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  1. PortAventura has just been booked! We’re there for 2 nights and 3 days using the hotel roulette, and we have express premium gold throughout! I can safely say I am rather excited for this 😄
  2. Double post sorry. Out of curiosity are there any theme parks in Europe that can be done in one day without staying over (I.e. quick and relatively easy to travel to) and is this something people have done before? Reflecting on my last post has made me realise how much I miss going to new parks abroad and I really want to get back into it.
  3. My theme park trips in the last few years have been bitterly dull. Last year only consisted of Thorpe, Towers and BPB. The year before that was even worse with only Thorpe and Towers I think. And the year before that was not much better, yes I did go to Phantasialand and Disneyland Paris (no studios 😭) but both were with some sort of youth music group so time was limited in both. I did a trip report on both of them a while back if that interests anyone. Annoyingly last year when I went to Krakow with the uni chamber choir Energylandia was only open on the weekends, we were there on week days 😤. Oh... and that Cedar Point trip never happened as the money for that went to various other places. Boy do I miss 2016, that was a golden year for me and theme parks. This year hopefully will be a step up. Though I don’t think I’ll go Thorpe as much giving they’ll probably get nothing new (plus working there over summer made me lose my love for it). I’ll probably go Towers as that’s a reasonable drive from uni (and I’ve now got my car there). Same goes for some other northern parks I’ve yet to visit, I’ll definitely have to go Flamingo Land. My uni orchestra are doing a tour to Cologne this year so if there’s enough free time hopefully I can get in a visit that is more successful than the last 🤞. Now for the summer, me and a few uni friends are considering a trip to PortAventura. It’s not been booked or anything but it is looking promising and I will persevere as much as possible to make it happen. Plus it’ll mean I can finally get back on Shambhala after 6 years and see if it still remains at number 1, no pressure!
  4. I think the walking dead is better than X on a first time ride (and in its own right it’s a good ride), but X was much more re-rideable and worked much better as a casual ride for fun with mates.
  5. In fairness I did use to miss Thorpe Park quite a bit during winter in previous years (I probably would miss is still had I not worked there over summer). I think it comes down to the fact that lots of people on here have gone countless times so missing it over winter doesn’t have as much of an effect on them. I do remember though back in around 2013 when I hadn’t been to a theme park for about 8 months, that was painful (for me at least) 😂
  6. Quick update, maths at uni has been so much better than civil engineering. So glad I made the switch 😄
  7. I always try it out at least once a year. Though every time I try it out I always question why I bothered.
  8. The last time I rode it, it was pretty bad but then again I was in the back row which probably had a significant effect.
  9. To be fair they have a very solid top 3, more solid than other Florida parks (Manta and Mako were my top 2 favourites in Florida and Kraken was still brilliant). And looking at the direction Seaworld are taking with investments it is only going to get stronger.
  10. Whilst Rameses will be missed, I do agree that it has reached the end of its shelf life. Plus it has served a decent amount of time at the resort for what it is. Honestly I’d take this over anything Thorpe have got in the last 6 years. And it sounds like a good stepping stone between the likes of treetop hoppers and detonator.
  11. When I found out it had reopened from looking at the app, as I had missed the ride quite a bit (as it’s my favourite) I decided to just drive down and give it 2 rides today! Despite it being an hour drive there and back and only being there for about an hour, I think it was worth it 👍
  12. Didn’t realise there was a topic on this so I may as well attempt to sort of revive it. After having done 1st year Civil and Structural Engineering at Leeds, I decided it wasn’t the right course for me. This is because I wasn’t particularly enjoying it, I was really struggling to take in information during lectures (whilst did attend every lecture, it wouldn’t have made a difference if decided to bunk off most of them instead) and I didn’t take to it naturally unlike many other students who naturally enjoyed it and could take to it very well. I did manage to get 65% which was a huge shock (in a good way) that was mainly due to some insane cramming and was also dragged up by getting 85% in the maths module. So instead I will be switching to Mathematics and repeating first year whilst still staying at Leeds because it’s an amazing city (and the music society is brilliant). Maths has always been my strongest subject, a subject I personally found easy (whilst still enjoyable at A Level) and have always been intrigued with as it gets more advanced. The maths lectures during first year engineering were also the only lectures I genuinely enjoyed so I’m pretty confident I will enjoy studying it a lot more than engineering. So yeah... time to do first year for the second time!
  13. RMC Colossus confirmed...
  14. Charlesberg

    Video Games.

    Last Friday after my last exam for 1st year at uni I decided to buy a switch and hop on the odyssey bandwagon (well almost 2 years late!). Much like everyone else here, I’m absolutely loving the game! I cannot decided whether I prefer this or Galaxy (which was my favourite video game of all time). I’m so glad they went back to the non-linear formula because whilst 3D land and world were good games in their own right, they just weren’t true 3D Mario games so odyssey was a smart move!
  15. Surprised the following 2020 coasters have barely been mentioned on here but I just wanted to comment about some of my observations. Many of us know about the two B&M “hyper” coasters coming most likely next year to Hershey Park and KI (the latter isn’t confirmed but is like 99% likely). Everyone has seemed to go with the idea that KI’s will be a giga based on what cedar fair has done in the past with other parks, the fact they already have a hyper as well as the layout plans. I noticed something from the track that may confirm it. Whilst I couldn’t find an image of the track for the lift hill, I noticed a piece of track below where the spine seems to widen to what looks like the start of a B&M giga style lift. For the B&M most likely going to Hersheypark. It’s height is unknown but I think the lift hill track suggests a hyper given it doesn’t have the wider spine as seen on gigas. I don’t know if anyone else has commented about this online somewhere else, if so I’m sorry if this sounds really obvious.
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