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  1. Love this! Inferno takes it for me - years ago (pre-saw) on a quiet day towards the end of the day we’d often head to Inferno and just stay on the train for as long as we could (as long as nobody was in the air gates, we’d be allowed to stay seated!) I have no idea what my record would have been, but it was something ridiculous πŸ˜‚ Good times and great memories. Do they still allow that at Thorpe? β€”β€”β€”β€” On a side note this has really pulled on my heart strings. I spent hours doing this with a friend who lost his life a few years ago. Thank you for posting this and letting my re-live such happy memories I’d forgotten I had 😊 Weird how such specific things bring the memories flooding back isn’t it.
  2. I agree. Doing small things like improving the food offerings, getting all the rides open, and improving the appearance of things by refreshing the monorail and deep cleaning or painting shabby things (like the entire Smiler) would make a big difference. Losing Nemesis is going to be a blow to the park in its current state.
  3. What? I must have gone to a different event. The Fright Nights 21 visit I had was the worst theme park visit I've ever had. Fair enough. The set & design was fab. Our run-through was awful though. Again, I must have gone through a different scare zone. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ --- Congratulations to them for the awards, clearly a lot of hard work went in to creating the event, and as always the actors were incredible and working bloody hard. But based on my visit and my personal experience on the night, the park don't even deserve the wooden spoon. I think it was down to difficulties recruiting staff etc, but even so it's interesting to see how much guest experiences can differ from each other with scare events. It's promising to hear that many thought it was worthy of these awards though. Hopefully consistency is worked on going forward.
  4. I had no idea the waterpark and golf had pretty much the same opening hours as the park. What is the thinking behind that I wonder? The waterpark used to be busy in the evenings as far as I remember? (it's been ages since I stated there)
  5. That's a bit of a shame. I think honestly the Festival of Thrills has flopped. The acts are very good, but it was the same when I was there - nobody was attracted to the stages, and the park was worryingly quiet. It feels to me like they were expecting huge numbers now that Covid seems to be 'over', but nobody showed up. I've noticed the weirdly enormous number of staff this season too. I assumed it's down to the attendance not meeting their expectations, which is desperately sad really considering they've put on all these staff (if that's what the reason is). Could they also be 'displaced' staff from Hex and Enterprise? Last season I felt that Towers was in bad shape, but this year with more rides closed and no real improvements, it's starting to feel again like it did when they re-opened shortly after the Smiler's crash.. Still a good day out, but feels empty and a shadow of its former self Looking ahead, in the sort term at least it's a bit worrying that Nemesis will be closing soon for its refurb. As for this season, hopefully crowd levels pick up and they get (and keep) all their rides open - Towers is one of those places that does well when it's a little busier to make it feel alive. The summer season is almost here too, so that should be a boost for them.
  6. Inferno

    Wicker Man

    Oh! I think the actual pre-show is pretty good! I've always enjoyed it, and it definitely adds a bit of drama to the experience. Honestly I missed the pre-show during Covid and I'm glad to have it back. I agree though, they really didn't give much thought to the design of it all did they. That post in the middle of the exit doorway, and the automatic doors that close on people seemingly every time seem dangerous to me tbh, and I'm surprised they are still there after all these years. That should have been a week 1 "whoops-and-fix" surely? Ideally the bag drop and pre-show needed to be 20 meters 'earlier' in the queue to provide a little more time to organise it all. Being earlier in the queue would also remove the urgency to start the show that always seems to exist - it's always a mad rush to get everyone's bags stored and in to the show on time, otherwise there's nobody waiting to board the train. Stupid design! I'm surprised the pre-show has lasted as long as it has. I thought it would be a one season wonder tbh, or at least given the axe "because of covid" - Merlin don't tend to go in for things like these pre-shows long term do they.
  7. Loving these! Glad you're having a good time! Looks like you've had some great weather for it
  8. Wow, it sounds worse than ever. What a mess Thank you for sharing guys - I don't think I was planning on ever 'riding' this again tbh, but now I'll definitely give it a miss. It's been 6 years since this opened now. Surely that's long enough for the park to give it a go now, before getting rid? The whole thing needs bulldozing. In my opinion the park was better off with the unused Arena - it was less disappointing.
  9. πŸ˜‚ Love this! That dream sounds like a rollercoaster of emotions on its own! Mark9's train parking issues are more of a nightmare than a dream as well tbh. I did have an odd one a few months back - there was a long wooden coaster that opened in Central London, think along the lines of The Ultimate... I joined the queue, and it was extremely busy. The queue was sort of a lot of wooden stairs going up, a bit like Depth Charge.. But a bit more grungy, like Shockwave used to be. I nearly reached the top of the queue, and unfortunately hit my head on a wooden beam, which caused me to wake up πŸ™„ I never did get to ride the London Woody! Hope you have a great time at Europa Park!
  10. Great post Josh! Love it. So glad you managed to get there on a quiet day and the storm didn't ruin it! Colossus looks absolutely brilliant.
  11. Merlin-bashing aside.... Does anyone actually know why this might be the case? Could this genuinely be down to deliberately lowering the capacity to make Fastrack more appealing over the busy Easter break? Or is it more likely to be late maintenance, which seems to be an ongoing issue still.
  12. sik. It's so odd to think that construction on this finished BEFORE the likes of Texas Stingray and Max&Mortiz opened, and over 6 months before even F.L.Y opened. Those rides feel like old news now. They have really taken their time with this coaster! It can't be much longer, can it?
  13. The Big One valleying yesterday got me thinking about all the faff involved in recovering the trains etc... Which then got me thinking how convenient Stealth is to reset after a rollback. Does anyone know what it takes to reset Stealth after a rollback? I seem to remember years ago it would take 10-15 minutes for the Engineering Team to come over, do a bit of 'reversing' in the station, a few test runs and that was that.. Ride open again. Now adays it seemingly takes an hour or so to get Stealth up and running again after a rollback. Anyone know what it is they need to do to get it 'ridable' again?
  14. At least the Amazon project will bring in a high-capacity multi-train coaster to eat up the queues and improve the situation πŸ™ƒ Sarcasm aside though... It does bring 3 new rides I suppose, even if 2 of them are only small junior flats. 3 rides is 3 rides though, and will spread the crowds more, even if just a little. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
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