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  1. Hopefully Saw will be open before the main summer holidays. Lets hope they get all the modifications and training done soon. I am really surprise that The Smiler crash and Alton Towers closure just had constant media coverage for the last 5 days. Hat off to Nick Varney, he did very well in that awful Sky News interview. If anything, this incident has improved by opinion of Merlin and their safety rather than being negative. I would have no issue going on Saw or The Smiler tomorrow if both open.
  2. This incident is very shocking I am really lost for words really.
  3. And how do Thorpe justify a 20% increase in gate prices with such appalling ride availability or rides running on reduced capacity. I am so happy I refused to renew my MAP on the principle that the sale price was higher to read all about the large number of rides which are down. If the parks in Florida can keep their rides going all year what do Thorpe do for 4.5 months a year when they are closed? As people have said it seem acceptable that rides are always down at Thorpe.
  4. I can't see this lasting any longer than Saw Alive IMO. However it is something new, we should enjoy it while it lasts. Thank god I didn't renew my MAP.
  5. Picsolve is getting there, do it for something like £50 for digital downloads on all parks and I'd be interested for a month.
  6. If they dropped anything for Dragon's Fury, then they made the right decision as that coaster is just perfect for Chessington.
  7. This wouldn't be the first big theme park to get full government backing for it all to fall apart and never get built. There are plenty of disasters out there if you read through our history of parks which failed and just because the PM gives them their full support, it does not mean it will be built. Look at Battersey Power Station and Corby, massive government backed parks which never got built. If I was Merlin I would not be spending money until they start building PP and have secured funding. For Merlin even if PP gets delayed by a few years, they can divert funding to opening more Medway attractions or even open up another Legoland which will return a greater profit.
  8. My only suggestion is not to make an changes to the forum as it looks fine and works very well. Towers Times changed their forum and for me killed the experience on the website. I like the TPM forum interface.
  9. Thorpe does need a dark ride as the park does need to offer something to everyone. The arena is a good location and could easily be brought into Angry Birds land if they wanted to extend the Angry Birds IP into a dark ride. For all dark rides, the biggest downer for most people is the queue. As the perception is if you can see a ride like Stealth or Colossus, you know what you are in for and can judge if the 60 minute queue is worth while. With dark rides you just don't know if you are going to get a good ride or not. Queuing for 60 minutes for X would for some be a complete waste of money. Rides like Duel, Hex and Bubbleworks with their large throughputs ease people into the ride. Hex is brilliant as it just eats through guests meaning it never has a queue. hex and Bubbleworks do well as the continuous moving on and off system allows guests to come on and off. Tomb Blaster on the otherhand enrages me as the non-continuous loading causes the queue to stall and it just seems forever for that next train to come and the slow speed of checking lap bars. Hex has it right and it works so well. So for any dark ride throughput and speed is very important. The Laser one at Legoland I only ever went on once and won't go again unless it is walk on due to queuing for over an hour is a very very hot tend to find that there was another queue and such a naff ride at the end of it. For family coasters, they can easily get a good family coaster at Thorpe which doesn't take up a huge amount of space. A spinner like Spinball, a Th13teen style ride. Just look at the Fish it takes up no room at all. there are plenty of options and some very good flats out there too. As for Paramount Park, Merlin are right not to do anything, the reason is if it doesn't get started, they have not invested or lost any money. As soon as planning permission is accepted and they start work, Merlin have 2 years to invest in their parks. why spend 50 million now when you may not need to spend it?
  10. Just had a good look at the new website and I give it 10 out of 10 for style and ease of navigation and the selection of products available. The only grump I have is when it says "Tickets from £22.99" which makes me believe I get a ticket for £22.99 when in fact the price of a normal adult is £24.99. If anything they have got the online prices right, I would be happy to pre-book a ticket for £24.99 where as I believe last year unless you booked more than a week in advance you only got the cheaper ticket? Correct me if I am wrong guys.
  11. If anything the line on the floor spoils it for me now I know what it means
  12. I just make a point of leaving 20 mins before the park closes or earlier then you don't have the queue
  13. BigBobJones


    Still no life out of Slammer, I doubt I will ever get to ride it again
  14. An easier answer is a picsolve app for your smart phones. Picsolve develop the app and have the servers they already have in place. Go on the ride, type in the picture number or scan a QR code, collect your photos, pay at ANY shop, machine or even online. Digital would have a very low cost. Self service ORP would be an option too. For me I would be happy to pay £50 and have 50 digital only photos, use a smart phone app, or get a ticket printed, pay at home or on a machine. The photopass could even be a card with a bar code on, you buy it with whatever value you want, scan your card at a self service machine, type in your photo number, click buy and a receipt comes out with your normal digital download. There are plenty of options. Cameras need to work as they don't always work, the quality of the cameras needs to be good as some of the ORP are very poor quality.
  15. There was only mist coming out the top this morning, so by lunchtime they must have got the other misters working. It is a shame as it seems to be the exception that the effects work at Thorpe.
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