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  1. Absolutely love that. Saw looks great from that angle. Loggers’ first lift/drop felt so much bigger than that didn’t it!
  2. Oh it’s an Aramark cafe? Damn. I noticed recently they did the food at the Warner Bros Studio Tour - which was probably one of the most revolting “lunches” I’ve ever had 🤢
  3. My expectations on this have gone up and down more than a the much anticipated Thorpe B&M hyper. ↗️At first I did think, wow this could be fab! No more VR and no more Derren - it’s what people have been asking for for years. ↘️Then I got thinking about what it could be… As Josh mentioned, the “ride” itself is an absolute yawn fest - it’s literally a box that slowly moves from one position to the next… If not done well, this could be a very awkward and drawn out experience. ↗️However.. with screens for windows and actors etc, really there are many possibilities.. if they can “do up” the experience to match the incredible station theming inside, this could be something very special indeed. ↘️Then my mind casts back to the other (non fn) “walkthrough experience” type attractions Thorpe have done over the years, and to be honest they’ve been lacklustre to say the least. ↗️Then you see Merlin Magic Making are involved, planning has been ongoing for over a year, and they’re even investing in a cafe and shop etc…. Looks like they’re taking this seriously after all? This is like something a “proper theme park” would do isn’t it? ↘️See-sawing the other way again though… why haven’t they hyped this up? Is this a just small refurb / removal of Derren and masks after all? I don’t know what to think! ↗️I’m optimistic and hopeful that Thorpe can FINALLY deliver a good attraction before they blow everyone away with Exodus, something they haven’t really been able to achieve for over a decade.
  4. Interesting times! I do hope this isn’t the same old, as in another VR attraction. Although hoping for big changes is pretty optimistic given the costs involved. Fingers crossed for a good announcement!
  5. Well this is all rather exciting isn’t it! Thankfully not an IP in sight 😅
  6. Some rare shots of inside DBGT in the new TP recruitment videos on YouTube. As much as I hate this ride, I’d love a look around it! Anyone got any images of the ride behind the scenes? (Or is it still a bit of a taboo subject even now?)
  7. I just don’t get this ride at all. I really hope it’s amazing and that I’m wrong.. I just don’t understand the choice at all. One train, a shuttle, and now a choice of seats apparently? It all seems so wildly inappropriate to me given how busy Chessington gets, and how unbearable Fastrack sales make the day during summer.
  8. As if the throughput situation could be any worse, they continue to complicate things even more with a different row? Really? Brave it backwards on Swarm was cool, but badly let down by the lack of any sort of common sense in the queuing system - hopefully they’ve thought it through this time. Also interesting to see the arm cutouts on the building entrance - I thought Merlin would be a bit cautious about any suggestion that limbs might somehow bang against something on one of their rides…
  9. How odd that it’s now returned to the app. Wonder if it’ll return without Derren? Perhaps a new, relevant and up to date IP to go with the rest. Ground Force Ghost Train perhaps? Dale Winton’s Supermarket Sweep, the Ride? Frances Bourgeois’ railway adventure? (Actually steady, I can see this actually being a thing…)
  10. It’s all a bit whiplash with TP all the time isn’t it. I’m sure all the land-themed signs and info boards will remain
  11. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely thrilled Exodus is coming, but I have to say I’m really sad to see Loggers finally being demolished 😢 Bringing back the log flume would have been nearly equally as welcome as this new ride in this location, in my eyes at least. It was fab.
  12. Pretty sad really isn’t it…. To be honest they’re probably in a worse position than they were 10 years ago, because since DBGT was build there’s been huge focus on events - something an arena might have been useful for after all 🙄 As for Mr Silkstone - I think he does a great job to be honest. He seems like a very passionate person who has put in a lot of effort, and it’s payed off. Well deserved I think! He’s in a bit of a difficult position, because the content he became known for is now off limits, so really he’s doing what he can, and I think he’s making it work. He’s bringing us better coverage of a new ride than we’ve ever had access to before.
  13. Very interesting. I know there are a few who liked it, but ultimately DBGT was a disaster, and enormous waste of money. While the illusions and realistic motion of the train are/were impressive, the rest of the experience was poorly thought out from before it even opened, under-staffed based on what it needed, and really inconsistent. In fact one of the most consistent things about the ride was its inconsistency. It's been unreliable, expensive to staff and run, neglected maintenance-wise (probably due to crippling costs of the headsets etc), and unsuitable during the pandemic. If it's finally gone, good riddance. Time for Merlin to try to put this very public pant-sh**ing episode behind them in my opinion. ☕️💅🏼
  14. You just love to watch the world burn don't you haha! There's been huge progress made on clearance in Old Town https://www.themeparkguide.biz/news-page/Thorpe-Park-Old-Town-Demolition-Begins Really excited to see this progressing this year!
  15. As much as yet another "year of thrilling events" absolutely sucks, I think honestly it's justified this year, considering they're literally spending millions on the UK's tallest coaster opening next season. I'm sure all focus will be on that. I do hope they can at least manage some sort of general tidy up though. The park isn't in great condition in general. Fingers crossed, Colossus will be looking better (or some of it at least), they'll fix some of the fences and at least try to remove some graffiti, and they'll put a bit of effort in to hyping up the new ride across the park. Derren closing will make next to no impact on the park what so ever, and as much as Slammer's corpse laying there for all to see is sloppy, there's no major rush to get rid of it I suppose (although while clearance work is happening, with all the gear and people on site, why not now?)
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