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  1. planenut

    Park Operations

    The smoke on Stealth was working on Thursday for the first time I recall this year - sadly with the alteration to audio there are no screeching tyres, so this causes more worry for some than interesting effect.
  2. Talking with my "late eightys" Aunty, when I informed her of my enthusiasm for roller coasters she loudly commented...... "What? that's worse than tattoos, don't you tell any of my friends, up to now they liked you"......................right between the eyes!
  3. planenut

    Irish Enthusiasm

    Erm, yes.
  4. planenut

    Irish Enthusiasm

    Met a chap yesterday at TP, and whilst having a brief chat he told me that "this is my last ride, I've got to catch my flight." Yup, he flew over from Dublin to visit TP for the day.
  5. planenut

    West Midland Safari Park

    If you ever get the chance, their Twilight Bat Cave is well worth a visit. If you do the safari park drive, make sure your cooling system is on good form.
  6. planenut


    There was a particular group on the park yesterday, from "Essex". This did cause some delay to the ride loading and I politely reminded them that they were holding up the whole process. I'm sure they also caused some disruption on other rides, but then, I suppose it was the only way.
  7. planenut

    The Swarm

    The fire effect has been irregular this season, and often fails to ignite the gas which then lingers around the area of SWARM and Stealth, it stinks.
  8. planenut

    Slammer replacement?

    Possibly not, with the local water table it'd be a one way ticket.
  9. planenut

    Logger's Leap

    Oddly enough, the one ride that is constantly shown in past news items is Loggers Leap, and though it is not the type of ride to keep me entertained, I know people who have constantly re-ridden it.
  10. planenut

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Do you mean that Wallace and Gromit's Thrill-O-Matic ride didn't do it for you?
  11. planenut

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Colours? well it has to contrast with other rides and furniture, and this is Blackpool, all things intertwine. Looking forward to giving this a proper test if it opens in time for my visit.
  12. planenut


    Thanks for that, interesting comments. It's a park that some friends of mine have been to a couple of times, and with their enthusiasm for Gothenburg, I will consider it for the future.
  13. planenut

    Thank You Staff

    Can I take this opportunity to thank all those staff members who made my visits so good this year. The ride operators, the engineers and the cleaning staff, who all dealt with me and those within earshot so tactfully and patiently. Staff and even some managers whom I saw rush to assist to tidy up the mess that some unwell riders left. Whatever you all do in the future, this should have been a good experience to meet and deal with such a wide range of people from all walks of life. The staff should feel chuffed if their "customers" left with a smile, you've done your bit to make somebody's day, well done.
  14. planenut

    Ride Accidents

    Lucky there are no serious injuries, this type of ride can really generate loads of force.
  15. planenut

    Extra Costs To Passholders

    Having considered the replies I should add now, that yes, I do have the TP pass , which allows access to TP and no other location or event, I understand that. There are conditions which basically, as with all passes, means that the issuing company can move the goal posts when they like, TP have done that as I stated at the start of this. Obviously there is no set date of limited access when one purchases the pass, and for those who state the obvious, yes I could have got another type of pass. I paid a low sum for what is described as an Annual Pass but once purchesed became a limited pass and an extra day was not the £15 as I stated but £20. In it's original form, the TP pass suited me, I don't purchase food or drink when I'm there, it's very different when one is not with other people.