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  1. My first thoughts (from POV, I'm no VIP) is that if this sort of set up was used as the entrance and exit of X, with effects of comparable quality during the ride, that would make one complete, excellent attraction rather than two slightly lacking ones we now have.
  2. Agreed about the middle section. I don't understand why they couldn't get that effect to work reliably? It really was simple, surely they could have put the effort they did into reconfiguring that section into the effect instead and kept it going. That's such a non event now, something spectacular needs to happen there to make the journey feel worthwhile. The obvious answer would be some nice close up real fire effects, but I imagine that would increase the running costs too much.
  3. So Thorpe suffered the indignity of falling below Chessington for the first time in a long time just before the pandemic hit. Shocking really considering the state Chessingron is in.
  4. Changing the uniforms and adding a line of text to DBGTROTD is akin to giving a man a bucket on the titanic. Got to be time for a WWH style electrical fault some time soon so we can get three more thrill flats instead of whatever this is.
  5. I can't believe for a second they'd go for a B&M wineries, it just feels all wrong. I'm sticking my money on a variant of that S&S prototype with the flicking out seats that looked a lot like it could be developed into a winged coaster. Not much money mind, because it probobly won't actually be anything that exciting.
  6. You mean they didn't already?! 😄😄 I wonder if they could use something where guests slot their own phones into a disposable cardboard holder? With an app to run the VR? Wouldn't be as effective but might word for now.
  7. No, I am quite a lump! But I watched a couple of cycles from truckers and my elephant was just not much of a flyer regardless of who was on it.
  8. Hello last spring. Surprised it wasn't mentioned after this post, but the theming element is no longer missing although you'd be hard pressed to notice it wasn't. Really, it is tiny sitting atop this ride, the scale is all wrong. It just looks bizarre, with some big sort of padding thing below it and a relatively tiny motif on top. The base has colourful stones in sections, but this is full of detritus from the trees so just looks messy. The ride itself is also quite broken, with a couple of elephants (including the yellow one I found myself on) very obviously not able to make it m
  9. How is Chessington coping off peak midweek these days? Thinking of visiting fir the first time in a couple of years but don't fancy a day of explaining to a 2 year old why we have to wait hours for everything!
  10. It went to Holiday Park, so I had unknowingly ridden the same ride a couple if decades apart!
  11. I was there that opening day, IIRC it was hit heavily by powercuts and something of a nightmare.
  12. I'd assume / hope that these bag holds have switching access so you can only access your own trains bags? With the number of trains on Saw that probably wouldn't be possible so I hope not. Either way, this looks like a right old mess. I don't think it should be too much to ask that if they are going to do something they do it properly and professionally, this looks like it's neither.
  13. Gimme a B Gimme an R Gimme an E Gimme an A Gimme a K Gimme a D Gimme a A Gimme an N Gimme a C Gimme an E ...and a polyp. ... and a tagada
  14. I imagine that whatever restrictions Covid necessitates could be overcome if the desire was strong enough to keep the ride running. This conversation seems to be jumping the gun a little but if it has gone it surely is because they want it gone, not because it has to go.
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