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    Next Roller Coaster

    See any company that wants to be 'relevant' and joins in any meme... Which is weird because you see the likes of Toverland showing how much the park has evolved over 10 years... But I guess the only addition of any actual worth since 2009 at Thorpe has been Swarm, so not much can be said for the past decade...
  2. Let's be honest, what's the point of an entire thread dedicated to Parc Saint Paul? Sooooo I thought why not put all those smaller places into one topic that will see the likes of PSP, Le Pal and many, many more have updates on what they're getting in the future for all budding cred runners! To start off, Parc Saint Paul are getting a Gravity Group wooden coaster next year: Elsewhere in France, Le Pal (near Lyon) is getting a JOYvelen clone (https://rcdb.com/15072.htm), and a brand new park in Parc Spirou (https://rcdb.com/12676.htm) is being built in the South, with a Zierer tower launched thing coming with it. There's also a new park being built in Rotterdam (https://rcdb.com/12091.htm)! Now home to an old Japanese Shuttle Loop, and located an old power station area, information on other bits on there are sparse however. A Zoo in Emmen is also building a Duelling set of Vekoma Jr Boomerangs. Ankapark in Turkey should open with it's ridiculous amount of mediocrity. Land of Legends down in Antalya however is building a clone of Lewa World's Flash Mack Mega-Coaster. Finally Jardin d'Acclimatiation in Paris is getting a Gerstlauer Bobsled with an adorable plane theme (https://rcdb.com/14454.htm). Feel free to post any old nonsense in here for the random places around the world, I'm sure a few more places are due to announce new things over winter...
  3. Benin

    The Small Parks Thread

    Blates +2 for my next visit Meanwhile, in Nagashima Spa Land: *pencils in Japan 2020*
  4. Benin

    The Alton Towers Dungeons - New for 2019

    Personal interaction? They'll be pushing people out the door so they can fulfill any form of throughput...
  5. Benin

    The Small Parks Thread

    Nice to see Bobbie Jobbie starting to put in the effort; the stuff since Forbidden Caves (Spinner retheme and Dreamcatcher themeing) is a step in the right direction... Now they just need to add some actual quality to the mediocrity
  6. Benin

    CBeebies Land

    Plans online... http://publicaccess.staffsmoorlands.gov.uk/publicaccess/tdc/DcApplication/application_detailview.aspx?keyval=MRVOO7PGA8000&searchtype=PROPERTY&module=P3 Not exactly clear if it's getting the rumoured IP brand attached or just getting a massive refurb, but the big thing is the removal of the Tent and a new Marquee in place... Couple more bits of theming added as well to the existing rides, but nothing actually new ride wise being added... Still looking at the plans though... EDIT - Further reading Things to be removed are the Tent and Dung Heap, to be replaced by a new ents stage and assorted play equipment... Defenite IP to be added, but not mentioned to protect the contract... Lots of characters to be added judging by the plans... New toilets which is probably the biggest news of the plan
  7. Benin


    Didn't realise Vogel Rok wasn't running 3 trains at all tbh... All positive stuff though, I like the idea behind the phone notifications for queue times especially...
  8. Benin

    Is Nemesis the best Invert?

    IT IS AWESOME! THERE IS NO COMPARISON! But don't try to understand. Don't try to come to terms with it. Don't even try to THINK about it! I'm really surprised it took this long for someone to reference the original backstory...
  9. Benin

    Hocus Pocus Hall

    Here's a question, are fairytale stories IPs? Could the legend of the Flying Dutchman be considered one? What about myths about Nordic Gods? Does taking inspiration from real life places and stories consist as an IP? N.B. Obviously Pardoes is an original character but just because the park created that character does that declassify them as an IP?
  10. Benin

    Thorpe Park Rides & Attractions Game 2018

    Did you lot even FINISH the last Towers or Chessie ones? Someone needs to think up a new off-season game, since now people are throwing toys out their prams over the winner...
  11. Benin

    Hocus Pocus Hall

    I think the bigger concern will be in a few years when there are about 28 million versions of a (for example) How to Train Your Dragon themed area/attraction and it loses any sense of actual individuality or appeal... And the inevitability that one is awesome and another is utter crap...
  12. Paging @Mega-Lite to the thread please!
  13. Benin

    Next Roller Coaster

    Ahh, the old Hyper going along the old CCR route rumour... Nothing new with that one either...
  14. Benin

    'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    Didn't this attraction spend most of last year shut anyway? Little to no difference if it's not replaced (which it won't be this year)...
  15. Benin

    'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    Any money spent on it could've literally been used on ANYTHING (even polishing Varney's car fleet) and it would've been a better return...
  16. Benin

    Next Roller Coaster

    Always thought the expectation was that plot of land was the next area to be invested on? Gotta keep the goons interested whilst there's bugger all else on offer...
  17. Benin

    Screams and Ice Creams

    Someone's been inspired by the Disney food blogs; but how many pictures of Merlin Pizza Pasta can one stomach?
  18. Benin

    Paultons Park

  19. Benin

    The Small Parks Thread

    If you ever wanted to see a naked Gerstlauer train:
  20. Benin

    Heide Park

    I'm Colossos and so's my wife! (Yes, it's being redone because they let it fall into such disrepair and the only way to get it tarted up was to make it DARK and market it as NEW FOR 2019!)
  21. Benin

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    Not really, given that Olympia Looping is the exception rather than the rule and is the biggest transportable coaster out there (for good reasoning)...
  22. Benin

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Maybe Blackpool could do a Liseberg and instead of opening at 9/10am (most rides open later anyway) and open at 12/1pm (or later) which would allow them to open later? I mean, would 2-10pm hours be better than 9am-5pm?
  23. Benin

    Heide Park

    MickerWan confirmed!
  24. Benin


    The new RMC will be part of a more themed area, but if they did it for everything they wouldn't be able to expand as ridiculously as they currently are...
  25. Benin

    The Small Parks Thread