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  1. Luckily for the humans, nobody was hit, the damage was under the front of the train, but as happens with pigeons, an explosion of feathers.
  2. Settled into my seat on stealth next to a teenage girl, who promptly started screaming.........was it me? was it the ride?.......NO! there was a spider beside her foot. Then sadly a little later, we took out two pigeons, ride closed for cleaning and engineers inspection;
  3. I suppose we should accept the fact that the Park have to "test with a live audience", but it can be disappointing to be the guineapigs.
  4. Yuk, rollbacks waste ride time, and require attendance of extra staff once it's been tested, to sign it off, and a distinct lack of g-force.
  5. Fingers crossed for better news, hope the girl is uninjured though the stress will be bad enough.
  6. A young "lady" today asked me if her eye lashes had moved, I assured they had not, but everything else had!
  7. planenut


    You cannot be serious? ?
  8. As Josh said, SRQ cannot work with some rides but a few years back, Nemessis Inferno allowed singles to join from the exit side but this became complicated with increase in all the other pass holders. Swarm is not easy as Fastracks will attest to when joining with at least six train loads still ahead. Colossus again became complicated with the additional passholders waiting around the exit. Difficult for staff on many occasions having to deal with various passholders when under pressure to maintain throughput.
  9. That would be handy when Stealth has a rest.
  10. Yesterday on Stealth as a single rider was directed by staff to join a woman and her two children, by using the single remaining seat, "oh I wanted that empty so the camera got me and the kids only!"
  11. That burrow stuff seemed to disappear a few years ago, and that corner of the park always appears run down. The small coaster in there, Witches Brew is a manically rough ride. Bounce was going through all sorts of weird cycles but worth it. Speed was good though oddly no queue late morning and really hot weather. As always with Oakwood some areas seem neglected and the pedal boat ponds are almost covered in algae. The waters of drenched though were very clean and welcome.
  12. Clearly not many posts on this park but I was there last Saturday when the temperature was around the thirty degree mark, and Drenched was so, so welcome. Four times on the ride, and four times on the bridge - I don't get that wet in a bath.
  13. Check out the locker systems as I found those nearer the wet rides at Universal charge whilst those further away are free and timed. You can judge the need to store things whilst wet riding, but make a note of your times. In the Disney parks, check closing times and firework display times 'cos if you like them, you could catch one display after another by park hopping. Foods at Disney Parks is not great quality; always worth considering a big breakfast at a Denny's or I-Hop restaurants to last you through to the evening, especially, when strangely enough, everybody goes for lunch at lunchtime, meaning ride queues are shorter. Enjoy your trip!
  14. Likewise there, and we had a rule if one wanted the loo, we all went, which meant there was no searching for each other, nor the aggravation of trying to rejoin others already in queues by persuading people that you should be allowed through.
  15. Great write up Matt. My kids have been brought up to "eat in the queue, don't lose ride time" and I am pleased that my grandson is being educated the same way.
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