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  1. Many thanks to everyone answering the question! The suggestion to start with Nemesis / Stealth worked really well, as we got in essentially without queueing. In the end we managed 19 rides (we didn't do dodgems, high striker, the 4D cinema, storm surge and depth charge), including all the major rides. A bit sad we didn't manage to get into storm surge, but 30 minutes of queueing seemed a bit unreasonable for what it offered...!
  2. Hey guys, I am planning to go to TP on mid-May with my parthner. Based on your experience with the park, do you think we could possibly do most of the park in one day (either a Thursday or a Friday)? I was wondering whether we should spend 2 days at TP or 1 day at TP and 1 day at Chessington / Legoland. Really unsure what queue times look like.
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