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  1. Like the awful looking Heide Park one? God.
  2. Is it a surprise that most positive reviews came from the VIP Preview night? Though when DBGT was an apparent mess anything would seem better.
  3. DBGT being closed was an improvement no? Actor driven experience again still has those same issues as seen in similar attractions. Limited by a poorly thought out attraction designed around a technological fad. Will this or Sub Terra close again first?
  4. My prediction is that it'll be deemed "BEST DARK RIDE IN THE WORLD" for a few weeks; then some key effects will break, not be repaired and will slowly get mothballed until it closes forever.
  5. On the other hand, is it another method of charging people £10 a pop for an 'experience'? DC RIVALS Long Name Hyper Coaster in Australia has a backwards row. And given how drunk/high the Macks seem to be with their designs recently wouldn't surprise me.
  6. A Mack mega with spinning seats? Never been done before. Especially in the UK. Oh.
  7. That event stuff just looks like they visited Walibi Holland and are nicking ideas.
  8. Sounds like the lyrics of a Sparks song.
  9. Odyssey for Colossus. Unsure if really links into anything. Calypso for Inferno. Named after the area ride was located. LC12 for Swarm. Linked with end of the world Mayan calendar. Very loose to the final theme. Doesn't really sway things either way.
  10. Think anyone expecting a heavily themed Egyptian thing is adding 2+2 and getting 5. Especially considering the plans state a timber finish to the station. Timber does not scream Egyptian to me personally. Plus the plans don't show much in terms of theming elements or structures. Would be very optimistic for this to be any more than stylised with the coaster being the focus.
  11. Sad that such simple things as basic human rights have essentially become a battleground for rich right-wing persons of questionable nature to throw their weight around for the "greater good". Even then Disney kinda had to be forced to speak up on matters. But still that the state is essentially punishing a company for free speech is so atypical of the current right-wing viewpoint. Can only wish a plague upon those who would wish to destroy minorities and vulnerable people purely for being themselves. The worrying thing is that the UK aren't exactly far behind with this either.
  12. Phantasialand says hi.
  13. Asterix has been criminally underrated for a very long time. One of the best park line ups that has only improved in recent years, especially as they've filled up the dead spaces through various additions. Just need that ridiculous Victorian area show to return.
  14. Well at least ONE multi-million pound company can afford to offer fair wages to some of their staff. They might be able to afford lunch at Burger Kitchen now.
  15. Benin


    The Nemesis Observation Platform opens on the 26th April. Vloggers unite in excitement for dirt pics.
  16. Not a good show for Merlin at all. Shame the rest of the staff can't join in. Considering the state of the park so far this year there's definite underlying issues.
  17. If you think this is bad should see the state of queues in Italy and Spain. Not much you can do but make queues either interesting or fast moving.
  18. Lol. Is this actually worse than last year's version? I guess though this is the issue with the UK parks as a whole. Entertainment is an afterthought, so we end up with Butlins-esque stuff because people seem to like it? Though the old pirate show was usually worth a giggle or two so maybe it's what works. Bring back the Ice Show.
  19. Are we resorting to stalking LinkedIn pages now? 1 person leaving shouldn't affect a project. Unless currently John Burton since he's the main head, but even then these projects are a joint effort and require a team of people.
  20. Daft thing is in my experiences of similar systems abroad and in UK the abuse is only prevalent in Merlin parks. And a lot of other parks don't even use the return time slots either. I'd say the steps to change it are simple. But the park are hesitant because of the inevitable bad press from those who will scream and shout because they can't abuse the system anymore.
  21. Easter weekend queues are always terrible. But you know when they've not enforced their own rules over the years, opening the system to abuse, whilst also many visitors (often MAP holders) openly encourage people to abuse the system and staff for doing their job it's a rod they've made for their own back. Needs fixing. But they won't risk the backlash. Which means we'll limit our own visits because this affects both our day using it and the other guests too. Especially when factoring in Fastrack.
  22. "Spicy Nemmie"? 🚮 The crocs have been there for YEARS. Maybe even since opening.
  23. By queue you mean walking round the empty queueline and maybe stopping to merge with 50 RAP users?
  24. When there's actual news to share. Rule 1 of theme parks. Don't jump into ride areas. Rule 2. Don't give out time frames because people will hold you to them and get angry if its wrong.
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