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  1. Lol I still don't know where they could go do you know where they are from
  2. 100% I totally agree ICON was a 16 million pound investment and I know 1 of these comes to the Towers every 3-5 years however The Merlin Parks sell a lot more tickets in there multiple theme parks than Blackpools 1 amusement park.
  3. Agreed they are really good but don't come as cheap as a wacky worm.???
  4. Mack Big Dipper on the way lads there's enough space there for one if Bowladrome has gone and Wild Mouse has gone and Trauma Towers has been demolished the only things which need to happen now are impossible to be removed and the burger place to be removed and you've easily got enough space for one. At the same time you could tidy up river caves and remove the nightmarish horse thing at the end and tidy up the bin bag tunnel at the end. On the other hand, I couldn't see this happening as they would have to shut The Grand National, River Caves and possibly even the Ghost Train. Blackpool wouldn
  5. Lol I'm pretty sure they were firewood for the bonfire!???
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