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  1. Seeing as I'm yet to venture out of Europe really myself (apart from crossing the border between tectonic plates in Iceland 😝) this topic is perfect for me as it's essentially listing my top 20 most loved coasters I've been on and my favourite parks 😃 I think I'll group it into parks as hopefully that might make trip planning slightly easier as you know which parks are absolutely must-dos! Park 1- Phantasialand Taron- my (joint) favourite coaster of all time. Sunset and nightfall are designed for this coaster, not the other way around. The whole atmosphere of Klugheim, the length, intensity, launches and airtime of the coaster are just phenomenal. If I could build my perfect coaster, then I would probably build taron. Colorado Adventure- Ok now this is awesome. It's not the biggest or the fastest coaster you've been on but its a great family-thrill coaster. It's really long, actually really thrilling and features moments where you dive into tunnels and its completely pitch black and you can't see a thing. Pretty awesome and well designed If you ask me. Park 2- Linnanmaki Taiga- Takes joint first spot in my top coasters along with taron, coincidentally 2 intamin launched coasters! This coaster has a really nice atmosphere in a lovely city park, the launches really pack a punch and its got plenty of awesome hang time and airtime moments. Really quite incredible. Park 3- Energylandia Zadra- The best RMC I've personally done to date. This coaster really towers over the park and is definitely a beast, awesome hang time and airtime moments, just typical RMC goodness, but one of the better ones we have in Europe (personal opinion). Park 4- Kolmarden Wildlife Park Wildfire- My first RMC and it still sticks in my head. Located in a beautiful wildlife park near Stockholm which overlooks the sea. Really quite a beautiful and picturesque coaster, and it rides really well too Park 5- Walibi Holland Untamed- Another RMC, again, I've been converted haha! This ones really awesome too, the ejector airtime is insane, almost too much! Got an awesome inline twist at the end of the coaster too. I recommend sitting towards the back of the train on this one Lost Gravity- Mack Big Dipper coaster. Really great hang time and airtime throughout the first drop really packs a punch as well! This one is better than it looks on paper and has a funky theme too Xpress platform 13- I absolutely loved this coaster. It's a pretty old Vekoma so it's not the smoothest of coasters but it honestly really packs a punch, and the theming is absolutely awesome too. Park 6- Hansa Park Der Schwur des Kärnan- Won't go into detail on this one and I recommend not doing any research before riding this, but this coaster is mental. Located in a beautiful park by the seaside as well. Park 7- Legendia Lech coaster- Really good new gen vekoma coaster. Comfortable, smooth, awesome first drop, great inversions and awesome airtime throughout. Packs a punch, has beautiful theming and beautiful setting next to a lake in a beautiful city park. Park 8- Liseberg Helix- I wasn't as impressed with this one as everyone makes out. It's a good, solid mack launched coaster and deserves a mention as lots of people really enjoy this one and class it as one of their top coasters. It just makes it into my top 10, it's got good airtime a long layout and awesome landscaping. Balder- Awesome intamin woodie. Plenty of airtime and so so smooth! Definitely worth a ride, and maybe an extra re-ride! Park 9 - Efteling Joris en de draak- Awesome pair of GCI racing coasters. Really fast paced and intense pair of coasters and really fun with the racing aspect not knowing who is going to win each race. In a beautiful setting in Efteling around a lake and awesome theming with a big dragon in the centre which breathes fire! Baron 1898- This coaster really captures the charm of Efteling. The theming is immaculate and whilst the ride itself is pretty short, this b&m mini-dive coaster packs a punch. The overall experience of this one is fantastic Park 10- Europa Park Silver Star- This probably doesn't compare to some of the b&m hypers in the states but for me I find it really enjoyable. Really good floater airtime and just a really fun coaster. Worth a try Euromir- This coaster has an awesome theme, and an awesome soundtrack. The way it's built around these huge towers with reflective glass is pretty cool too, and with the random spinning effect, if you end up going backwards on the second half of the layout it makes for a really intense and forceful ride! Park 11- Toverland Maximus blitz bahn- Not sure whether this really classes as a coaster or not as it's included on coaster-count but not on rcdb! This has great theming and it's a really fun toboggan-style coaster. Just good fun all round and in another stunning park. Park 12- Parc Asterix OzIris- I'm not a big fan of B&M inverts but this is one which really sticks in my brain. It's got a good, long layout, moments of varying intensity where it really picks up speed and some whippy inversions. Good operations too on a 3 train service on busy days and a good theme. Pegase Express- I love this coaster. A gerst family coaster which is really well themed and landscaped and just great fun all around. Park 13- Djurs Sommarland Juvelen- This coaster doesn't look like much on paper but it's actually pretty thrilling! Really awesome launches and hugs the terrain in a way which actually makes it pretty intense. On paper it looks like a family coaster but in reality I would definitely say it's a thrill coaster- really exceeded my expectations. Located in another beautiful park and awesome theming!
  2. Hoppings at the end of June just been cancelled, one of the UK’s largest funfairs.
  3. I think expecting any parks to be open before June is a very optimistic approach.. that's why I don't understand why a lot of parks have pushed back to April dates for the beginning of the season as it's not realistic in the slightest.
  4. At Europa park in the height of the summer you can be working 55 hours a week!
  5. Blackpool now closed too. All UK parks will be closed this weekend for sure.
  6. If they open they will be dead. I work in a retail store in a shopping centre and from Monday it’s been absolutely dead, the whole shopping centre has. Merlin will be making a loss is they continue to open.
  7. I think this is just a statement to cover their backs to make it look like they are doing something to prevent spread of infection. They really should not be open by this point.
  8. Currently the government has banned all free time activities (including amusement attractions) in the state of Baden-Württemberg until 15th june, however this will be brought forward if the situation improves before then. I find it strange Europa park have only announced that they are pushing back to the 19th April as with current guidelines they will prohibited from opening on this date and won’t be able to open until June 15th unless the government restrictions are alleviated before then
  9. Baden Württemberg, Germany, goes into lockdown until 15th June. Expect Rulantica and Europa Park to be closed until that date for the time being https://www.regioactive.de/news/2020/03/16/baden-wuerttemberg-verbietet-veranstaltungen-bis-voraussichtlich-mitte-juni-Gp9wYDtPGW
  10. When I visited Chessington years ago we waited about 2.5 hours for vampire (was on a two train operation) but every other train was being loaded with RAP holders, therefore the ride was essentially on one train for the main queue. Seems to me the problem of too many RAP holders and carers in ratio to the main queue has been around for a long time now in merlin parks. Bear in mind this was maybe like 8-10 years ago.
  11. Completely agree on this. And I actually think at the moment the chances of the UK Government closing them down is quite low. I saw a photo fo the 60 min cattlepen queueline for the new duplo coaster at legoland and it just looked like an infection outbreak waiting to happen. People weren’t particularly spread out, even though there are supposedly markers to keep social distancing. Wouldn’t personally be visiting right now think it’s all just a bit risky going to crowded places regardless of where.
  12. Just heard Phantasialand are phoning up all guests who have bookings to inform them that the hotels, park and all events will be cancelled indefinitely.
  13. I phoned them because I have a booking and she said it was unlikely they will be open (so I’ve cancelled it which is what she recommended). There isn’t an official announcement as they are still coordinating with the government and Brühl city council but it seems extremely unlikely at this point, hence why I didn’t say 100% I'm actually supposed to be going for fantissima this coming week and it’s currently on as currently in NRW only gatherings over 1000 are prohibited, however if/when this changes to 50 people, then fantissima and the hotel resort will close.
  14. I didn’t say Rookburgh was not opening this year, I said that the park will not be opening on the 4th April. Cologne will be enforcing bans on gatherings above 50 people, following Berlin putting in these measures and rulantica and hansa park are now closed/have delayed openings. I said I wouldn’t be surprised if rookburgh would be pushed back til next season. Please can you read properly before making snarky comments 😐 I am just putting my opinion across I never said I was an expert.
  15. I think it's looking likely they will push back Rookburgh opening until next season now, the park is 99% not opening on the 4th April, as cologne city council are about to follow up on Berlin's measures to limit gatherings over 50 people (which will force the park and hotel to shut down)
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