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  1. Good news, Wildfire's set to reopen this Summer!
  2. As you probably know, it's been confirmed that Cabin will not be reappearing this year. Here's a sneaky pic of it right now in its current state: [Picture removed by request of Thorpe Park. Please do not share this photo elsewhere] (I can't recall where I found this, so if any of you know please tell me so I can give credit. Thanks.) I suppose that hints at a complete reroute for the new IP this year, which I find great as I found Cabin's layout pretty dull after a few runs on it. Regarding the "scare zones" though, a friend told me that during their tour of P15, their guide spoke about the possibility of turning Platform into a scare zone, and that it's currently being considered by management. Just a rumour though. I think most of us could agree that it'd be much better if that was the case.
  3. Regardless of whether it was dull and corporate, or as I see it, just sarcasm, it did make it that bit funnier! Hats off to Thorpe for this little stunt!
  4. Whilst Na'vi River Journey is undoubtedly visually stunning, I can't help but see this as a missed opportunity. It lacks content entirely, with no real narrative supporting it whatsoever. A good dark ride is supposed to draw you in, immerse you, and be memorable - but this just seems underwhelming. A waste of great tech, really.
  5. Agreed. I see modern religion as more of a desperate cash-grab now, opposed to its ancient origin as a type of coping method. I still feel obliged to stand for those who are being misrepresented though, by both silly bigots and the media - however these days they're essentially the same thing. Jeez, you just have to pick up a copy of The Sun to prove my hypothesis.
  6. If you're willing to blame the true people of Islam for this, then I'm sure you wouldn't mind blaming all Christians for the KKK. Or all Germans for the Holocaust. Or all Irish people for the IRA. There is a fine line between the teachings of Islam and the teachings of ISIS. I advise you check it out.
  7. Exciting! Despite the lack of information so far, I like the sound of it already. Such an iconic franchise, accompanied with so many iconic moments. This should be a great mix of scare and nostalgia for all decent horror/sci-fi geeks - if Tussaud's deliver that is. Their newer stuff recently (Sherlock, Kong etc.) seems to of met expectations, so lets hope this follows.
  8. I agree. For a ride that was advertised as completely re-rideable, it really lacks variety and quickly gets bland to those who have ridden it a number of times. I'd imagine most of the public consider it a one off ride.
  9. The Truman Show - Wow. I'm impressed. As a lover of satire, I'm a bit surprised that I've only just got to watching such a pleasing piece of film. It does what I believe every good film should do; it leaves the audience thinking. More specifically, it leaves them questioning the immoral industries we live under, and how, as a race, we will eventually have to stand up to manipulators of television, most importantly the so called "reality" side of it. It presents this through comedy, however if you really dig deep into the film and its intentions, it really is a plead to mankind; a reflection of the times. It shows how, just like Truman, we're beginning to live in a reality where we are unable to differ what is real and what isn't. Very Black Mirror-esque if you ask me. But aside from all the deeper and darker meanings, it's a neat film. Jim Carey was fab. In the past I've underestimated his abilities as an actor, as with most comedy performers in the industry, it seems like they play the same sort of character in each and every film. But his performance in this felt different. There was a lot more depth to this character. Likewise with the film; it really is a very important and meaningful film that was made to open eyes, as well as entertain. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. 8/10.
  10. Took this on Sunday.
  11. Bit of a random question but does anyone know what headphones they are using externally on the headsets now?
  12. After a long week of having to keep quiet, I can happily say that I was blown away with this year's improvements. I can confirm that it really is deeper, darker and whole lot more intense. As with all of Derren's work, secrecy is key, so allow my reaction to do the talking..
  13. Words cannot explain my hype for this! From what we've learnt so far, Efteling (an already immaculate park) are about to gain another fab dark ride that may even shake the industry as a whole. If I'm lucky I'll fit a visit in this year, but if not, I'm gonna have to get here sooner or later.