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  1. The CR7 Dive Machine being the centrepiece attraction. Also, let's not jump on the "world class" thing. Wasn't DBGT described as such? If there's one thing Merlin are kings of is PR guff.
  2. Could be taking inspiration from football Twitter. Where certain ITKs post "Such and such to place. HERE WE GO!" to confirm signings.
  3. Unfortunately most of the park is on its last legs. But that's what happens when most of your rides are 30 years+. I'd love if they could get Vekoma to do a full retrack of it given their new style SFC units. Especially with their tyre driven lift hills as that would negate the noise issue somewhat. Unfortunately I feel that it's very unlikely that much will be done until its scrap metal.
  4. The sheer embarrassment that a sbno ride won a golden ticket.
  5. Actually they're returning it to 5th Dimension so you're still wrong. Source: Sir Squirt-a-lot
  6. Absolutely zero chance of that given Blackpool's operational standards.
  7. I live 45 minutes away from it and haven't bothered going. Even with family in Ripon. That's how pointless going is right now.
  8. Far worse up north anyway. No Ultimate at all and a loss of Raptor Attack, whilst Flamingoland is well Flamingoland with a 10 looping lawn ornament as of this post.
  9. Lot to be said for only visiting Paultons this year.
  10. Nash is Grade Listed no? Means that they can't do too much to it (without getting into trouble). A retrack, new trains and new ride system would be fantastic.
  11. DEAL WITH NETFLIX CONFIRMED @ FORP PARC????!!!!! Like and hit that subscribe button!
  12. Would laugh if it's just a rethemed Ramses II. Then I wouldn't be surprised.
  13. Erm. The third train wouldn't get to the brakes if there was a train there as it'd stop on the second lift. Used to be that the system might panic or due to having to do a standing start the train might not have made it to the right point in the brakes and would stop dead. Given the speed it enters that brake run I don't think any collision would be considered minor. They stopped running 3 trains long before Smiler happened (before it even opened in fact). The 20 second time frame to load the trains didn't really suit the park's then direction of guest interaction at the deficit of throughput (I am once again raging about your staff asking me to "flap my wings like a dragon" rather than dispatching the actual car). Vampire could probably do with another upgrade tbh. Especially with Vekoma being in a better place.
  14. Well that's 2 of the 4 horsemen returning...
  15. Oh look another Intamin trying to kill someone.
  16. I don't think anyone is unhappy that Chessie is getting investment. However it's perfectly valid for people to be critical and question the suitability of said investment. Especially given recent track records of investment quality across the portfolio.
  17. Looks ugly and the whole coaster in of itself it just a weird choice. The helix spike in particular looks awful. Why not Mack if they wanted an inverting triple launch coaster? Just everything about this is just peculiar.
  18. Yeah but Brewdog are a terrible company. It's weird because there's so much good street art in cities across the country and Thorpe end up with that. It's so random and weird whereas if they'd kept to the actual ride logos (strengthening their own branding) then it would automatically look better. That looks like someone's GCSE art project that they did the night before the deadline. Down to the S symbol and Word Art.
  19. Bringing this topic back as Southport are trying to do a thing. https://standupforsouthport.com/thrilling-roller-coaster-with-spectacular-views-along-coast-planned-for-southport-pleasureland/?fbclid=IwAR1OMH2RRj1KJbdaqDwvnH8WHBn1QuEQZcXZ3c_ahM0VV4vyUEiaNQvpW1U Not the best choice of ride all things considered however would inject a bit of life into the park. Fingers crossed.
  20. ENGLAND HAVE REACHED THE FINAL OF A MAJOR TOURNAMENT! Might as well bring back this topic for the special occasion of watching them fail miserably Sunday
  21. Went to Paultons, another person to approve of Tornado Springs. Fantastic area design and look to it, Storm Chaser was good fun and a little bit intense with the right spin. Cyclonator was ridiculous in it's intensity but proved popular with the number of schoolkids there so hopefully that'll give Paultons a positive answer for a few more "thrill" rides in the future. Accessibility in the new area seemed good, with dedicated queues rather than up the exit for everything. Can really tell the lessons learnt from Lost Kingdom. Though certainly some confusion over whether staff needed to sign off our pass as we hired a wheelchair from the park as ours is broken. But as the largest queue of the day was 35 minutes in PPW that didn't really affect us. We also only rode Storm Chaser twice so didn't abuse it because we're nice like that. Definitely the park needs a new water and/or dark ride as next big investment as there's no quality in that aspect. So fingers crossed going ahead there. Hopefully the park will revamp all the older areas as well as it looks really bad compared to the newer stuff. Main Street and Cobra areas especially so. Good day, good park.
  22. Maybe someone went to Walibi Holland and thought "well it's called the Dutch Thorpe Park anyway"?
  23. The Gravity Group restraints (those trains look like GG ones) are really good. At least on their smaller ones... on Zeus....... This could be interesting. I love Zeus though the last time I rode it was particularly rough. Hopefully it still maintains the fabness.
  24. The Sex Education ride would have an unforgettable climax.
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