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Any G-Shock Fans Out There?


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Alongside Theme Parks, the other thing that I love are G-Shocks - anyone else got any?


Latest addition to my collection is the stealth black GA-2100 - got given it as a Christmas present from my girlfriend who had to get it imported from Italy as everywhere was sold out still! Screen can be hard to read at times but overall I love the look!


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I had one years ago and used it until it broke (my uncle bought one then gave it to me because he couldn’t figure out how to work it).


It was a decent watch but my god it was it so over complicated for me at that age. Though once I figured it out I really liked it.


Nowadays I don’t really wear watches because I find them too distracting and irritating.

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On 4/6/2021 at 11:08 AM, MarkC said:

Always thought G-Shock watches were overpriced for something that looks very cheap.

I know what you mean, the resin definitely doesn’t make them anything premium. But the durability of them is what I love, you can do anything to them and they don’t stop working!

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