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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Would not be surprised if the poor performance this season leads to can kicking of an addition in the Mouse area, like any business if there is an awful year things might have to be pushed back... There's at least a better chance of a Mouse replacement coming before a Loggers one...
  2. Benin


    Paging @Mark9 to the thread...
  3. Benin

    The Big Bad Movie Topic

    This forum doesn't seem to have a place to review films and crap... So... I'm making one...And I'll start off with District 9...Rather interesting film tbh... Starting off all documentary but then changing genre as the film carried onto it's main central plot... Fairly interesting take on the state South Africa was in not too long ago and was certainly something that I really did enjoy...The aliens themselves looked excellent... And the general direction and behaviour exhibited by them was brilliantly done... I felt very sorry for them which was most likely the point of the film, so it certainly worked...Aside from the accents, a rather enjoyable, though-provoking excellent film... With a fun actiony climax and very nice ending...8/10
  4. Benin

    Park Count - 2018

    *Reports to Police*
  5. Benin

    Park Count - 2018

    Pfft, all you have to do is email them and they let you in escorted...
  6. Benin

    Closed Season

    Need to compare what the others have done though, because if Towers are just advertising their winter event then of course engagements will be low... People are more interested in looking at something that isn't advertising after all...
  7. Benin

    Europa Park

    Still have the issue of public transport options being insanely limited (it would take 2 hours from Strasbourg to this new location); and the issue of going to Stansted and flying with Ryanair...
  8. Benin

    Closed Season

    #2Dank4U *dabs away* Honestly it's very typical of a company that thinks it's funny/cool/down with the sickness kids to post stuff like that... The engagements say it all though (low for an account like Thorpe's)...
  9. Benin

    Europa Park

    Which airport though? I dread to think how much work would be required to get this to Basel or any of the other 'major' German airports... Wish they'd get some form of direct train service tbh from the likes of Stuttgart...
  10. Benin

    Europa Park

    Roland's been at the sauce again during board meetings: https://www.handelsblatt.com/unternehmen/mittelstand/familienunternehmer/roland-und-michael-mack-europapark-besitzer-wollen-seilbahn-nach-frankreich-bauen/23585840.html?nlayer=Newsticker_1985586&ticket=ST-351031-XUAdi4MuIWBfZbETCnrd-ap2 Basically in a team up with France's government, plans to build a chairlift to the park from a small village exist to improve infrastructure... Somehow?
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    If I had a quid for every time Chessie had PLANNED to do something etc...
  12. Let's be honest, what's the point of an entire thread dedicated to Parc Saint Paul? Sooooo I thought why not put all those smaller places into one topic that will see the likes of PSP, Le Pal and many, many more have updates on what they're getting in the future for all budding cred runners! To start off, Parc Saint Paul are getting a Gravity Group wooden coaster next year: Elsewhere in France, Le Pal (near Lyon) is getting a JOYvelen clone (https://rcdb.com/15072.htm), and a brand new park in Parc Spirou (https://rcdb.com/12676.htm) is being built in the South, with a Zierer tower launched thing coming with it. There's also a new park being built in Rotterdam (https://rcdb.com/12091.htm)! Now home to an old Japanese Shuttle Loop, and located an old power station area, information on other bits on there are sparse however. A Zoo in Emmen is also building a Duelling set of Vekoma Jr Boomerangs. Ankapark in Turkey should open with it's ridiculous amount of mediocrity. Land of Legends down in Antalya however is building a clone of Lewa World's Flash Mack Mega-Coaster. Finally Jardin d'Acclimatiation in Paris is getting a Gerstlauer Bobsled with an adorable plane theme (https://rcdb.com/14454.htm). Feel free to post any old nonsense in here for the random places around the world, I'm sure a few more places are due to announce new things over winter...
  13. Benin

    The Small Parks Thread

    Linnanmaki's new Intamin continues to grow! #willbebetterthanTaron
  14. Benin

    Doctor Who

    Still better than the Capaldi/later Matt Smith episodes though....... The first few episodes are always dodgy under Who though, re-watching the whole lot recently reminded me of that (yes even Tennant's)...
  15. Benin

    The Small Parks Thread

    A massive part of Taron is the landscaping anyway, it's like those Blue Fire clones placed in deserts with no theming whatsoever... Won't affect the quality of the ride, as it'll be a midcard coaster regardless of theme or location...
  16. Presumably it's Half Term? So hell on Earth is a likely answer...
  17. This winds me up moreso than anything, is it really so difficult for people to change the response template even just a little bit to at least show they're reading it? Trip Advisor responses are the worst offenders...
  18. Benin

    Stargazing Pods - New accommodation for 2019

    https://news.sky.com/story/premier-inn-unveils-no-frills-19-a-night-pod-style-rooms-11532575 Jesus they really went for the cheap option didn't they?
  19. Benin

    The Alton Towers Dungeons?

    It won't help capacity though, because then people are spending 30-45minutes (at a guess) on ONE attraction (not including queue) in a park that thinks that staggered openings and a 4pm close is sensible... It's a stupid idea, made stupider by charging extra for it (as people will complain about the added costs again), and then will no doubt be mothballed come 2020 due to cuts...
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    Also in the news; water is wet and the Pope is.... CATHOLIC?!
  21. Benin

    Stargazing Pods - New accommodation for 2019

    So so bad...
  22. Benin

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    This will never happen because then the parks won't invite people just in case they're mean honest... Like I doubt Bakken or Walygator would ever give me freebies...
  23. Benin

    Merlin Entertainments

    Can someone summarise it so I don't have to give Merlin my details please? If they're struggling to staff parks maybe they should look at how they employ people and try and create a role which is seen as a long term one which can develop, rather than seasonal?