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  1. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    Ah, now you're talking some sense. The Babadook is fantastic. Absolutely feckin fantastic. I could rant about it all day.
  2. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    Nah, pretty sure we were watching the same film. It's just that you have bad taste. If you're willing to overate Annabelle: Creation, yet underate both It Comes At Night & The Witch - two of the best horrors to come out in recent years - your opinion is no longer an opinion. It's a crime. A:C began with a decent premise/set-up, and left me excited for the scares to come in the following hour or so. Patiently, I waited and waited, but unfortunately, these "scares" never arrived. Alternatively, we had thrown at us a disjointed, cliche-ridden mess of a script where somewhere down the line the concept of "suspense" was lost. Jumpscare after jumpscare, to the point it felt tedious. These unnecessary series of events ruined the flow of the film entirely, making for a boring and pacless watch. The longer the film played out, the more it lost direction of itself. If that's what you mean by "a good old haunted house film", you're in the right place For a comedy though, it's alright (I.e I WANT YOUR SOUL)
  3. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    Annabelle: Creation is just as bad as the original. Do not spend your money on this complete and utter ****-fest. It was dull, illogical and laughable, and makes for a really boring and cringeworthy watch.
  4. Wish a Member a Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday to @'Airtime Falcon' ! Hope you've had a nice day bud.
  5. Wish a Member a Happy Birthday!

    awe haha, thank you so much guys:)
  6. Madame Tussauds London

    Alien Escape is currently unavailable with a sign stating "closed until final notice" plastered over the entrance.
  7. Doctor Who

    New Doctor's been announced. None other than the great Jodie Whittaker! If you're familiar with her past work, you'd know she's a brilliant actress w/ a great skill-set. Let's hope she does a good job!
  8. Madame Tussauds London

    Evening. Just got back from Tussaud's, and I must say, I left very disappointed with Alien: Escape. I aquirre this both to my stupidly high expectations, and the shortness of the experience. After no more than 90 seconds of incoherence, it was clear to see that upon exiting, the nervously grinning faces of the public (including myself), had reduced to a confused "is that it?" look. It had the theming, the lighting, the energy, but it just lacked content. Whilst I can't deny I jumped a couple of times, it in no way had me dying to rerun, which a solid attraction should accomplish. I do understand Tussaud's had very little space to work with, but that in no way should justify the unneeded spontaneity it gave off. Based off of this run - I hate to admit it - but it's a no from me. Oh, and I did the Sherlock experience for the first time today. Didn't think it could get any worse, but it bloody well did. And I paid for the pleasure!
  9. 2017 Season General Discussion

    Thought X Factor filming wrapped up last Monday? Have no clue what Sharon Osbourne's still doing there.
  10. Madame Tussauds London

    http://www.standard.co.uk/goingout/attractions/madame-tussauds-launch-alienthemed-adventure-game-a3585821.html Here's an exclusive look into Tussauad's newest addition - Alien Escape - and it sounds like great fun. I should be going here on Sunday, might write a lil review if I get any time.
  11. Efteling

    Ghost Train says hi.
  12. It's hilarious that you mention that, ever since that day that's been an on running inside joke