Don't go into restricted areas appears to be the message, although some maze restricted areas can be easily stumbled into.
  8. 2017 Season General Discussion

    Mostly the latter, but I understand it is also down to more localised wind readings being taken for each attraction too rather than a central park ride one? The whole thing seems a bit of a farce to be honest. What I really don't understand is how Saw seems to be one of the least affected by this, when it will stall if someone farts in its general direction. Odd.
  9. 2017 Season General Discussion

    I'll ask my usual question. Were Thorpe selling fastrack to jump the queues which Thorpe had themselves created by running massively reduced throughputs? Hmmmmm.
  10. Colossus

    Mildly off topic pedantry on my part continues, but whatever! Surely the theoretical throughput is a constant; what the hardware can do at it's peak running without interruption, regardless of whatever process and faff is put in the way of ops? Targets on the other hand, are set according to how the park chooses to run/maintain/resource the ride in its current state. Collosus, for example, would still have a theoretical throughput of a full train leaving the top of the lift hill the moment the other train clears the blocks at the end of the ride. Thorpe have let it deteriorate to that never being possible on two trains because of lifthill motor speed/stall issues, and at the moment single train issues, meaning their target now will be about a third of that theoretical throughput. But that theoretical throughput could be strived for again if Thorpe brought it all back up to opening spec.
  11. Colossus

    Laziness and lack of care? Sorry to be pedantic, but surely no coaster can exceed it's theoretical throughput?! If it can, it's theoretical throughput has been calculated incorrectly!
  12. SW8

    Doesn't that first drop look shit? Just sort of meandering about a bit, too steep to be a turnaround, not steep enough to be drop, and unbanked. That lack of banking must discount any sort of lifthill launch system. As that section will all be enclosed, and will be taken too slowly to deliver any excitement in itself, is it likely that it will contain some sort of show or immersive effect?
  13. Circus world was great fun for a kid. For a start, it had an actual circus. Imagine that! A show at a UK theme park! Your thoughts on the coherence of Bubbleworks within Transilvania are so wrong it's hilarious. How you've come to such conclusion without the knowledge of experience over those who lived it I have no idea. The disaster that is Zufari was the final nail for Chessington for me. It was their opportunity to do something spectacular, an experience not to be missed. But without the ideas or skill to pull it off we have been left with that dull overblown Fungle Safari. It's probably the single biggest wasted opportunity I can think of within Merlin. The rest of the park crumbles.
  14. Merlin Entertainments

    http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-dorset-41172067 Sounds like fun!
  15. Anti-Rant

    Nice topic revival. We've been a miserable bunch for nearly a year, eh? My current view, gin fizz in hand. Life is good.