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  1. Clearly we view that differently, though management believe their use has been to aid efficiency.
  2. Luckily, it won't affect me, but I will not reveal why just now. Rode it today, still not happy with the earpiece/intercoms, it really does reduce the chat between hosts and riders, but that's another topic.
  3. I know I am an old "f" but it seems the "f word" is the default setting in most peoples' vocabulary. It's used to complain, show shock, exclaim joy, amazement, awe, and to educate children. Let's hope they never discuss fornication, they'll be lost for words. I heard a youngster on Stealth exclaim, after the ride, "oh my gosh!" I thought that was nice.
  4. Due to me being forced during a break in Stealth operation, I ventured over to Saw. I used the SRQ but the whole operation was extremely slow taking at least thirty minutes. There seemed to be people all over the place but not progressing anywhere. Turns out it would have been quicker to use the normal queue, but baggage and loading queues seemed to be constantly vying with each other. Several times, trains partially empty were sat waiting.
  5. On Stealth today, a chap who I sat beside had his two very young children on the row in front of us. As is my way, and establishing that this was their first time on the ride, I asked if he'd given them any advice? He then called out to the kids shouting "it'll be alright!". It was, but I personally thought he could have done better.
  6. Finally, after thousands of launches over several years, the one thing I never wanted, I had a rollback today. Within a couple of hours of telling several people that I never wanted one, it happened. The power of the launch failed about half way down the run and we barely rose three quarters up the vertical. Still they could not get me a cuppa..........and after rolling us back to the platform, we were off within fifteen minutes.
  7. It seems that during one night in the last week the Park audio systems were left on, all night, only to be turned off by staff arriving at 7a.m.. Complaints from neighbouring areas such as Chertsey have received an apology from the Park.
  8. Interesting to note that the supports seem narrower in their diameter than other rides, no, I am not an engineer.
  9. As it has been mentioned on a couple of posts, at Stealth yesterday I discussed with operators, as to why they had reverted to the original soundtrack? Apparently Health and Safety deemed the recent musical endeavours blocked the safety warnings, therefore less foot tapping, shame.
  10. Benin, I understand your comment and agree, post Covid, and in every arena, people have become more selfish and standards, especially on roads, have deteriorated. Many at the Parks have become more insular within their groups. No matter what you are involved in, stay aware and stay safe.
  11. We perhaps all have a habitual awareness of our personal items when on rides, and everybody is encouraged to secure loose items. Yesterday whilst on a ride, yes it was Stealth, a twelve year old girl was injured by being struck by a mobile phone. She was on the front row, the loser of the phone was in row eight. That phone, allegedly, was in a teenagers zipped pocket. As we on this site, all understand that on the brake hill, the severe braking induces an opposite effect on gravity, with all loose items then being thrown forward. Sadly, the phone hit the girl on top of the head causing a cut, and I dare say, bruising, it took a while for the bleeding to stop. Being an old "f" I tried to help 'cos the staff were busy with the ride operation. The girl had two mates of the same age, not in a school group, and with no adults, and one of those went into a shocked state. First aider arrived then took the girls off the Medical. A very sad event for the girls, but a reminder for us all to secure everything.
  12. Tomathy, you really ought to write to the park with your comments. There certainly appear some valid points you make, and you and your friends are the customers. Never be afraid to express your displeasure or in fact, your pleasure . Don't expect anything in return but it is important to the operators. I have always wished they could make it the staffs' aim to make everybody smile. Thanks for your report.
  13. If it fits your plans, leave the more popular rides until lunch time, and split your refreshments into two breaks, if you must eat. Stealth today had consistent queues of over one hour. Likewise Nemesis Inferno. There is apparently an app. to access on the phone giving q times, but don't ask this dinosaur for more details on that. If you are visiting on your own, try to let the staff know, it can help. Enjoy your day. As Tactic suggests, and especially if there are plenty of coach loads, leave some of your favourites until after 4p.m..
  14. Thanks Josh, and others. There was a single riders queue on the right hand stairs a few years back, before they designated that as a "disabled access". The stories of Rita and Stea!th being designed as one ride have some truth. Height restrictions at AT and space at TP resulted in the split. Who else feels the the drop from the top hat has wasted power/potential? So many riders go on about getting a "rollback" yet in reality it's a waste of ride time, though for those who have stood in the queue it would be like getting a double ride.
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