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  1. pluk

    The Swarm

    With this and the dome I'm guessing they had some sort of bulk deal on skip hire and thought it best they fill em up? That is just laughable. What and how? It's a fairly new attraction, it shouldn't be falling apart, and if it is it should be fixed properly.
  2. pluk

    Paultons Park

    Small family park makes huge 'second in the world to Disney' multinational organisation look like amateurs. This is the most exciting development in the UK as far as I care to remember. This century probably. I adore everything about Paultons.
  3. Ha. It's gone has it? Good. So should whoever is posting this crap. Literally firing someone would be good at this point. And then post an insensitive and nonsensical meme of a photo of them crying as they leave.
  4. What the f***ity f***ing f*** is this.
  5. Think how good the physical theming could be if the money squandered on virtual reality was spent on actual reality instead. Could have turned it into something truly spectacular. With the insurmountable impracticalities of VR being slapped over an existing attraction like this the result was bloody obvious and called out as such by anyone with any clue before it even opened. What a huge waste of money at a park already being strangled by lack of funding.
  6. pluk

    2019 Season

    While it's not for me at the mo, this is a very good idea! Hope it works out. I wonder if it's hit by bad weather they could move it in to pirates? Yeah, pirates. It'll always be pirates.
  7. pluk


    I think you'd struggle to get anyone to consider making you one of those with the two that have existed being the maintenance disasters they were.
  8. One doesn't hurt the other I suppose, but it's lazy and unoriginal. It's the attitude that ends up with cut and paste soulless attractions (hi dungeons) which Merlin do so 'well'. You'll always get repetition in hardware as there's only so many options out there, but the theming is what gives a park it's identity and makes it unique. Having done something that was actually good and successful the lazy (and likely less successful the next time round) response is to copy the actual thing, rather than copy the creativity and freedom to do something new the original design team were afforded. It shows a lack of confidence in their own people and abilities.
  9. Part of me would love to go back some time, but not having heard good things for a good while now I'm not sure I want to taint my childhood memories, and there doesn't seem to be much if a reason to sadly. Good to see them reopening rattlesnake though, hopefully the start of better things.
  10. Last day of bidding, if you are in the market for some right old tat... https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/magicwand2011
  11. While it's nice to have fantastical ideas, what you propose is to amend/remove the ride beyond all recognition (cost - huge) and retain the pyramid (value - zero) when the pyramid itself makes completing significant works inside difficult to impossible. It's a no from me. When the ride is finally done beyond small cosmetic stuff like TWD is it'll be a pile of rubble.
  12. pluk

    2019 Season

    As a something extra to do for a half term or a weekend it'd be fair enough, a little extra diversion can only be a good thing. Zero interest to me, but whatever. There's a problem though when nothing else has been promoted at all, nothing new, no events, nothing. They then link whatever this is to the 'season' in their first post, and make it cryptic as if it's some secret big announcement that can be misinterpreted as something worth while. Now all it's done is reinforce that there's nothing to return to Thorpe for this year unless you are interested in this relatively niche and childish thing, which is at odds with the thrill orientated offering at the park. Still a rudderless ship, isn't it?
  13. I don't understand what's going on at the 'end' there? Would it make more sense if it was a reverse launch into the spike, then forward to do the track the other way round? I'm not seeing the profile of a traditional lift hill out of the station the other way?
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