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Theme Park Theming


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Today at school I had to do some research for graphics and one of the links I ended up on was this:


Of course, me being me I explored the site and found some of the amazing projects in the theme park world that they had worked on. From theming right through to special effects there are some greatly recognizable projects.

I then had a free lesson and with nothing else to do decided to research some more of these design/theming websites that have worked on theme park projects outside of the Merlin Studios we all know.

Firstly I came across:


Very interesting to see all the different types of design for a generic indoor playhouse but also some further products like Ballocity.


Some more interesting projects having worked on many of the Belgium parks theming and O'Ziris' theming!


Whilst not primarily theme parks some more amazing theming ideas.


Whilst this company is well known it still deserves a mention because much of the stuff they do is superb!


And I'll finish with this one, the creator of many of Chessington's theming elements from back in the day such as the dragon and Buddha faces that featured on Dragon Falls and the centre piece for Rodeo. I wonder how he feels when he looks at Dragon Falls today.

And that is it, there are some great theming companies out there some less known than others but all seem to offer a superb final product! If any of you have any other companies that I have missed or you would like to share please do! I know for sure that I would find it interesting and I'm sure many others would to :)

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