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  1. I've heard about people who walk on loos!
  2. planenut


    I too managed to catch a quiet day at Oakwood last Saturday; due to the weather, and it's forecast, evening fireworks had been cancelled and the park was to close at 6p.m., Speed and some other items were closed due to high winds. Megaphobia is the biggie and in the damp she was flying, and lack of customers meant a run of 9 rides without getting off during the afternoon. Bobsleigh I think is an entertaining ride when with each turn one tries to get that bit faster, without falling off, and there was a spell when me and colleague were able to ride again without going round the queueline as there was nobody there. People do add to the atmosphere of a park but sometimes, lack of them is a bonus.
  3. very funny, but I hope that "queue management" wasn't to do with the loo? I did think that the "direction" of TP had been put on hold for the last year or so, until they could judge the gains, or not, caused by other parks new rides; oh, then Merlin sold it all.
  4. As Matt says, there were hiccups at the beginning of last week due to sensors and the speed of approach to the offload. Somewhat annoying when I had not checked as to availability prior to my visit. (I should do the housework at this time of year)
  5. Here we go again.......... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48831741
  6. Now we are all going to have to get used to moaning about a different owner/operator. I hope this proves successful for the parks and not just the shareholders.
  7. Heard today at Thorpe Park whilst riding, er, Stealth...... "I used to ride this in the 1980's, it used to only go up to the top and roll back but they've extended it since!
  8. It was an unusual ride, those hip restraints and that slow upside down climb, but I liked it.
  9. No naked flames around that please!
  10. I was there on Sunday and the explanation as to G-Force is that it is now the only one of that manufacturer that exists; the carts have been damaged due to a fault and the cost to repair by that manufacturer is very very high. With other matters still pending, the Park have to wait to decide on the future of G-Force. The success of Thomasland and other entertainments for the younger crowd may be the factor as to the future direction of the Park, and perhaps the future retention of G-Force.
  11. You may have come a long way round that conclusion, but maybe your opinion is based on how the "air time" is achieved; some may say that Detonator will give airtime when others will jump up and say "it's not a coaster", but there are five Coasters at TP which I say can give elements of airtime, two very easily, one is noticed if you are awake on the ride. Someone the other day provided an example (not Merlin) that provided airtime on a bunny hop brake hill therefore qualifying it, but ignoriing it's 300' drop lacking it due to the twist and restraint. Therefore I'd say a lot is in the perception of the rider. Enjoy each ride for what it gives you, as you cannot change the coaster, but you can change how you sit, allow the restraint to be fastened and how one braces.
  12. Brilliant choice for a family, with a greater number of rides and attractions available to those under 1.4m, and with loads of other entertainment. The zoo is well managed and is a nice side distraction, plenty of eateries though the car park is only a short walk away (parking is free). The queues are not horrendous and tidier than some of the larger parks, but there is plenty to entertain. List of height requirements here https://www.draytonmanor.co.uk/rides-and-attractions/rides/ride-height-restrictions Have a great time.
  13. I agree, I stay in digs about three roads away when I'm up there and there are always parking places on the roads.
  14. Whilst attending Colossus on Friday, the loading was painfully slow with several times rechecks of harnesses and restraints being done five times, the team were also very slow at releasing once those checks were done. When I arrived I thought I'd grab a front seat as there were only enough riders for five trains in front of me, by the time I got loaded, the ten minute queue had gone to 75minutes.
  15. I live very close to TP and only generally visit one other Merlin location each year, so I have a Thorpe Park Annual Pass. I've moaned enough recently, that return day tickets have been given out for free a lot, and groaned that the Annual Pass had been offered to day ticket holders at low prices, I have just received an email. The Offer....... TP Annual Pass for £25, that is crazy, and yes I have purchased it. I heard from management yesterday that they are reducing the amount of "fast-tracks" issued after a breakdown.
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