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  1. Considering they have recently had a massively publicised crash that literally the entire target audience knows about, this is a very good result I think? Interesting to hear the CEO’s opinion on esports.... Judging by the feedback on social media, the public don’t get it either... Hate the continued “copy and paste” approach these days but I guess that’s what makes the money. Do we know how well Thorpe / Towers / Chessington are doing specifically? I’d be interested to see if TP’s lack of anything has actually had much affect on revenue
  2. Inferno

    2019 Season

    What...... o.0 What is happening to Thorpe Park?
  3. What? I thought they’d got away from all this nonsense? Surely the ride should be good enough / exciting enough to advertise on its own merits? Things like this make the place look like a joke.
  4. I’m not sure about this cashless system... Even looking back 2 or 3 year’s ago, trying to even pay by card was a nightmare - when producing a card you got a roll of the eyes from the staff, and then got sent down to the other end of the counter where there was a single card machine... I've always made an effort to get cash out when I go to Thorpe because of this - and also so I can leave all my cards and wallet in the car (hate leaving valuables in the bag storage on the station)
  5. This bodes well... usually when a Merlin attraction gets a year round horror maze it’s a sign of a very long and successful future..
  6. ? if I’m being honest I plan to spend as little time with Merlin as possible.... I am pretty sure it’s the lacklustre Merlin attitude of late that put me off theme parks for a while in the first place. But actually having a couple of new coasters being built in the UK, and seeing the potential of Fright Nights it has sparked my interest again ——————— Guys seriously thank you so much for all the tips This is all so useful to a novice like me. It’s likely to be Phantasialand this time, then Perhaps a combined Disney / Paris city break trip later
  7. Thank you guys - car hire seems to be a good tip even if it’s just to get to and from the park from the airports etc Will check out the various hotel options Is Disneyland Paris easily doable from staying in a hotel in central Paris?
  8. Hi guys, Been a long time lurker on here, thought I would show myself! Had a bit of a lull from theme parks over the last couple of years, but after following SW8 and going back to Fright Nights would like to start getting back in to it again, and thought maybe you guys could give me a hand to kick start it? So in the spring I'd like to go with Mrs Inferno on a theme park trip somewhere in Europe. I have done the UK and various US parks, but never Europe how ridiculous. Was wondering if I could ask some advice? Sooo...
  9. "The end is here. It's time. Heads back and brace yourself. Nothing can stop the Swarm." Is it an American accent? or is it Scottish? A bit of an anticlimax considering this is supposed to be the apocalypse... Where's the sense of panic, urgency, suspense? Where's the imagination!
  10. Varney' appearance is now on the Sky News article: http://news.sky.com/story/1494944/carriages-crash-on-alton-towers-smiler-ride
  11. ^ This I agree with this tbh... Yes, each ride has its own logo and entire 'brand' really, but the new branding kind of covers it all up. The website is just SO generic, there is absolutely no hint of theme on each ride's page at all, which is a massive shame. Don't get me wrong I love the new branding, but I hate that it's hiding the identity of the park and all the rides and events. It's just way too generic! Seems daft that they take the time coming up with brilliant logos and brand identity's for Fright Nights and The Swarm, and even buying in brands at huge expense (Saw), then not
  12. Is it because they only have 4 barriers? That's what causes the bottleneck in my experience.
  13. This sums up my opinion That looks pretty poor tbh. Thing is where does it stop? The lake is still open for morons to walk in to without looking - should that be fenced off too?
  14. I'm sure it will be fun and a good laugh, but Shrek?? Seriously?!
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