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  1. If you like roller coasters Cedar Point is better. If you like theme parks Europa Park is better. Taking the Golden Ticket Awards as serious is silly.
  2. Considering the original Spookslot had a hanged man in it... That video isn't much. Seems to be more of an update of the original based on that clip rather than something brand new? But might be more paying homage to it rather than anything.
  3. Think I did Revenge of the Mummy (Florida) 10 times in a day after some constant use if the single rider queue. Done similar numbers for RnRC at Paris (7 times in 1 hour, before the park had anything else worth riding) and 8 times for Raptor in Gardaland. Inferno used to get a lot of rides too when single rider was a thing. Just walk off and straight back in sometimes. Glorious days those were. Gonna discount rides done during Exclusive Ride Times because that's cheating. I don't think I could be bothered these days to constantly re-ride things. Guess it depends on what it is though. But even going back to Liseberg I didn't go on Helix loads of times, even with using the disabled entrance.
  4. I like how they've given it a rusty paint job to hide the actual rust that the ride will eventually gain after years of no maintenance whatsoever.
  5. That free food for Lorikeets will last until they're all too fat to fly. Again.
  6. Some would say he didn't want to be associated with it as soon as he was no longer contractually obligated to promote it.
  7. New hotel officially announced: https://www.efteling.com/nl/blog/nieuws/20220406-efteling-grand-hotel I'm not a fan of the location, but it'll look fab.
  8. My first view of this park (after my car breaking on the way there. Stressful in a different manner) was a chained up elephant. So fun. That day was very good. But not having to suffer the terrible operations for more than 5 minutes each ride helped immensely. Farup and Djurs Sommarland are both incredibly relaxing parks. Hours of fun in the playgrounds alone. Most of the Scandinavian parks are super relaxing to be fair. I'll admit I'm dreading going back to Phantasialand with a wheelchair. Plus leaving it unattended in Bakken wasn't pleasant.
  9. You're right in that the ride choice doesn't make sense mind. It would be a first for Mack as they don't have a wing coaster design at the moment (Lost Gravity doesn't count). Mr9 is right as there's strong rumours about Legoland Deutschland getting something similar.
  10. Big Bob Jones must receive sufficient levels of sacrifice.
  11. Now they just need to fix the Saw lift.
  12. Can't decide on the theme when they probably haven't decided what IP they want to waste money on (presumably because SwArM wAs A fAiLuRe). Could've had a far more substantial layout too. Which is disappointing. Could still be an Intamin too. Taron's trains are basically the Mack ones.
  13. Chop your legs off. Not only will you fit within the height limit but then you're eligible for a RAP. As with most things, rides are ergonomically designed for the "average" person. Those outside those points (especially 6'8, that is stupid tall) will get missed off as you truly cannot cater for every single body type or size.
  15. A. No shame. Unless I'm not physically allowed to ride it, such as Jellikins (which a certain member of the forum CAN ride).
  16. Mingoland whenever I can be bothered to after/if the new coaster opens. That aside. It's going to be a quiet year for parks. Malta unfortunately doesn't have anything interesting.
  17. Its alright. Nothing spectacular cred wise beyond Cyclone (if only for historical relevance), though I visited prior to Thunderbolt. Can waste an afternoon there. Was fairly expensive though. If you fancy scares go to Dennos Wonder Wheel that's in the middle. Now that's an experience I'll never do.
  18. Literally couldn't care less. That and Nighthawk going would open some fantastic potential with a revamped Wuze Town. More sad about Geister going tbh. I'd prefer that to be updated rather than binned.
  19. Thorpe did a preview night for Inferno back in 2003 though. AP required if I recall. I went, was good. Unfortunately any preview nights these days would be full of desperate vlog geeks vying for attention and nowhere near as fun or nice.
  20. If it ever starts being constructed of course. It's basically the same stage as we were when they first announced it. Merlin and others have fair grounds to complain that this project is draining a lot of funding and attention on actual existing things as opposed to fantasy with occasional new concept art.
  21. I'll offer a fair price for anyone wishing to piggy back off of joining the inevitably just as long RAP queue.
  22. Benin


    Never stopped the Orlando based ones from the distinctive roar. If the choice is quieter Nemesis or none at all there's only one answer.
  23. Nash is rougher than Smiler but they're both generally rough coasters. Both for very different reasons. Nash is down to being butchered and Smiler is bad design. Nash was never "smooth" but it never tried to assault you either. Then Kumbak did their usual ruination.
  24. Hello my name is Benin and I actually like Goudrix. Beyond the Papillon de Triste, the reputation seems to be... strange? The last visit Zeus was running far worse than Goudrix was, which presumably explains why that's getting a revamp. It's also a very photogenic coaster. But I just feel its not only a ride that has garnered an unfair reputation but it's actually fun to ride as well. Icon is ok, just not Helix. I'll also mention EGF, because beyond the first drop (a common Intamin issue) its just meh. The restraints are also awful and Goliath at Walibi Holland is a much better ride.
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