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  1. 2017 Season General Discussion

    Apparently this has not gone down well with the engineers who have more strict controls placed on them by the limits of the anemometers, then have to "take the blame" from the guests. The forecast of the weeks weather was why I went yesterday (Tuesday) and proved correct. Free ticket sounds good, but I don't know how annual pass holders benefit.
  2. Thorpe Park Hotel

    A hostel is a great idea, but sadly there is little encouragement around Heathrow due to the influence of hotels in the area. Hostels are brilliant, used them all the time whilst in New Zealand and they don't have to be flash, just functional.
  3. Things You've Overheard at Parks

    Perhaps they thought as it was VR, they could experience it anywhere?
  4. Stealth

    Nemesis Inferno is a great ride, intense and flowing, love the front, like the back.
  5. Stealth

    I am thankful that we all have totally different tastes, there'd be one heck of a queue if we didn't!
  6. Stealth

    I gave up counting years ago - it's been at least twice this year though.
  7. Things You've Overheard at Parks

    I live my life on the rails !
  8. Just hope there are no trainee vets on here at the moment!
  9. Stealth

    On Stealth today I rode with an "older" guest who celebrated his 100th ride on Stealth since it's opening, he's been counting. Nice to share his happy moment.
  10. Things You've Overheard at Parks

    On Stealth today, I heard a female say "I think I've strained my t*ts through screaming so much", I only looked once.
  11. Stealth

    Excuse me, I'm having a chat to a dead wasp!
  12. Stealth

    Oh lucky me, I attracted a passenger on Saturday last, luckily up the outside of my leg on my shorts as I rode Stealth. The darned wasp was not best pleased and let me know on the brake run - the wasp did not survive for questioning.
  13. Heide Park

    Each to their own, as with all rides. I personally have ridden the Heide Park Colossus and found it to be a great ride, with plenty of airtime; these large wooden coasters are "cathedrals" and it would be a shame to see that go. TP's Colossus, a totally different beast, is a great ride and intense enough for a lot of people, and for those with strong neck muscles to keep the head against the restraint to avoid the ear banging.
  14. Park Operations

    You think so? that would be the most expensive "escort" price for that ride.
  15. Education

    It's been a lot less effort being weird.