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  1. So I was on park recently and got a few rides in on the Big One. I found near the front to be kinda meh, the back to be God awful. However, I found the 2nd and 3rd to back to be absolutely fantastic and so immensely fast (and much less rough than the back), potentially my favourite coaster experience in the UK. Did anyone else have a similar experience with this?
  2. There were two dive coasters that opened in China in 2018 that used standard restraints so I guess it’s still a possibility, though I recon it probably will use vests.
  3. One of our flights got cancelled due to COVID-19, so we might rebook PortAventura for January. Does anyone know if there are any compromises with going around that time (since it’s close to Christmas)? Like ride closures or restrictions?
  4. I just haven’t played it yet. Hopefully the rumours about the switch remaster of it are true
  5. I was originally going to put this in the video games topic but ended up writing a larger amount than expected so I decided to put it here instead. During lockdown, alongside doing a few trombone videos on Facebook, since I am a huge fan of Mario platformers, I decided to reflect on the ones I have played and form a top 10 of my favourite ones. By the way I haven't played Super Mario Sunshine yet so you will not see that on this list, I hope to play that when/if they release the supposed remastered version on the Switch. 10. Super Mario 3D Land I remember being ext
  6. Yeah, that’s why I didn’t play the game at all this year
  7. PortAventura has just been booked! We’re there for 2 nights and 3 days using the hotel roulette, and we have express premium gold throughout! I can safely say I am rather excited for this
  8. Double post sorry. Out of curiosity are there any theme parks in Europe that can be done in one day without staying over (I.e. quick and relatively easy to travel to) and is this something people have done before? Reflecting on my last post has made me realise how much I miss going to new parks abroad and I really want to get back into it.
  9. My theme park trips in the last few years have been bitterly dull. Last year only consisted of Thorpe, Towers and BPB. The year before that was even worse with only Thorpe and Towers I think. And the year before that was not much better, yes I did go to Phantasialand and Disneyland Paris (no studios ) but both were with some sort of youth music group so time was limited in both. I did a trip report on both of them a while back if that interests anyone. Annoyingly last year when I went to Krakow with the uni chamber choir Energylandia was only open on the weekends, we were the
  10. I think the walking dead is better than X on a first time ride (and in its own right it’s a good ride), but X was much more re-rideable and worked much better as a casual ride for fun with mates.
  11. In fairness I did use to miss Thorpe Park quite a bit during winter in previous years (I probably would miss is still had I not worked there over summer). I think it comes down to the fact that lots of people on here have gone countless times so missing it over winter doesn’t have as much of an effect on them. I do remember though back in around 2013 when I hadn’t been to a theme park for about 8 months, that was painful (for me at least)
  12. Quick update, maths at uni has been so much better than civil engineering. So glad I made the switch
  13. I always try it out at least once a year. Though every time I try it out I always question why I bothered.
  14. The last time I rode it, it was pretty bad but then again I was in the back row which probably had a significant effect.
  15. To be fair they have a very solid top 3, more solid than other Florida parks (Manta and Mako were my top 2 favourites in Florida and Kraken was still brilliant). And looking at the direction Seaworld are taking with investments it is only going to get stronger.
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