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  1. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I think it's pretty clear they are having a dreadful year attendance wise so far this season, and that is almost certainly due to people holding out for Icon. It is bloody obvious that would be the case, but it seems mid season opening was the plan all along for some reason. Ride closures are not ideal, and just gives people more reason not to visit so I question the overall wisdom of it, but it is certainly preferable to randomly closing hours early without warning. A shame they can't half day split twice the amount of rides, which would give a similar saving but alow guests the opportunity to ride everything on any given day. As has been said, an independent family run park has to be far more careful with their spend. I bet from the moment Icon is open the park will be heaving and they finally start running the place properly again. They need to start the hype though, down south there has been nothing I've seen to promote Icon.
  2. Ride Accidents

    France - man thrown to his death from spinning ride, others injured. Sounds like the ride may have partially collapsed. Can't work out what the ride actually was, looks like it might be called 'twirl'. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-43608220
  3. The Six Flags Thread

    Looks like a scale model, running under some unnatural forces. I forsee issues.
  4. Dreamland Margate

    Could Knightmare be considered vintage?! Loads of vintage (and quite a bit if it thrill) stuff they don't have. Skid / Whip, Rotor, Steam Boats, Octopus, Dive Bomber, the swinging varients of round rides with a million different names. They don't have a traditional ghost train or funhouse, which feel missing. I'd love to see an old wooden boat water chute like the used to have on the site years ago. Doubt there are any originals of those knocking about tonrrferb though.
  5. Dreamland Margate

    So Dreamland have opened the Zamperla catalogue and just gone for one of each. Hmmm. They do need more attractions, but I love the idea of them being primarily a heritage park, and this doesn't fit with that at all. I guess it's damned expensive sourcing, refurbishing and maintaining vintage rides though.
  6. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Well, good job I was sitting down when I read that! Shock.
  7. Platinium VIP Package

    You also get me following you around with a look of disappointment and disdain. Enjoy your day!
  8. Food Outlets

    I think Roast and Relish was the best theme park fast food I've ever had. It was the location not the food that was the problem, shame they couldn't make it work.
  9. Duel!

    Great post about the Duel improvements, sounds like it's heading in (mostly) the right direction. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1689856084415667&id=754391131295505
  10. Silver Dollar City

    That second launch should invite some sort of environmental tax for such a massive waste of energy. I like the concept, I love a spinner, but as has been said, this is really odd. No flow, and a lack of manoeuvres which are likely to induce any actual spinning. Would like to see further examples though, that's for sure.
  11. Feedback of the Forums

    Not my area and I might be speaking out of turn, but I think chatroom fell out of use as groups of users made concerted effort to move chat away from the chatroom and forum onto other platforms. Why they did this I do not know, but it did the forums, and old chat room, no good at all. Whole thing became a bit clique. I'd be happy for it to return, would it get used though? I don't know if it's even a possibility with the host/software currently being used.
  12. Europa Park

    I trust them not to mess it up, but I like a good dark coaster. Hoping this isn't too well lit in a way which takes away the darkness chaos. All it really needed was some aircon.
  13. next big thing

    If time traveller works out well that'd be my bet. Would rather an RMC though, which is marketable in itself without having to shoehorn in a nonsensical Varney USP special.
  14. 2018 General Discussion

    Summer Lates Pass is excellent. I really hope it is a success to prove that later opening times can be financially profitable, with separate ticket sales and the opportunity to sell people another meal. Maybe we'll see it elsewhere across the UK then too. FarceTrack disgusts me still. With this level of flexibility in what anyone can do with their queue jumping ticket once purchased, can we now dispel the myth that fastrack is in any way controlled, managed or timed to stop it crippling the park for everyone? There effectively are no limits in how many people can push in front of you once you are in any given queue. Nice one Thorpe! If a despicable system such as this has to exist it should be tightly controlled with timed tickets to stop massive influxes of riders at one place one time. This move comes even further away from that.
  15. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    I can't wait to transport myself into such a magical fantastical world. It's the stuff dreams are made of. When the concept art looks this bad, how awful will real life be?