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  1. Heard today at Thorpe Park whilst riding, er, Stealth...... "I used to ride this in the 1980's, it used to only go up to the top and roll back but they've extended it since!
  2. It was an unusual ride, those hip restraints and that slow upside down climb, but I liked it.
  3. No naked flames around that please!
  4. I was there on Sunday and the explanation as to G-Force is that it is now the only one of that manufacturer that exists; the carts have been damaged due to a fault and the cost to repair by that manufacturer is very very high. With other matters still pending, the Park have to wait to decide on the future of G-Force. The success of Thomasland and other entertainments for the younger crowd may be the factor as to the future direction of the Park, and perhaps the future retention of G-Force.
  5. You may have come a long way round that conclusion, but maybe your opinion is based on how the "air time" is achieved; some may say that Detonator will give airtime when others will jump up and say "it's not a coaster", but there are five Coasters at TP which I say can give elements of airtime, two very easily, one is noticed if you are awake on the ride. Someone the other day provided an example (not Merlin) that provided airtime on a bunny hop brake hill therefore qualifying it, but ignoriing it's 300' drop lacking it due to the twist and restraint. Therefore I'd say a lot is in the perception of the rider. Enjoy each ride for what it gives you, as you cannot change the coaster, but you can change how you sit, allow the restraint to be fastened and how one braces.
  6. Brilliant choice for a family, with a greater number of rides and attractions available to those under 1.4m, and with loads of other entertainment. The zoo is well managed and is a nice side distraction, plenty of eateries though the car park is only a short walk away (parking is free). The queues are not horrendous and tidier than some of the larger parks, but there is plenty to entertain. List of height requirements here https://www.draytonmanor.co.uk/rides-and-attractions/rides/ride-height-restrictions Have a great time.
  7. I agree, I stay in digs about three roads away when I'm up there and there are always parking places on the roads.
  8. Whilst attending Colossus on Friday, the loading was painfully slow with several times rechecks of harnesses and restraints being done five times, the team were also very slow at releasing once those checks were done. When I arrived I thought I'd grab a front seat as there were only enough riders for five trains in front of me, by the time I got loaded, the ten minute queue had gone to 75minutes.
  9. I live very close to TP and only generally visit one other Merlin location each year, so I have a Thorpe Park Annual Pass. I've moaned enough recently, that return day tickets have been given out for free a lot, and groaned that the Annual Pass had been offered to day ticket holders at low prices, I have just received an email. The Offer....... TP Annual Pass for £25, that is crazy, and yes I have purchased it. I heard from management yesterday that they are reducing the amount of "fast-tracks" issued after a breakdown.
  10. That is strange that, me being so pedantic at times, thought those pictures above were of a very early sunrise, I had never realized how much of a seaview WEST there was from Margate front, that shut me up!
  11. Stealth - apparently had a new cable fitted during Tuesday night. The sensors and fittings have to be tested in many ways as the cable stretches and the sensors have to "see" the new fittings. The engineer with the major know-how on this was not on for a full shift until today, Friday. They did not get into running mode until about 6.30p.m., then there were constant problems throughout the evening requiring the setting procedures and sign-off protocol to be followed. A hot frustrating day, not helped by Saw and SWARM going through long pre-start inspections prior to opening. The tea-cups seemed to manage quite well.
  12. Sadly, I think there is evidence that currently the finances and publicity of Merlin are mismanaged, I.e. growth in revenue, growth in visitors, but less revenue from returning visitors. The system of offering free returns to non-annual pass holders after paying for one day ticket is hardly their best idea. Major incidents at "entertainments" require sensible reaction to encourage continuing and returning visitors, whether those entertainments are a one off, arranged on an annual basis or a daily opening location. The investigative authorities have a part to play in this and their co-operation or not, can cause the demise or success of the next similar event. The majority of those who then maintain that "it should be closed, not allowed, or restricted" will be those who don't attend those events, and those who have been sadly affected by incidents. Knee jerk reactions are the main cause of the cancellation of most recurring events, whether that be an injury sustained by a fairground ride, or an aircraft crashing at an airshow. No-one demands that a motorway is closed and grassed over following a fatal accident, rather, "get it cleared, I need to get on", why? because the majority use the motorways. My opinions only.
  13. That did really add to the atmosphere.
  14. Sadly, for me, I felt that once the ride ever went forwards, and they put the lights on, it lost it's madness. I took my two mini-monsters there when X-NWO opened in 1996, and the disorientation of that was amazing, and we all felt it was a great ride. I don't actually like the leaning towards "horror", even feeling that the themeing of Saw is inappropriate for the park, but then, I am a dinosaur, though I do see all this as taking away the appeal to the family group. Commercially, it works for Merlin at the initial stages, but long term, as Deejay states, there is a loss of the re-rideability appeal. Why else would they throw away money by offering free re-entry after one full day ticket payment, that to me is commercial stupidity; yes a discount, but not totally free. (told you I was a dinosaur)
  15. I have met some people recently who wouldn't want nor need to look for a discount, not me. Stealth stuck up top? point zero of a second.
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