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  1. Logger's Leap

    Oddly enough, the one ride that is constantly shown in past news items is Loggers Leap, and though it is not the type of ride to keep me entertained, I know people who have constantly re-ridden it.
  2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Do you mean that Wallace and Gromit's Thrill-O-Matic ride didn't do it for you?
  3. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Colours? well it has to contrast with other rides and furniture, and this is Blackpool, all things intertwine. Looking forward to giving this a proper test if it opens in time for my visit.
  4. Liseberg

    Thanks for that, interesting comments. It's a park that some friends of mine have been to a couple of times, and with their enthusiasm for Gothenburg, I will consider it for the future.
  5. Thank You Staff

    Can I take this opportunity to thank all those staff members who made my visits so good this year. The ride operators, the engineers and the cleaning staff, who all dealt with me and those within earshot so tactfully and patiently. Staff and even some managers whom I saw rush to assist to tidy up the mess that some unwell riders left. Whatever you all do in the future, this should have been a good experience to meet and deal with such a wide range of people from all walks of life. The staff should feel chuffed if their "customers" left with a smile, you've done your bit to make somebody's day, well done.
  6. Ride Accidents

    Lucky there are no serious injuries, this type of ride can really generate loads of force.
  7. Extra Costs To Passholders

    Having considered the replies I should add now, that yes, I do have the TP pass , which allows access to TP and no other location or event, I understand that. There are conditions which basically, as with all passes, means that the issuing company can move the goal posts when they like, TP have done that as I stated at the start of this. Obviously there is no set date of limited access when one purchases the pass, and for those who state the obvious, yes I could have got another type of pass. I paid a low sum for what is described as an Annual Pass but once purchesed became a limited pass and an extra day was not the £15 as I stated but £20. In it's original form, the TP pass suited me, I don't purchase food or drink when I'm there, it's very different when one is not with other people.
  8. Favourite Coaster Launches

    Well each to their own - so many people tell me what they consider better than the ride I'm actually on at the time, odd, they are here too. the best is what is available to you at the time. Now have a look at this, but not for the ride (we know it's great), but the comment from Adalia Mason, so scroll down, and think "have I been there?" youtube.com/watch?v=HN8nv4tVFuA
  9. Any extra payment is annoying but if one only pops into TP for a few hours, which I know quite a few people do, they have to now pay the extra for FN days. TP/Merlin have increased the "event" days and reduced the open days in between this year and especially in the last month. This is really annoying as if one only wants to ride, it costs £15 a day extra. I doubt I am the only one who is annoyed by this. I do know one person who went there every day, but never rode anything.
  10. Oblivion

    Maybe it's to reminisce over what was so close and for many, so good? I.e. The Black Hole!
  11. Thorpe Park Trip Reports

    Never too late to discuss theme parks, interesting report. Thorpe Park is different to some, it's a gravel pit, and not an ornamental garden. It's also not a wall enclosed seaside funfair. Certainly the position one sits in on some rides alters the comfort or not. I know some people who never ride but enjoy going to parks, each to their own. Well done.
  12. Fires at Thorpe Park?

    Have a look here..... http://www.memoriesofthorpepark.co.uk/tpfire.html
  13. Taxi Around The Thorpe Park

    http://www.londonbusroutes.net/times/446.htm that link shows that they run after 10p.m. and after 11p.m. on Saturday. So I suspect the others would run until those times also.
  14. Taxi Around The Thorpe Park

    That's a 25 minute walk, or one of the buses, is the 446 http://www.londonbusroutes.net/times/446.htm It runs down Chertsey Lane, 100 metres from the hotel.
  15. Taxi Around The Thorpe Park

    A taxi to where from where? if I am using Heathrow, I would not try a taxi from there, but have a phone number for one at home. If you want a local, look at Chertsey. If you are looking to have transport to and from the Park, there are plenty of buses.