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  1. Everyone can not self isolate, the country has to continue to function. You start making the necessary exceptions such as emergency services, utility workers, food production and distribution, fuel stations etc and it soon becomes a nonsense. This is an excellent article explaining some of the reasoning and aims behind the decisions the UK is making. All guided by people who have a far far greater knowledge and understanding than any if us.
  2. Refreshingly honest if you ask me. And I'm no big fan of Boris! Regardless of what they do people will die who may not have done if they didn't have a the virus. Just like many things, people pick up all sorts which finish them off that ultimately could be prevented if people didn't come into contact with each other or extreme measures were out in place to stop them. You could ban alcohol, processed foods, tobacco, cars etc etc and wipe out incredible amounts of 'untimely' death, but it's generally accepted the loss of enjoyment, freedom and economic activity would be too bigger cost for the result. The same thing is happening here but within a shorter timeframe. Playing state activity off against risk to life might be an unsavoury thought but it is happening constantly, and has to. Even in my lowly position in it all in my training, for terrorist response especially but a lot of major incident response, you have to make some dreadful decisions that will ultimately condemn people where you use your resources in the most effective way. Not everyone can be saved from everything, you have to do what's best with a much wider outlook. The decisions that are being made are made on the advice of medical experts, and with a hell of a lot more information than will be available to the rest of us, they're not just pulling the decisions out of their arses. Even if in some aspects with hindsight we get it wrong I think they are making the right decisions for the right reasons.
  3. It doesn't matter how (un)clean everyone else is, if you touch things like restraints and wash your own hands after riding before touching your mouth or face you'll be fine. How long before Merlin start offering fastrack to the sinks? 😂😂
  4. I am well aware I'm always a moany old bugger but I'll be honest, I think that is actually fantastic. Suits the tone of modern day Chessington at the fun cartoony end of spooky and looks generally great. There's even enough of the old theme in the new soundtrack to keep me happy even if I think a simpler rerecording of the original would have been a bit better.
  5. pluk

    Alton Towers News

    Presuming there were a lot more people in the waterpark than those taken ill it was probably a chemical spill so localised to that spill location.
  6. pluk


    Fingers crossed for never. 🤞
  7. The only way to fix this is to have a system where there is no meaningful advantage to using RAP over not using it. Those genuinely using it do not want preferential treatment, just equal access as the name suggests. Difficult, because even if staff use the system as they should guests abusing it can get their card marked then go and use other attractions while they wait, that turns it into an advantageous system akin to fastrack. But if someone can work that out it's got to be the only way to go.
  8. pluk

    Thorpe Park 2020

    😂😂😂😅😇 ( Edit - I don't know where those last two emojis come from, I do know I can't delete them. It's the glitch!)
  9. That looks wrong to me. Surely with water that rough rounding a bend the opposite channel should have a much higher side to prevent the raft riding up on to it causing a capsize risk? Seems mental to me to attempt a raft ride of all thing in house, rather than use the expertise of a big manufacturer.
  10. Black Mirror is an odd one IP wise, in not having a set structure or regular characters. It could mean anything so surely is just a name above the door? If this had had any creative input from Charlie Brooker, which in reality is the only real consistent which makes Black Mirror Black Mirror, they would clearly have been shouting about it from the off as it would be actually meaningful to the marketing.
  11. If it were The Goblin King, Sarah, Hoggle, Ludo and Sir Didimus I'd have been interested.
  12. pluk

    Alton Towers News

    I'm hearing Omnipollo soft serves in steins.
  13. pluk

    Alton Towers News

    Oktoberfest means good beer. If they have good beer then excellent, but they won't, will they?
  14. Thorpe's food offering died they day Roast and Relish closed. Genuinely some of the best themepark food out there, actual quality, not fried crap, decent value.
  15. pluk

    Mack Rides

    I can imagine the power required for that boat ride will massive, huge amounts of drag moving something like that through water. I'd be amazed if it were viable at any reasonable running cost.
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