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  1. This is excellent for the park, a bold and not cheep investment. Although I'm a little sad they've come away from knocking up rides in their shed. It's pretty imposing on the front, I don't know how their planning works and what boundaries they can reach before they require permission, but I'm surprised the council are happy with this. The park owners and the council are not exactly friends!
  2. pluk


    Anyone know what is actually up with Monster Party for it to be so swiftly and lengthily down? Brand new madhouse and simple pre-show seems like something which shouldn't cause too many issues.
  3. It passed me by at the time, but that Fast and Furious thing a couple of posts back looks like absolute turd, doesn't it?
  4. What do you mean? In a theme park? Thorpe is on the flattest piece of flat land, there is no naturally moving water to harness for this. If you are considering something on the rapids, it'll always cost more energy to pump the water up than it will make processing it as it falls again. Otherwise you've solved the world's energy problems!
  5. Not sure why this is being discussed 9 months after it happened? Power cuts happen, not much anyone can do about it. 🤷‍♂️
  6. It's the footplate assembly you step on to get on the ride, and look like the wings of the plane. It's one long price which sticks out of each side of each two seat wide ride carriage, so quite a large bit to fling off. I wouldn't want it hitting me!
  7. Not something they've knocked up in their shed this time then.
  8. pluk

    2019 Season

    You sure? I can't believe people would be able to stick it out that long!! Every time they post there are just constant waves of negativity thrown back at them from nearly every responder. With the (lack of) direction of the park at the moment it's quite understandable, and they must realise they've missed the mark with the promotion of this year's offering but seem too far commited to it to change tack. It must be absolutely soul destroying.
  9. pluk

    Paultons Park

    Just when I think I couldn't love the way they are going about this more. Little touches ❤️❤️
  10. pluk

    Paultons Park

    Sunday 31st 5pm has gone, anyone spotted anything?
  11. pluk

    Paultons Park

    Is that note propped up against a coaster wheel?
  12. Not enough pirates, 4.5/10.
  13. pluk

    Paultons Park

    Much excitement. Any clever types able to work out any of the clues scribbled around, do they give anything away? Fujita is the tornado scale, F5 being the strongest from 261mph. That's it, 261mph Mack Spinner confirmed...
  14. Yep. I am utterly disillusioned with all things Merlin, which can pretty much be read as UK theme parks. I'm happier not giving them my money than I am getting a few rides but being generally pissed off with most things in the park while I'm there. I find myself enjoying the physical sensation of the rides, but very little else (what else is there now?!) and the way the parks are run makes me want to sit down and cry the rest of the time I'm there. It's like they actively want me not to enjoy myself. I've NEVER been to Legoland. The shame! Paultons gives me hope for being fabulous, it's a bit far away though. Fortunately I have a 6 months old daughter, so will have all the excuses to go there frequently soon enough. I'm also a Pleasure Beach fan, but Blackpool is to far for now with her in tow. I didn't visit any Merlin park last year, they don't deserve me. Two major new rides open in the UK and I've done neither of them. Unthinkable a decade ago. I get my thrill fix from passing visits to Adventure Island, Carter Steam Fair and Winter Wonderland. That'll have to do for now.
  15. pluk


    @planenut ?! 😊
  16. pluk

    The Swarm

    With this and the dome I'm guessing they had some sort of bulk deal on skip hire and thought it best they fill em up? That is just laughable. What and how? It's a fairly new attraction, it shouldn't be falling apart, and if it is it should be fixed properly.
  17. pluk

    Paultons Park

    Small family park makes huge 'second in the world to Disney' multinational organisation look like amateurs. This is the most exciting development in the UK as far as I care to remember. This century probably. I adore everything about Paultons.
  18. Ha. It's gone has it? Good. So should whoever is posting this crap. Literally firing someone would be good at this point. And then post an insensitive and nonsensical meme of a photo of them crying as they leave.
  19. What the f***ity f***ing f*** is this.
  20. Think how good the physical theming could be if the money squandered on virtual reality was spent on actual reality instead. Could have turned it into something truly spectacular. With the insurmountable impracticalities of VR being slapped over an existing attraction like this the result was bloody obvious and called out as such by anyone with any clue before it even opened. What a huge waste of money at a park already being strangled by lack of funding.
  21. pluk

    2019 Season

    While it's not for me at the mo, this is a very good idea! Hope it works out. I wonder if it's hit by bad weather they could move it in to pirates? Yeah, pirates. It'll always be pirates.
  22. pluk


    I think you'd struggle to get anyone to consider making you one of those with the two that have existed being the maintenance disasters they were.
  23. One doesn't hurt the other I suppose, but it's lazy and unoriginal. It's the attitude that ends up with cut and paste soulless attractions (hi dungeons) which Merlin do so 'well'. You'll always get repetition in hardware as there's only so many options out there, but the theming is what gives a park it's identity and makes it unique. Having done something that was actually good and successful the lazy (and likely less successful the next time round) response is to copy the actual thing, rather than copy the creativity and freedom to do something new the original design team were afforded. It shows a lack of confidence in their own people and abilities.
  24. Part of me would love to go back some time, but not having heard good things for a good while now I'm not sure I want to taint my childhood memories, and there doesn't seem to be much if a reason to sadly. Good to see them reopening rattlesnake though, hopefully the start of better things.
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