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  1. Thorpe seem to be filming some Ghost Train related content today.
  2. I saw a review discussing this. I see where they're coming from, however I doubt that anyone's going to leave thinking "Gee, I'm sure that must be exactly how someone with DID behaves". I do understand how a sufferer would find it offensive, but the people involved in the creation of the film have stated a number of times that this film is based off of purely fictitious events and in no way shows a realistic portrayal of the disorder. Some people were going as far to say that Split's transphobic..pathetic.
  3. Disagreed. I'd say it's no more than a neat little easter egg for those who have seen Unbreakable. It tells us nothing more than the fact that the characters from both films live in the same universe - nothing that really assists Split's narrative. The Village, Unbreakable & The Visit were a bit naff imo, however Signs was alright. I think TSS is and forever will be his finest work.
  4. I watched Split yesterday. As I do with all the films I watch, I entered the cinema with low expectations in hope of being blown away. Fortunately, I didn't leave disappointed. For those who haven't heard about this masterpiece, the story revolves around mentally-ill Kevin, a man with at least 23 distinct personalities, who is compelled to abduct three teenage girls. During their captivity, his final personality "The Beast" begins to materialise - which leads to all hell breaking loose. Although you may've been unaware about the film's existence, I'm sure you're familiar with the director & writer M. Night Shyamalan, who is considered the father of supernatural films with mind-blowing plot twists (he was the creator of The Sixth Sense, a personal favourite of mine). Disappointingly, my only two problems with Split was that it lacked a signature Shyamalan plot twist and I found the ending very anticlimactic (a common trait of modern horror imo). Apart from that, I absolutely loved it. It stands out from half the horror films that film companies are lazily churning out nowadays. It had the perfect combination of suspense, narrative, unexpectedness & surprisingly, laughs. Visually, the cinematography was great, it was excellently written and the acting was incredible - especially James McAvoy. I won't say much more as films like this are best left unspoiled, but I'll conclude with this thought.. What could be achievable if the human brain was able to use 100% of itself?
  5. I'm going to assume that this is the missing content that never had the time to make it onto the ride till now (eg. IT COMES FROM THE BOWELS OF THE EEEEARTH).
  6. Well there goes my hopes of a new lineup of original mazes @ Fright Night's..
  7. Frankly, I'm disgusted. Now that you've said that, I'm gonna fetch myself one. Cheers.
  8. Thought I was the only one.
  9. I'm actually quite happy with this replacing Bubbleworks - apart from the dull name & embarrassingly desperate advertisement, the probability of it being naff and..and... Pessimism always gets the best of me. I guess my happiness fuels from the fact that The Gruffalo was one of the few building blocks of my childhood, and I never got the chance to ride the original BW and always had a "meh" sort of feeling upon exiting it. If they execute it decently (to say the least), I'll be all smiles.
  10. I regret spending £40 on the levitating ghost train. It's really cool and all, but for quality & materials it's made out of made of, it's really not worth it.. Then again, this is coming from the idiot who spent his savings on Rita merch 4 years ago.
  11. Does "Whatever" they like AHAHAQ
  12. Thank God we have the Daily Mail, what would we do without the knowledgable information they provide us?
  13. In all honesty, anything is better than the current ending - even a shoddy maze. At least we've got new VR content, which is presumably all the missing characters we saw in the behind the scenes video on BBC.