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  1. I'm not entirely sure how easy it would be to build a whole railway line from Ringsheim to Europa Park, however knowing the Mack family, anything is possible
  2. Safeco manufactured the Airmaxx 360 smashing jump, they also manufacture the jumping frogs. However there have been no issues as far as I'm aware with the Jump & Smile. I'm shocked that no amendments were made to the ride after the girl died on it in Australia and I'm surprised a British showman purchased the ride without checking with Health & Safety standards. Surely they knew purchasing the ride that someone had just been killed on it and further safety measures need to be put into place? I can't see this staying in the UK to be honest, I imagine it will be purchased by somewhere further afield e.g. Russia, Czech republic. However, if it does continue to tour in the UK, I certainly won't be going on it after 2 similar accidents within the rides lifetime.
  3. No new coasters this year unfortunately.
  4. TPJames

    Top 10's

    1. Taron 2. Wildfire 3. Shambhala 4. Helix 5. Joris en de draak 6. Blue Fire 7. Wodan 8. Baron 1898 9. Balder 10. Silver Star
  5. 12th September is the date of the press event. Apparently they are hoping to have part of the area open before this date on a soft opening, especially Eurosat. That's just rumours though, however it seems possible that it will be open for your trip!
  6. A couple of weeks ago, I visited Europa Park for this season's winter event: "Winterzauber 2017/2018". Stayed in the Bell Rock Hotel and had an absolutely fantastic time, with all rides and attractions being open bar the log flume, Poseidon, Atlantica super splash, fjord river rafting, eurosat and Universe of Energy. It was great to see the park decorated for Winter and it looked absolutely beautiful at night, although it was also lovely to experience the park during the day time and enjoy the theming of each of the lands, particularly Ireland which I set foot into for the first time. We also got to enjoy the many special additions for the park's winter season such as Big wheel Bellevue(which looks stunning at night), magic ice, snow tobogganing, luna magica, winter starlight parade and the globe theatre Christmas musical as well as many more. We had an absolutely amazing time and I would highly recommend a trip to this park during winter(and also a stay in the bell rock hotel!). Please check out my Vlog if you have time and if you enjoyed it, please leave a like or subscribe to my channel!
  7. The one we have at Winter wonderland is manufactured by Sartori and the other common models of Smashing jump are usually manufactured by Fabbri and I have never heard of any accidents regarding smashing jumps made by these manufacturers. The one in this article is manufactured by Safeco. We currently have a Safeco one touring in the UK called "Airmaxx 360" and it really runs like utter crap. This model(airmaxx 360) also used to travel in Australia before it came over to the UK and in Australia there was an accident where a boy got killed as he was too small to ride yet allowed on anyway and he fell out of the attraction which was a devastating incident. Yeah, so we do have a smashing jump at winter wonderland, however its a different manufacturer and sometimes I think this can make a large difference as to the way a ride is run.
  8. The pricing of Legendia always confused me, its 10 quid for a days entry with unlimited rides or £20 for an annual pass... Like what!?(it's great though as it's so cheap)
  9. TPJames

    Top 10's

    After a return visit to Phantasialand in August for the celebration day and riding Taron in the dark, Shambhala has finally been knocked off the top spot. Taron in the dark at 10pm at night is something absolutely exceptional, it is completely out of this world; it is so incredibly fast, there is so much airtime and the lighting around Klugheim and the rock work makes for an even more exciting experience. It is bloody incredible! After visiting Efteling in August also, two new creds have made their way into my top 10, with one of them taking 3rd place! Here is my updated top 10 list: 1. Taron 2. Shambhala 3. Joris En De Draak(absolutely mental cred, it is brilliant and even more crazy than Wodan at Europa!) 4. Wodan 5. Blue Fire 6. Baron 1898 7. Silver Star 8. Arthur 9. Black Mamba 10. The Swarm I will do a top 10 parks after re-visiting Europa Park for the winter season next week.
  10. Angry Birds 4D Experience (5) DBGTROTD (3) Depth Charge (5) Detonator: Bombs Away (5) Flying Fish (5) I'm A Celebrity (5) King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems (5) Lumber Jump (5) Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride (5) Nemesis Inferno (5) Quantum (5) Rocky Express (5) Rumba Rapids (5) Rush (5) Samurai (5) SAW - The Ride (5) Stealth (6) Storm In A Teacup (5) Storm Surge (5) The Swarm (6) Tidal Wave (5) Timber Tug Boat (5) Vortex (5) X (5) Zodiac (5) The Swarm + Dbgtrotd -
  11. Wodan, Silver Star and Blue Fire have all been confirmed to be open for this years winter season, weather dependant, to make up for Eurosat+Universe of energy refurbishments. Wodan will operate in 0+, blue fire in 3+ and the temperature needed for silver star to run is unknown(likely around 5 degrees).
  12. 820,000minutes=569 days. Therefore we are looking at approximately 30th May 2019 opening... Having said that, Phantasialand don't tend to give out opening dates of their attractions, especially not this far in advance, therefore we are potentially looking at a Photoshopped fake image created by someone/or alternatively the park trying to trick people.
  13. Same layout as last year except a couple of rides have slightly changed positions but overall layout is essentially the same. Major new rides: View Tower, Airmaxx 360 loop fighter, Breakdance, Top scan(flying circus). I know the event will be great once again this year and the atmosphere will be brilliant but I can't help but be disappointed with the lack of new rides. It is a massive shame that Dr. Archibald had to pull out last minute, as that would have been this year's new "staple" attraction for the funfair section of the event. In my opinion having 3 spinning coasters, 4 sets of dodgems, 2 waltzers and 2 star flyers is pretty unnecessary and those positions could have been used for a better variety of rides or alternatively entertainment venues/food stalls etc.
  14. Hollenblitz definitely isn't coming, neither is the Thriller rollercoaster(the pinfari) or Buwalda's Spinning Coaster(purple track and yellow supports). The confirmed coasters to be returning(already returned as they are pulled on already!) are Ice Mountain, Wild Maus XXL(With VR) and Olympia Looping. New to the coaster line up this year is Manning's new Spinning Mouse, branded as "Santa's Coaster" and this coaster will be taking Buwalda's Spinning Coaster old position. Euro Coaster is also due to return but hasn't pulled on yet so not sure if this will turn up. This leaves Thriller's plot empty and means that a new attraction of some sort will be sitting in its position this year(this attraction is unknown at the moment-could be a rollercoaster, flat ride, funhouse, bar, food hall etc.). I am personally holding out for either Ahrend's Drifting Coaster, or alternatively the Pyscho Mansion Ghost House which is currently constructed at Fantasy Island(until the 5th November) and owned by the Mellor's group who own the star flyer and Ice Mountain. Other confirmed new rides this year include Break Dance, Top scan and Airmaxx 360 loop fighter. Nothing else new except for a couple of new bars is known yet so it will certainly be very interesting to see what else pulls on and if anything else new turns up for this year(Dr Archibald VR dark ride experience is also heavily rumoured).
  15. Well I am planning to be +1 to the visitor count when the new wing coaster opens next year. Am I right in thinking that the new entrance, wing coaster and boat ride(+park expansion) are all planned to be ready for 2018? I am planning on combining this park with a trip to plopsa, phantasialand, holiday park etc. next year and I wouldn't want to be visiting when the wing coaster is open but the other areas are only half complete!
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