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  1. I too am shocked and sickened that this has happened in Manchester. I had a great day at TP yesterday, being a single rider I ride alongside numerous people of varying origins and belonging to a wide variety of cultures and religions all out to enjoy themselves. Last nights incident reminds one that the loonies are out there, and will strike regardless of those aforementioned differences and having no compunction as to who may be affected.
  2. I was surprised by the name as it will always be overshadowed by the Big One. However, Stealth is the most unstealthy thing at any park.
  3. Today whilst on Stealth, having ridden with a lady to whom I was making comments during conversation about the speed and height she said to me, "you sound like a bit of an enthusiast, you know all the statins", I think she chose the wrong word.
  4. Stealth had a great problem with the catch car last year, that's the slab that launches the train; it was repaired. There have now been a significant number of launches using this item. A new catch car is to be fitted, and actually will have a lower launch shelf life. Luckily, and this was the reason I attended today, the weather is taking a downturn and therefore I suspect, there will be considerably lower visitor numbers over this next five days, so probably a good call.
  5. The parks will always be busier at the weekends, so that's a good time to go to Kennedy and especially the Orlando Science Center. You have to remember that the Orlando the tourist sees is quite remote from the city centre. If you are a Merlin pass holder they now have three new establishments, together off of I-Drive (International Drive). Busch Gardens is great and certainly didn't appear to cause unnecessary distress to the animals, and they are one of the oldest and largest "zoological" establishments in the States ... re-center/ . Great layout and fantastic rides. There is a free shuttle bus from Orlando with pre-paid tickets. The Disney parks are massive and each have their own major rides. Single rider queues operate in many different parks, and if only one or two of your group fancy trying a ride, this is a good way of dealing with that in a quicker way. There are some free links from around I-drive to Disney so make enquiries at other hotels, if your hotel doesn't do it. Enjoy your time.
  6. I'm sure that they would try to dissuade clients from leaving the resort.
  7. I certainly agree with some of those points, and the remarks from various members proves how different we all are, physically as well as emotionally. I've given up wearing earings so my six or so rides on it this year have proved fine, and I love the front and back as much.
  8. I did like Slammer as a unique ride - not re-rideable, but tried to visit when working. Seems a shame after all the efforts over the last three years, and it's physical position must have been considered when siting the ghost train.
  9. Wouldn't like it at anytime - particular lack of G force and strong attack of P force!
  10. Mainly the cleanliness of the place along with the enthusiasm of the staff. There is a variety of rides for all tastes and if one gets fed up with that, then just a break to walk round the park. I was there with a Coaster Club and due to their exclusive session, and other members having done it enough, I managed Leviathon six times solo before the GP came in. The whole park is a delight. I don't have the knowledge that Ben does, but the park is served by public transport from Toronto. There are several things to do around as well described by Ben, but for the aviation enthusiast there is a great aircraft collection at Hamilton which includes the worlds only other airworthy Lancaster.
  11. Interesting read about a park I've actually been to, and loved.
  12. Okay then, I'll sit with you. X:/NWO was great for me with all the quirkiness and not knowing what was going to happen next.
  13. Remind me not to sit with you anymore. For me, X - No Way Out when it opened in 1996, yes I'm an old ffffffffffellow. It was great and totally disorienting and my son and daughter (aged 19 and 17 at the time) thoroughly enjoyed it.
  14. They did that in our Civil Service website a few years back; odd how they feel the need then to send as many emails apologizing for the inconvenience.