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  1. True. Reclaiming land from a lake is probably even more expensive though I’d imagine, and they’ve got an entire island already reclaimed just sitting there. By that logic I agree it would seem odd if they decided to “delete” X:/NWO’s building (+slammer) for a new ride, but it would be a great place for one in the long term wouldn’t it, and would really change the park, rather than just “slapping a new ride on the side of it”, which supposedly didn’t work financially in Swarm’s case. This is a long shot, but perhaps management are thinking of investing in a major multi-year change / rejuvenation in the existing park by finally replacing X, Slammer, Loggers, potentially even Storm surge and Derren too, then in the future expanding the “new Thorpe Park” by building something out on to the reclaimed island behind Stealth? It might sound far-fetched, but this is the company building multiple entire Legoland parks from scratch. They can afford these sorts of investments if they want to. With the London Resort threat apparently looming, this would make a statement. 🤷‍♂️ Doubtful I know. It’s fun to speculate though isn’t it. I bet it all just turns out to be another f****** walk-through thing.
  2. It’s difficult though isn’t it. I bet a lot of people wanted a “throwback” show of some sort, because it sounds fantastic - and that’s exactly what they’ve done. The thing is, a lot of Thorpe’s audience were toddlers (or not even born) when FN started, and I’d like to bet that most people at the park on a given night have only visited FN once or twice, maybe even never before. (I’m pretty sure even Mr Silkstone himself has said he only started going to FN in the last few years, and didn’t get to do Asylum) A lot of guests simply don’t care about the details either - for example I drag Mrs Inferno to all sorts of scare events, and she enjoys them but I don’t think she could name many past mazes or place the theme tunes tbh. Most people aren’t all that bothered, they just want to enjoy it for what it is at the time. I think this sort of show was really only going to appeal to a few hardcore fans, and mean nothing at all to everyone else. I love that Thorpe have put it on to be honest, and from what I’ve seen online it looks like a great effort. Given a “throwback light show” brief, I couldn’t have done any better! I’d have probably added a big screen and had a defined ending of some sort, but really I think they have done a good job, especially if they (I assume) had a tight budget and short timeframe. If it’s not well received, it was worth a go. They tried something. Looking forward to seeing it in person this week
  3. Yeah the Perfect Day is an odd one isn’t it. I remember hearing it a few times at FN that year because it was the theme song for that terrible film, but it doesn’t stand out to me as iconic at all, especially as there were only a few roaming actors. I would have said Asylum’s “other” theme tune was more iconic than that to be honest. Or maybe Studio 13’s queue music (although hardly a banger for the show, granted!) The one that stuck in my mind as “THE” Fright Nights song was always this one from My Bloody Valentine. (Skip to 1:25 🥲) It’s all subjective though isn’t it 😊 I guess it depends what you hear when you’re at the park, what you were doing at the time it played, and what sticks in your memory! I’ve had a huge wave of nostalgia listening to those just now! I miss the “old days” (not that it was that long ago!)
  4. I’m going next week so really looking forward to seeing it in person. From the videos I’ve seen online though, it seems like a good show - something different at Thorpe. It’s a bit unusual isn’t it? I think it’s the ending for me that makes it odd, and the lack of crowd. I always think Thorpe struggle with shows. Apart from their fireworks years ago, their shows are always a bit ‘out there’ and nearly always poorly attended. I have a lot of memories of the Sun Scream shows, like the bike stunt show in the arena and the various live music things they’ve done in the past, they all have very small audiences for some reason, and always seem a bit of an after thought compared to the rides and mazes. even recently, Big Top Showtime barely had a crowd ever. Shame isn’t it.
  5. Hope you're having a good day there today Kelly! Let us know how you got on with this.
  6. Has anyone heard anything about Legacy?
  7. 😲 Wow - I think you might be on to something Josh! Coaster I think I agree with you about TWD though. The X:\NWO text on that poster is making me think it’s maybe something to do with X too, especially as it’s in a pyramid. 🤷‍♂️ Thats pretty Egypty already I guess? The Walking Dead as a brand is pretty dead in the water now isn’t it. Seems strange if they’d spent all the money theming X to that, only to pull it out a few years later, but I guess the same can be said for scare mazes to some extent, and they’re sometimes only up for a matter of weeks before being scrapped. 2022 is only a few months away, but they could pull off another X retheme over winter if they really wanted to. If it is X:\Pyramidz - Can we have Revenge of the Mummy scale theming please! 🙏 (ever the optimist) As for Old Town - it’s got to be the site for a big 2023 coaster hasn’t it. It must be!
  8. I’m kind of just realising that FN’s 10th anniversary (& Exp10’s opening year) being 10 years ago, which means that half of FN’s history has taken place since then….. I realise that is is obvious, but wow I’m getting so old! 😳 Exp10 opening feels so recent to me. I completely agree with all that’s been said about looking back at the past mazes fondly - I don’t think perhaps the likes of Asylum would be quite as well received today as it was at the time. Really Asylum was little more than a chain-link strobe maze with a lit-up sign out the front and a great theme tune. But wow was it scary. I seem to remember scare mazes making me (and everyone else queueing) genuinely nervous. They, especially Asylum, seemed to have a legendary reputation which I think just added to it. I think as well the hands-on-shoulders thing, and the bizarre group photo (with all the random strangers in your run through) and briefing on the ‘stage’ in front of the queue before going through the iconic blue door added to it too - it felt like such an event! I think we expect a lot more from a scare maze these days, unlike a few years ago when really we didn’t expect much more than simply to be scared. Now we seem to expect a full story to be told and for it to be well themed throughout - the bar has been raised massively, and quite rightly so since they now charge for a runthrough. I think that’s why Experiment 10 and Cabin In The Woods (and the towers mazes) impressed so much at the time, because it added so much more to what most people were used to seeing from a maze, including the likes of Tulley’s at the time. I think expectations are just extremely different now. Mazes have stories and are generally really well themed. Big Top was a little different for me because it almost felt like a slight step back to how mazes used to be - it was more simple in what it was trying to do. Even the beloved Big Top though was a far cry from how mazes used to be a few years before. The way the BT’s soundtrack evolved throughout the maze, and the work that went in to the set designs, it was nothing like the old mazes at all - it was so much more, and clearly had a much bigger budget. I don’t think there’s any going back to how it was, not without people calling it lazy. I think scare mazes are having a bit of an identity crisis at the moment. Most mazes aren’t built simply to be “scary” anymore - they’re really more of a scenic theatrical experience aren’t they? (I’m not complaining about that - just kind of rambling/realising) A good point was made earlier about the “10th birthday” being celebrated by a plastic cake being wheeled about on a trolley and a maze with “10” written on it - and that was great back then! Now everyone expects a lot more. ———— Tl;dr - I think the unwritten ‘definition of a scare maze’ has changed too much for Asylum and co to be as well received as they used to be. People expect more now. (sorry for my rambling post 🙄) Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
  9. Oooohhhhh - Very interesting! I wonder if these are the scenes in a new cinema style maze? Could they even be doing a series of 'tributes' to mazes from the past? That would help stop unfair direct comparisons to the originals. Beyond the chair - Something to do with the dentist chair in Containment maybe? Nightmare on Staines Street - Asylum vibes? Vulcan Voodoo - Vulcan Peak tribute? (why..) Ship Happens - The Curse tribute? Or Saw Alive throwback (as it was on a boat)? Hell Cell - Hellgate / exp10 combo? Or could it be referring to the prison in the walking dead? Seven Dolls - Got to be something to do with Se7en? Bozo's Playzone - The big top showtime type thing? Breakout at Brainsbury's - (love this) Maybe a supermarket zombie breakout themed maze? Very different!
  10. Platform is a surprise - for some reason I thought last year was its last? I’d love to see a Studio 13 style throwback maze in the jungle building, packed with references to some of the best mazes from the past. A return of the Big Top would go down very well too I think! intrigued to see if they do anything special for the 20th, but I’m not holding my breath 🙄
  11. Surely they need something with far more capacity than this (likely) single-train coaster is going to offer? Queues at Chessington can be unbearable with few high-throughput rides to offer any relief.
  12. I wish they'd use the amazing "nee naw" IMAScore music that's sampled in this:
  13. That's really, really interesting. Quite surprising to see that all 4 parks were all only up about a million(ish) visitors p/a in 2019 compared to their opening years. That's mad. Nearly all of the last 7 Thorpe "investments" are hilariously bad when you compare them to the last 7 of all the other parks. It's quite telling that they consider some of those to be "investments" when compared to the others. Bouncezilla is listed as an 'investment' for example, while no mention of the other inflatables & small things elsewhere 🙄
  14. That's extremely disappointing that a couple of days in, it's already in this state. I hope not, but I fear Black Mirror might suffer the same fate before long. It seems that the most consistent UK attractions are the ones that don't rely on anything 'special' happening - the coasters for example: As long as the trains continue to run round the track, the experience is much the same. as soon as effects start coming in to play though, it's unfortunately all down hill from opening day.
  15. Completely agree about the headsets. Extra cleaning or not, surely this is still a silly risk to take at the moment, pressing at the same sweaty plastic box against hundreds of people's faces every day? Ew. I'm just trying to imagine 'riding' DBGT without headsets... Surely it's literally pointless 😆 It's bad enough with them. An app sounds like a good idea. I guess it would rely on everyone's device somehow playing the video at the same time, which could be a challenge given the lack of signal on busy days. If they turned the queue in to a tech support troubleshooting session prior to riding it could work! I really just can't see the point of opening it again to be honest. This would have been a good opportunity/excuse to quietly close it down without too much fanfare. Unless maybe I'm wrong.. Do people actually enjoy it?
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