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  1. Done! (The answer is yes, btw!)
  2. pluk

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    Last day of bidding, if you are in the market for some right old tat... https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/magicwand2011
  3. While it's nice to have fantastical ideas, what you propose is to amend/remove the ride beyond all recognition (cost - huge) and retain the pyramid (value - zero) when the pyramid itself makes completing significant works inside difficult to impossible. It's a no from me. When the ride is finally done beyond small cosmetic stuff like TWD is it'll be a pile of rubble.
  4. pluk

    2019 Season

    As a something extra to do for a half term or a weekend it'd be fair enough, a little extra diversion can only be a good thing. Zero interest to me, but whatever. There's a problem though when nothing else has been promoted at all, nothing new, no events, nothing. They then link whatever this is to the 'season' in their first post, and make it cryptic as if it's some secret big announcement that can be misinterpreted as something worth while. Now all it's done is reinforce that there's nothing to return to Thorpe for this year unless you are interested in this relatively niche and childish thing, which is at odds with the thrill orientated offering at the park. Still a rudderless ship, isn't it?
  5. pluk

    The Small Parks Thread

    I don't understand what's going on at the 'end' there? Would it make more sense if it was a reverse launch into the spike, then forward to do the track the other way round? I'm not seeing the profile of a traditional lift hill out of the station the other way?
  6. Can we get a juggler one to go with Rodeo for us real oldies?!
  7. pluk

    The Next Big Thing

    We know there were significant changes in the upper management at Thorpe last season, would it be likely the new guy has come in and pulled whatever plans his predecessor had in the works so they can make their own mark taking the park in their chosen direction? Would make sense if things appear to have ground to a halt. If that is what's happened I hope it doesn't result in any replacement development being rushed to hit the same opening season with a delayed starting point.
  8. pluk

    'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    Live feed is running A few pics from inside the attraction from it...
  9. pluk

    CBeebies Land

    I wonder if we'll also see re-themes of retired Cebeebies shows? Mr Bloom isn't on any more, surly his allotment will have to go relatively soon too? The kids won't recognise it or care any more for one thing, and there'll probably be licensing issues too.
  10. pluk

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    My first VR experience at a theme park was in Pleasurewood Hills in about 1991, was a headset, moving chair, and glove to interact in the VR world. So it's been about quite a while! I get what you are saying, and I'm sure improvements will come, but all the time you have to clean headsets between one sweaty punter and the next (and realistically, that will always be the case) VR will forever remain too labour intensive, too low throughput to be a real mainstream part of theme park line ups. What Europa have done with CanCan seems spot on; dedicated station, ride vehicle slips in between the standard ride vehicles, pay per ride, VR experience beyond the actual coaster (getting on the ride vehicle in the VR world đŸ˜® ), and fun once it's running. They've got it right where DBGT and Galactica got it very wrong in the era of the same technology, as has Dr Archibald. It's going to work much better in a pay per ride situation like this.
  11. pluk

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    I really enjoyed Dr Archibald, it all synced up really well and was pretty effective in creating fun scares. Ridiculously, while clearly nothing like as technologically advanced it was actually more of an enjoyable experience than the £millions worth of DBGT. Makes you realise DBGT just isn't fun however clever it is, and when you are literally creating a world from scratch in a VR headset why would fun not be your starting point?
  12. pluk


    What I really want to know is what is Golden Horse's safety record like?!
  13. pluk

    Walibi Holland

    Scott's a happy soul, isn't he? I guess this will be our most accessible RMC from the UK for now, certainly considering a visit.
  14. pluk

    Next Roller Coaster

    For comparison, Paultons doing it right.
  15. pluk

    Next Roller Coaster

    Someone with more time on their hands than me needs to knock up a suitable Loggers version to post back to them.
  16. So what is that area? Is that just the maintenance area, or is that where the train passes through between the hanger and station while the ride is in motion?
  17. pluk

    Next Roller Coaster

    And Stealth is over 10 years old. This really is super dumb bandwaggoning.
  18. pluk

    Screams and Ice Creams

    6/10, too thin, a little greasy but dried out. The best I've found were Holiday Park, Germany. Cooked fresh to order, plump, moist without being greasy, tonnes of cinnamon, good thick chocolate dipping sauce. Pretty cheap too! Mmmmmmm.
  19. pluk

    Thorpe Park Rides & Attractions Game 2018

    You would surely expect quite a highly constant result when you ask the same group of people to rank the same group of things at a place where nothing much changes year to year? Would be quite odd if the results were wildly inconsistent. Anyway, even if it's not to your personal taste it's hard to argue against Inferno being the best ride at Thorpe; it'd have to score highly in any measure of consideration like forcefulness, smoothness, theming, variety, reliability. It's a solid ride. I'm just amazed DBGTROTD doesn't win it, what with it being the future of theme parks. Weird that.
  20. At the mo I'm working, will see if not working is an option. I may be able to get tickets significantly cheaper than that, won't know exact figure until nearer the time though. Will let you know start of Feb.
  21. pluk

    'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    And nothing of value was lost. Did it a couple of times during its short life, it was pretty rubbish and I'd have had no interest in ever doing it again. It should have been obvious the throughput could never be sufficient to satisfy a single price theme park environment, and efforts to increase throughput massively hurt the already poor experience. The only other option would have been to have it as an separately paid for attraction but then it would have to have been good enough to warrant it, which it wasn't. That would have been the way to go with it; make it a lot more personal and interactive with actual competition and a prize to play for. The escape room has proven there is an appetite for something like that on an up-charge if it's good enough. I doubt the space will be put to much use. A generic jungle themed Frightnights maze feels inevitable...
  22. pluk

    Screams and Ice Creams

    Find me a decent churros in the UK and I'll be a fan.
  23. pluk

    TPM Awards 2018 - The Winners

    Yes, I've not been about much, sorry about that! Been a little busy making one of these and then keeping her alive... ...turns out it's quite hard work and time consuming!
  24. pluk

    TPM Awards - The Public Vote

    I managed to defeat temptation and not vote for myself!
  25. pluk

    Tayto Park

    Excuse my ignorance. Suspended Thrill Coaster? As in Vampire style swinging cars, but with inversion? Or is it a name for what is really an inverted coaster?