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Just downloaded the THORPE PARK app for Andorid, it has been a long time coming...

Overall opinion, this is a very good app, lots packed into and it has been well worth the wait. I like the options to show you the way to places and you can take the challenge of certain rides.

Suggestions for improvements are:

  • IT says you need to be 140 cm to ride X
  • On Wet Wet Wet, if you are less than 0 cm tall, you must be accompanying children?
  • A find my car locator would be nice

What are the opinions of others and is the IOS version giving the same functionality or do the features differ?

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I haven't given it a good going over yet, but from a quick flick through it seems pretty good.

The 'navigation' map I'm sure will be pretty useful to first timers, in comparison it goes to show how useless the park map has become at actually being a map. Also noticed there is no update to either map or attraction list for frightnights, maybe it'd be too big a job the short(ish) event.

Find my car would be a good idea, just a little GPS memory point to take you straight back.

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I used the App today just for queue times and just like those very expensive colour queue signs they have, completely useless (For queue info that is).

For example:

Rush was displaying 20 mins and the queue looked more like 50 mins due to the extended queue open

X displaying at 5 mins, but the queue was all the way down the corridor with the Ride Op announcing over the PA that the queue was going to be 35 mins..... Now if the ride op is announcing over the PA that it was 35 mins, then where is the breakdown in communication to get the queue board system updated?

Sometimes you just need to use your own judgement, I do feel sorry for those who don't come that often and trust the information given to them. But on a bright side they were under estimating the queues so not pushing for fast track, but many guests were not happy with the length of time they queued. For example one disgusted guest shouted out "5 mins my a...."

But we have waited the entire season for the app, so hopefully by the start of next season it will be working well with all the bugs removed.

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I think the issue with queue times is something we just have to face. I had a lot of issues with queue times yesterday. Rush displayed about 20mins up until late afternoon but when we were in quantum, it easily had the length of a 45min queue. Vortex however was displaying 45mins and was no longer than 10 mins. Swarm was displaying 5 mins for backwards but looked easily at least 60-90mins in length nearly up to the entrance. Pretty much every ride was inaccurate on its queue time. They can get rough estimations but not exact queue times, the only issue I have, is that the estimations are completely wrong!

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Maybe they need a button on the App which says "Disagree with this queue time?" and let you put in your own estimate. This way the people doing the queue times will get an update and they can call the ride operator to confirm. I would have loved a go on rush, but when I walked to go on Quantum to see the extended queue line filled up, I knew not to bother at all.

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