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  1. Yh also the scaffolding is still up so hopefully they are extending it even more!
  2. I was at Thorpe yesterday, and the loggers station has been extended loads out the back and the inside looked completely empty. Also the dome has some brickwork theming - probably where the new show will be...
  3. Number 2 sounds a lot like Big Top...
  4. I just think that they’re teasing us as they know how badly everyone wanted it back. Seems like something Thorpe would do
  5. Good Point tbf. But I still believe that there will be a return of Big Top because of those teasers.
  6. I think that Big Top is coming back for this reaso: • In the Bouncezilla (located where Big Top was) theme tune there are a few snippets of the Big Top Theme Tune. I reckon that that is teasing the big top which will be unveiled later this summer. I think that Do or Die will be moved to Swarm Island where Sanctum was.
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