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  1. A few come to mind for me: 10 or 11 on Rage (one of two numbers, I can’t remember). 10 or 11 on Appocalypse (also one of the two). 10 on Stealth, I basically spent the whole afternoon doing that since it was roughly a 20 minute queue every time. 9 on Saw during a staff ride, was probably not a good idea. 8 on Abismo, there was no queue and I actually really liked that ride! Just don’t push the bar down too far and you’re fine!
  2. Meets are definitely something I’d be interested in doing again! I think the last one I went to was in 2018 so it’s definitely been a while! Though my schedule always happened to clash with meets when I started going to uni so there’s a chance I might not be able to make any of them knowing my luck 😂
  3. Just a random comment on theming: I feel like a cool theme for this ride could be to bring back Canada Creek and theme it to mountains. Because the coaster becoming lighter towards the top would fit the aesthetic of mountains pretty well. (Plus bringing back Canada Creek would be some solid fan service, not like they actually care about fans). But then again, it’s a logical theme that isn’t dark so definitely something Merlin would never consider.
  4. Coasters I like more than most: Kingda Ka Was a massive surprise to me and was my favourite ride at the park when I went there in 2016. It’s still currently at my number 2 spot, though my number 1 I haven’t ridden since 2014 and isn’t nearly as fresh in my memory so this is kinda my number 1 coaster in a way. It’s definitely the most impactful coaster I’ve ridden! The Big One Specifically in the 2nd and 3rd to back row (elsewhere I think it’s kinda ok). It just feels like it’s speeding like crazy around the course in those seats. And the long ride time with this speed is just amazing! I’ve said it before on this forum but in those seats, it’s my favourite coaster in the UK. Spinball Whizzer This ride just brings me so much joy! It takes its elements with some pretty good speed and is pretty intense, more intense than many “thrill” coasters I’ve ridden. it’s also got a nice upbeat theme which is nice for a change when every other major coaster has a darker theme. Weirdly I rank this fairly high up amongst the coasters at Towers, honestly I’d probably take it over Th13teen, Rita, Oblivion and Galactica. Coasters I like less than most: Nemesis Inferno This ride is kinda a hit or miss with me. Some days I’ll get a highly forceful old school B&M invert experience, other days it just feels a tad forceless and on those specific rides (which is probably about 50% of the time) it feels the weakest out of the 5 coasters to me. But I don’t hate the ride, far from it, I still try and ride it every time I go! I do love giving it the nickname Nemesis Inferior though 😆 Nemesis Yeah I know, another Nemesis on this list. Now I do think it is an amazing ride and I’ve enjoyed every ride I’ve had on it and unlike Nemesis Inferno, it’s always a hit. I just simply don’t quite like it as much as many other enthusiasts but I do appreciate and respect the ride massively. Kumba I found this ride fairly rough when I rode it in 2016, though the only 3 times I rode it were all in the back so that probably affects my opinion drastically. But even looking past that, it felt like any other B&M sit-down I’ve ridden. I thought Kraken was far superior in many ways.
  5. Ngl a part of me thought a coaster that size would be too good to be true but that part of me can be reassured now! If this goes to plan, this will defo save the park imo!
  6. I’ll probably end up repeating someone else’s comment but I cba to go back through hundreds of posts to check, these are my thoughts: I’m in agreement with some people that a B&M hyper would be the best fit. If it takes the height record for the UK then that will be a simple yet highly marketable trick that will interest the GP (way more marketable than “the UK’s first wing coaster”). Also given B&M’s renowned quality and reliability and Merlin’s track record with maintenance, it would be a very safe investment (but by no means a boring one!). The same can’t really be said for an RMC, like what’s gonna sound more appealing to the average non-enthusiast: “the tallest coaster in the UK” or “the UK’s first coaster to fuse wood and steel”. Also given that Wicker Man was a bit of a push in the first place, I can’t see them pushing it further to RMC (but hey I might be completely wrong!). At this point, I feel they need a new thrill coaster before they go for a family coaster. Get your main target audience back on board before you branch out. They could make a decent family coaster the next investment for their cycle in 4 or so years after this one. I’m also curious as to whether they’d try and beat the Big One’s true height (213ft) or their advertised height from sea level (235ft). Assuming they go with a hyper. But hopefully this can regain the parks respect from enthusiasts as I feel like the last few years have made us focus on what the park does badly as opposed to the things the park actually does very well!
  7. You know Thorpe have reached a new low when they’re making fun of their decline…
  8. I was on park yesterday and controversially I actually quite like the new audio for the Swarm. Honestly the old audio was pretty monotone and ngl after 8 years of hearing it on end I’d had enough of it. The variety in the new audio and having the queue audio be completely different to the station really adds to it imo. Also I loved the cheeky use of Dies Ire in the station audio (classical music nerds will know).
  9. Personally I think it’s exactly what Chessington needs (based on TPWW’s video and assuming the coaster does actually contain the inversion). It doesn’t look too extreme so it might be a nice step up for those younger ones wanting to get on their first true thrill coaster. However it will also satisfy the older guests as again it will be a thrill coaster, not quite on the scale of something at Thorpe but probably the most thrilling coaster at the park. I will say I haven’t gone to Chessington for years, not because the park is bad but because I generally prefer the more thrill based parks. However this will give me an excuse to visit more frequently.
  10. Here are two general ones that come to mind: 1. I think Spinball Whizzer is a very enjoyable and rather intense coaster that deserves a bit more recognition by the park itself. I personally think it should be one of the main 8 (currently 7 obviously). Honestly I’d take it over Th13teen and Rita and it’s on par with Galactica and Oblivion (I’m not sure if I prefer it to them or not). I’m just a huge fan of Maurer spinners in general. 2. I think the Big One in the 2nd and 3rd to back row is the best coaster experience in the UK. I find the very back unbearably rough and the front fairly tame after the drop but it feels relentless near the back throughout to me (and I’ve ridden El Toro in the back so I know what relentless feels like).
  11. I had one years ago and used it until it broke (my uncle bought one then gave it to me because he couldn’t figure out how to work it). It was a decent watch but my god it was it so over complicated for me at that age. Though once I figured it out I really liked it. Nowadays I don’t really wear watches because I find them too distracting and irritating.
  12. Fantasy Island have just announced they’re getting what appears to be one of those travelling Maurer Spinning coasters. I’m a huge fan of the Maurer spinners I’ve done so far (yes this is much smaller but will probably still be decent). Honestly I’d take this over anything Thorpe have got since 2012.
  13. In that case I recon it’ll probably be easier to do a loop of parks with my own car. @JoshC. didn’t you do a loop of Walibi, Phantasia and Europa a few years back?
  14. Asking for advice again for a trip that may or may not happen... Me and some mates are thinking of touring a few theme parks in Europe sometime in the summer (covid depending obviously). Currently we’re thinking Europa Park (2 days), Holiday Park, Phantasialand (2 days), Toverland and Walibi Holland (they all line up quite nicely geographically). What’s the most effective way to get to these? How difficult is it via public transport? Is hiring a car a better/cheaper option? (Though I’ll still be 20 until late August so it’ll probably be very expensive for me.)
  15. On a highly positive note, Monster at Gröna Lund will feature the classic standard B&M invert trains! Either Gröna Lund are smart or B&M realised no one likes their new trains (or some other reason someone will definitely point out 😂).
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