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  1. 2017 Season General Discussion

    I too questioned it, watch what happens! Schools week? I did ask one teacher yesterday if the pupils are expected to write a project based on their visit to Thorpe Park, but they appeared not to expect one.
  2. 2017 Season General Discussion

    Queues at Stealth were up to 90 minutes today, 9000 prebooked school visitors, but Thursday, wait for this, 12000 prebooked school slots, and the park expected to exceed capacity.
  3. Drayton Manor

    The new coaster at BPB has been designed to entwine with other existing rides, and I think that is a very positive thing as it is the way BPB has always built. Not such a fast one, but with the closeness of other structures it will add an interesting effect. DM has had so much success with Thomas, and there geographical location is ideal, they can only do well out of it.
  4. Things You've Overheard at Parks

    That would certainly make swimming underwater difficult.
  5. Things You've Overheard at Parks

    At TP today, on..........Stealth........... Guy announces to his mate "cor, five times on this would create havoc with your life 'cos of the adrenalin!" Then a chap seated next to me said "I opened my eyes last time and I couldn't breathe!" We all survived the day.
  6. Drayton Manor

    Oh My God, the end of the world............................. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/people-stranded-upside-down-stalled-10722564 how melodramatic, and with " many thrill rides including rapids and roller coasters remain closed" being rather misleading as when I was there three weeks ago, the Rapids, Shockwave and Storm Force10 were the only rides closed.
  7. Orlando Holiday Planning

    Try to find out if they have any Bank Holidays during the period you're looking at as obviously there are more people in the parks, and check if school holidays are still on. These prices may change in the time, but I doubt it... http://www.internationaldriveorlando.com/iride-trolley/
  8. Orlando Holiday Planning

    Each to their own, but I would do Busch Gardens. You have plenty of time to research and organize, but if you have a prepaid ticket, there is a free bus service from Orlando to BG and return. The major parks do get busy over the weekends, so look for alternatives, one being the Science Center, and you have Kennedy. Merlin now have three attractions on I-Drive, I.e. Madame Tussauds, Sealife Centre and Orlando Eye, well worth doing, and all in the same complex. Depending on where you stay, and again, you have time to research, there are some free buses to Disney, and perhaps Universal will only be a walk away, the local bus service is cheap. You can judge how to feed yourself which may be a large buffet breakfast each day, therefore not needing lunch (more ride time), and a reasonable meal in the evening. Enjoy the planning stages.
  9. First time visit.

    I rarely hear of it opening before eleven, so just go and enjoy yourself and keep an eye on the displayed queue times.
  10. First time visit.

    Enjoy your visit. The queue for SWARM is always lowest about 1.30p.m., as said by Stuntman, people must eat at lunchtime, take advantage of it. If a ride is closed and you want to ride it, keep an eye on it from a distance, as normally three empty test runs are carried out prior to re-opening. Have a good day.
  11. Things You've Overheard at Parks

    Today on Stealth, "the older I get the less I like roller coasters!" then the speaker completed the ride and got off, a twenty-four year old lady.
  12. Tidal Wave

    Saw that go off about ten days ago, not something I watch but noticed it.
  13. Things You've Overheard at Parks

    but he's going to miss out on a half second view of London.
  14. Things You've Overheard at Parks

    TP today whilst on Stealth, a lad around fifteen years old said to me just before the start "don't blink before the launch or you won't be able to open your eyes all the way round!" ?
  15. The News

    I too am shocked and sickened that this has happened in Manchester. I had a great day at TP yesterday, being a single rider I ride alongside numerous people of varying origins and belonging to a wide variety of cultures and religions all out to enjoy themselves. Last nights incident reminds one that the loonies are out there, and will strike regardless of those aforementioned differences and having no compunction as to who may be affected.