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  1. I mean London Resort is never going to happen. So that point is laughable moot.
  2. This is usually the case every year. Add in the Twitter toxicity and lack of any grey area these days and it's ridiculous.
  3. Benin


    My thought is that a lot of the scenery will be old and with low upkeep so lots will be heading to the local tip. They'll likely need a bigger skip.
  4. Why are people obsessed with this Emily Alton thing like she was ever anything more than a queueline gag? Merlin haven't got the best track record in refurbishments, but setting the expectations to some weird story that never existed because of a pun (repossessed clearly referencing to ghosts in general) is going to result in some disappointment when it's not THEIR vision when it opens. Original didn't have a storyline, I doubt the refurb will have much of one. And if it does it'll no doubt feel forced in by a hammer (much like the attempts of adding 'story' to Tomb Blaster). Much like with most of these ideas, the park are far better off redesigning from the ground up rather than attempting some weird nostalgia attempt with modern stuff.
  5. You knew it would be a disaster when instant it opened Derren Brown did zero marketing stuff regarding it. Still not done it. Don't really care about it. It's not getting me to visit Thorpe and even if I did visit would I waste time on it? Just bin it. Even an empty building would presumably get better KPI scores.
  6. Chiapas > Valhalla Maybe an indoor area with a combination of attractions wouldn't go amiss. Kill off many birds with one stone and get one of those Mack Suspended Coasters and a Flume system. Would be a shame to waste it on a Flying Theatre.
  7. Maybe they should take the hint and use a better designed tall boi instead?
  8. Yes. Because you're no longer a mod the whole place is a nightmare. Just wait until construction and we have daily updates from Monk's Walk showing how one pile of dirt has moved 2m.
  9. https://www.kentonline.co.uk/dartford/news/amp/rare-bees-discovered-on-london-resort-site-272785/ https://youtu.be/EVCrmXW6-Pk (If someone could edit this to embed the YouTube clip please?)
  10. Benin


    Polyfilla. And lots of it.
  11. Scorpion Express is more likely to reopen this year than Enterprise is. Could simply be a continuation of the difficulty to source parts from abroad. Unfortunately there's no Chessie insiders these days compared to when half the forum seemed to work there to actually answer the question.
  12. I honestly don't think I could live in the surrounding area (a uni friend does these days), the amount of traffic over the peak season would affectively control your spare time and considering how bad the access to the park actually is to boot. Most of the neighbours have probably lived there since before it became a proper theme park. Got to play nicely otherwise it makes any future developments even harder to push through.
  13. Benin


    I'm sure it'll go well with the return of Terror Tomb next year. Maybe they'll bring Toyland Tours back too.
  14. Can a family coaster have a 1.4m height limit? Certainly not one that needs to take off the strain on Vampire and Fury. That enthusiasts are desperately clinging on to the #WordsofWardley shows the worrying lack of excitement this ride is giving. It's a B&M and I honestly cannot really be bothered to plan a trip down next year with any urgency (though that might well be down to personal reasons more than anything).
  15. Benin


    Soundtrack by PVRIS confirmed. It's for the best if we're honest. Hopefully they give whatever replaces it a suitable budget and becomes a far better attraction (not that its difficult mind, even if I have a soft spot for Duel).
  16. We can only hope Spinball gets removed. Maybe they can move it to Thorpe with a Top Spin? Haven't entered the area since they got Octonauts so I don't particularly have much of an opinion towards it. I'll be reevaluating this in a few years mind, but I think it fits well and is definitely popular. Retheming the stuff there as well gives a bit more difference to it as well I suppose as shows come and go far more regularly. The Farm was probably slightly more universal but wasn't exactly anything special (unless you grew up with the park). Was less embarrassing for a group of adults to go round there but least the rides actually have visitors now. Shrek would've been an ugly addition to the park. Merlin probably tried to do their usual cheap nonsense but when you have Universal as another option is it any surprise they'd want more?
  17. As its a skyline issue I think somewhere between 100-150ft is where the colour change needs to happen. Something that varies from park to park since Towers obviously is anything above tree height that needs to be a darker colour.
  18. Considering the age of everything at Chessie I'd imagine such a list would essentially cover everything in the park. Probably as always didn't want to fork out the necessary budget for giving it a proper lease of life when converting it to Scorpion Express on the first place. Mack are still opening new Powered coasters so the ride hardware just needs updating if they really want to keep it.
  19. Considering the world we live in where minor damage to anything can be escalated into "ThE sKy HaS fAlLeN!" in about 5 minutes is it any wonder Chessie would block off the area? All it takes is one errant photo of a burnt and blackened item and suddenly the news is filled with "Smiler operator park ablaze" headlines. Fire brigade have been called to Chessie a number of times. The amount of incidents that don't get documented is amusing (in a morbid way).
  20. What about a Top Spin?
  21. The trouble with long cred runs that involve a tonne of driving is if you don't share it you can get super affected by it. Especially when most of the drives in between American parks are stupidly long. Doing 2 full weeks of it in Germany wasn't fun come the end of it. I liked Hershey, definitely good to see love for Lightning Racer.
  22. Just spent 2 days at a Flood event. The Environment Agency bods showing some interest in flooding was surprising given they spent most of it tooting the horns of people for reasons that weren't disclosed. #FloodFamily
  23. If you like roller coasters Cedar Point is better. If you like theme parks Europa Park is better. Taking the Golden Ticket Awards as serious is silly.
  24. Considering the original Spookslot had a hanged man in it... That video isn't much. Seems to be more of an update of the original based on that clip rather than something brand new? But might be more paying homage to it rather than anything.
  25. Think I did Revenge of the Mummy (Florida) 10 times in a day after some constant use if the single rider queue. Done similar numbers for RnRC at Paris (7 times in 1 hour, before the park had anything else worth riding) and 8 times for Raptor in Gardaland. Inferno used to get a lot of rides too when single rider was a thing. Just walk off and straight back in sometimes. Glorious days those were. Gonna discount rides done during Exclusive Ride Times because that's cheating. I don't think I could be bothered these days to constantly re-ride things. Guess it depends on what it is though. But even going back to Liseberg I didn't go on Helix loads of times, even with using the disabled entrance.
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