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  1. It went to Holiday Park, so I had unknowingly ridden the same ride a couple if decades apart!
  2. I was there that opening day, IIRC it was hit heavily by powercuts and something of a nightmare.
  3. I'd assume / hope that these bag holds have switching access so you can only access your own trains bags? With the number of trains on Saw that probably wouldn't be possible so I hope not. Either way, this looks like a right old mess. I don't think it should be too much to ask that if they are going to do something they do it properly and professionally, this looks like it's neither.
  4. Gimme a B Gimme an R Gimme an E Gimme an A Gimme a K Gimme a D Gimme a A Gimme an N Gimme a C Gimme an E ...and a polyp. ... and a tagada
  5. I imagine that whatever restrictions Covid necessitates could be overcome if the desire was strong enough to keep the ride running. This conversation seems to be jumping the gun a little but if it has gone it surely is because they want it gone, not because it has to go.
  6. I don't think it can be denied that doing this is his work. I don't think it could be argued he could do this work without going there to do it, and there have been very few attractions open to chose from. It cant be argued that you can travel for work if you cannot work from home because that's the law, and therws nothing in law that states the work needs to be essential. That's not a loophole or bending of the rules, its the law which is written that way deliberately. That being the case I find it hard to be critical of him doing it, even if it's not something I'd do myself right now.
  7. I don't get the TPWW hate. I'm no fan, I'm no fan of any vlogger really as I find the whole thing a bit of a cringy embarrassment, but he turns out comparatively decent videos and seems a nice enough chap. I watched this Adventure Island one, what with it being my home park, and he shows the place off really well. Made me want to visit, as his series of videos at the end of summer from loads of smaller parks did for those places for the couple I saw, and having people visit is exactly what these smaller parks need.
  8. This is a very silly way to look at things. The park have put more than reasonable measures in place to be covid safe, you can't blame them for who turns up from where.
  9. This is an excellent move. Sell fewer for more money, make the same money. Now for the same move with fastrack please...
  10. If you struggle with when and when not to take things literally maybe look at a posts reacts to give you a steer. 🙂
  11. I know sarcasm doesnt always translate well in writing, but I'm hoping I'm missing some here otherwise this might just be the most deluded themepark statement since scenic world announced orphan rockers opening date.
  12. Sadly I ultimately think it's right that an open water system water ride does not have a significant amount of investment to keep it operational. It's not up to current regulations for a new build and I can see a time when they are health and safety'd out of existence. What would be perfect for the park would be a new modern flume alongside and interacting with a family thrill coaster.
  13. Adventure Island Errrr.... Billy Butlins Fairground, Bognor. Oh dear. Next year should be better, daughter is just about the magical 0.9 mark so kiddie credits ahoy.
  14. Trademark on Croc Drop has been disputed by someone it seems, so maybe they'll be forced into something a bit more imaginative? I was thinking Never Drop n Smile at a Crocodile, after the crappy kiddie drop towers. (Although I thought Drop n Smile was a generic name for crappy kiddie drop towers so people would know what I meant, but it seems it's just the one a Southend called that so that doesn't work and I apologise for an atrocious attempt at humour)
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