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  1. https://themeparkguide.co.uk/news-page/Thorpe-Park-A-Look-Behind-Closed-Doors-One-Month-Till-Opening-2024 a great article on Theme Park Guide here about the many changes Some good news for the entrance, although not the major overhaul it needs, it’s all being repainted and the terrible screen is finally being repaired. interesting to read that all of the relatively new “surf” theming in the dome is now gone and will be replaced by the newly branded stuff. I feel like that all only just arrived! A LOT going on, everywhere by the looks of it. Looking forward to seeing it all when it opens
  2. The memorial is done really well over in the garden and it’s a much better place for it now Loggers is gone. It’s good they’ve kept that up for all these years. Jack Silkstone’s latest video shows a little room in the back corner of the loading platform. Any ideas what this could be for?
  3. Come on now, is it as bad as all that? The work they’re doing across the park has been very good so far, especially at Stealth and Colossus. Even if Detonator isn’t going to be like the concept art, it’s an improvement on Angry Birds, is only one part of a new area, and it isn’t even finished yet. I do have to say though it baffles me that everything Merlin do goes right down to the wire - you’d think they’d be at the “finishing touches” stage ok everything now wouldn’t you considering how close opening day is.
  4. Wow they really are doing amazing things this year aren’t they. Really well done. Looking forward to seeing Thorpe all shiny and new!
  5. The golden part of the lift hill is now in place! It looks like that’s it now for gold track pieces, only some white pieces to go now. Looking forward to seeing it at its full height. It’s already looking enormous from the M3. Any guesses at an opening date? I’m going to take a punt at early May.
  6. Amazing how quickly 3 years goes isn’t it. It was a nice little maze the first year, but it has definitely run its course I think. A good spot for a FN maze available again now!
  7. Inferno

    Queue enthusiasts

    Only if they do ride access pass 💅
  8. Looks Incredible There doesn’t seem to be a huge number of rides in the park, but what’s there looks like it could be absolutely amazing. Great to see a duelling coaster returning too! Universal are really putting the pressure on Disney now aren’t they. Can you imagine in a few years time we get a similar trailer for the UK’s universal? A park like this will really shake things up here.
  9. I suppose they could SAW a bit off (while nodding at it of course out of respect) and hang it up somewhere in Exodus’ queue as a nod to the past. Then everyone could nod to it while queueing. The rest could go in to a new “throwback” scare maze - called Scrambled Easter Eggs - with the rest of the thrown out old stuff from the past. It’s not junk if it’s an Easter egg. Rocky Express could go in there too, along with three of those bags that went over your head in The Passing, and one of the old toilet seats from the dome toilets.
  10. Inferno


  11. Inferno


    Ahh great! That’s good news to see that making a comeback! I love that it’s also the usual pink rather than blood red 😂
  12. Wow the outer bank turn really is banked isn't it. Looking forward to seeing the lift hill go up - it's going to be enormous.
  13. I quite like it. They’re definitely sticking to their promise to make things more vibrant. the track looks amazing too.
  14. 😂 It's not my toilet of choice - I'm partial to Amity's or Swarm's - but I must have been in there since then!
  15. umm, WHAT. At least they survive in the boulevard one I suppose!
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