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  1. Exciting! Despite the lack of information so far, I like the sound of it already. Such an iconic franchise, accompanied with so many iconic moments. This should be a great mix of scare and nostalgia for all decent horror/sci-fi geeks - if Tussaud's deliver that is. Their newer stuff recently (Sherlock, Kong etc.) seems to of met expectations, so lets hope this follows.
  2. I agree. For a ride that was advertised as completely re-rideable, it really lacks variety and quickly gets bland to those who have ridden it a number of times. I'd imagine most of the public consider it a one off ride.
  3. The Truman Show - Wow. I'm impressed. As a lover of satire, I'm a bit surprised that I've only just got to watching such a pleasing piece of film. It does what I believe every good film should do; it leaves the audience thinking. More specifically, it leaves them questioning the immoral industries we live under, and how, as a race, we will eventually have to stand up to manipulators of television, most importantly the so called "reality" side of it. It presents this through comedy, however if you really dig deep into the film and its intentions, it really is a plead to mankind; a reflection of the times. It shows how, just like Truman, we're beginning to live in a reality where we are unable to differ what is real and what isn't. Very Black Mirror-esque if you ask me. But aside from all the deeper and darker meanings, it's a neat film. Jim Carey was fab. In the past I've underestimated his abilities as an actor, as with most comedy performers in the industry, it seems like they play the same sort of character in each and every film. But his performance in this felt different. There was a lot more depth to this character. Likewise with the film; it really is a very important and meaningful film that was made to open eyes, as well as entertain. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. 8/10.
  4. Took this on Sunday.
  5. Bit of a random question but does anyone know what headphones they are using externally on the headsets now?
  6. After a long week of having to keep quiet, I can happily say that I was blown away with this year's improvements. I can confirm that it really is deeper, darker and whole lot more intense. As with all of Derren's work, secrecy is key, so allow my reaction to do the talking..
  7. Words cannot explain my hype for this! From what we've learnt so far, Efteling (an already immaculate park) are about to gain another fab dark ride that may even shake the industry as a whole. If I'm lucky I'll fit a visit in this year, but if not, I'm gonna have to get here sooner or later.
  8. Was it good? Was planning on viewing but haven't got to it yet.
  9. Unless anything pops up, I'll be attending!
  10. Big Top ('16 obvs) proved that when Thorpe put the effort in they can successfully deliver original mazes that are high quality, well-themed and consistently effective scare-wise. I think the complete overhaul took a lot of us by surprise, and I pray that the future mazes to come - although they're IP - will follow its footsteps. The start of something new maybe? We can only hope. My only three problems with TBT would've been the fact that exposure to light and lack of actors in the strobe maze (on my runs) ruined the immersion, and effects such as the drop panel, push panel and two way mirror were never seen in use by myself and most of my friends. I recall one of the designers being a bit miffed off about that. But don't get me on to the abomination we call P15.. I have quite a bit of hope for next year, with the fact that we're set to see something a bit different if the island really is "changing"". Dominic Jones seems pretty confident about it. From what I've gathered, I think he'll play a great part in improving Thorpe as a park overall.
  11. "A big plus of that is that we are able to update this when newer technology becomes available, meaning a more intense experience for you". *prays for computers with a fully functioning cooling system*
  12. Thorpe seem to be filming some Ghost Train related content today.
  13. I saw a review discussing this. I see where they're coming from, however I doubt that anyone's going to leave thinking "Gee, I'm sure that must be exactly how someone with DID behaves". I do understand how a sufferer would find it offensive, but the people involved in the creation of the film have stated a number of times that this film is based off of purely fictitious events and in no way shows a realistic portrayal of the disorder. Some people were going as far to say that Split's transphobic..pathetic.
  14. Disagreed. I'd say it's no more than a neat little easter egg for those who have seen Unbreakable. It tells us nothing more than the fact that the characters from both films live in the same universe - nothing that really assists Split's narrative. The Village, Unbreakable & The Visit were a bit naff imo, however Signs was alright. I think TSS is and forever will be his finest work.